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No longer are we in a time when women were considered to just be in the house all day. Now, career women are making waves, and we can’t help but cheer them on. One of such women is reporter, Heather Childers who has had a glowing career. This dazzling woman is an American news anchor who currently works at Fox Entertainment Group. Her hard work and dedication have given her quite the following, and chances are you’re reading this because you’ve heard about her and are eager to learn more. Well, fret not, because that is what we’ve got for you right here. So, let’s find out more about this amazing woman, her career, and more.

Heather Childers’ Bio

Heather Childers grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States of America where she was born on the 6th of January, 1969. As a young child, she attended Sharon Elementary School, in the Foxcroft area of Charlotte, and is a 1987 graduate of Myers Park High School. Childers stated that other Fox News on-air correspondents, Ainsley Earhardt and Anna Kooiman, attended the same elementary school, although at different times and none were classmates of each other. Kooiman also attended Myers Park High School.

After graduating from high school, Heather Childers attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, earning an undergraduate degree in English.

She shared that in April 2018, it was difficult for her to turn her neck and look below while rappelling down a 45-foot wall on assignment at Fort Bragg. She thought it was due to height and dizziness. However, she was unaware of the fact that it was the consequence of a car accident that happened when she was 16 years old in which she rammed her car headfirst into a tree.

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She had to undergo a quick surgery which made her absent for around one and a half months in her show, Fox & Friends First. Despite late setbacks, she recovered well, resumed her work and is enjoying her tenure in FOX network.

Fox News Career Achievements

From what is known, Heather Childers’ career kicked off with her employment as a producer at WCNC-TV (NBC 22) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her resume will always highlight that she gathered professional experience while she served as a weekday evening anchor for News 14 Carolina (YNN 14). She also worked as a weekend evening anchor and weekday reporter for WLOS-TV (ABC 13), respectively in Charlotte and Asheville, North Carolina.

That’s not all. She equally served as a weekday anchor for WFLX-TV (FOX 29) in Albany, Georgia before she joined FOX News Channel as a general assignment reporter. That was in 2010. Her career hasn’t been without controversy, however, as she is a big supporter of President Donald Trump. She often posts pictures she took with the president on her Twitter page. She was caught up in a controversy in 2012 after posting an intimidating article on the issue between Former President Obama and Clinton’s family. The tweet went viral and raised so much dust; nevertheless, she later apologized for sharing the article.

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FOX acknowledges Childers for anchoring FNC’s America’s News HQ from 2011 to 2013. More to that, the network gives credits to Heather Childers for her live coverage of the 2013 Al-Qaeda terror threats; the impacts of the deadly tornado in Moore, Oklahoma; and the Asiana Flight 214’s crash-landing at San Francisco International Airport.

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Heather Childers has received many awards including the Best Female News Anchor, Best Documentary Readers Choice Award, Best News Anchor and Best Newscast for The Albany Herald. She also grabbed the Golden Viddy Awards for Best Female News Anchor, as well as Miss Charlotte-Mecklenburg in 1993.

Is She in a Relationship?

Heather Childers
Heather with boyfriend Tom

This reporter is in a relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Tom Zban. Tom is a radiologist and a physician at Mecklenburg Radiology Associates in Charlotte. The couple keeps holidaying with each other and seems to always enjoy their time together. In February 2018, they vacated at Granada Island. Also, one common thing about them is that they are baseball fans. Being so close to each other, they might be thinking of marriage but they have not revealed anything about their future plans.

Heather Childers’ Net Worth and Salary

Heather Childers has made a name for herself in the world in news reporting and journalism. She has been a journalist for more than two decades, and that is no doubt enough time to make a nice sum at the end of the day. Her net worth is currently estimated to be around $3.5 million, with her annual salary in the tune of $500,000.

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