Generosity Has Its Perks… These Are The Health Benefits Of Donating Blood

The benefits of Blood donation go beyond the applause that you just saved someone’s life. It could also save your own life.

These are the top health benefits of blood donation:

1. To start with, the single thought and act of blood donation means that you care about another’s life.

There is that peace and joy that nature accords you the moment it is put on record that someone’s life just got saved. Courtesy of your kind heart, you experience an insurmountable joy that is actually healthy.

2. One of the blood donation benefits is that it helps you burn calories; especially if you have been trying real hard to lose some fats in your system. Blood donation can make you lose up to 650 Kcal.

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3. As you lose calories, automatically the heart health shapes up. Most importantly however, is the reduction of Iron in the body system. This is the blood donation benefit that spares you the risk of cardiac diseases.

American Journal of Epidemiology says that about 88% of people who donate blood are less likely to suffer heart attacks.

Iron in the body is good but excessively, it gives negative effect to the health. When excessive Iron builds up, it causes oxidative damage which in turn triggers ageing and cardiac arrests.

4. As the Iron content of the body is reduced, another good news is that the body is not prone to cancerous conditions. The notion used to be the other round; now scientists are researching deeper in to it to back up the obvious fact.

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Did you know that cancers like liver, lung, colon, stomach and throat cancers can be prevented by blood donation?

5. Because it is a delicate medical procedure, it is pertinent that the donor be thoroughly examined before the blood donation. Let’s just say blood donors are automatically entitled to free medical check ups. It is ethical that the donor is examined and confirmed fit before the donation starts.