Heimo Korth
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Have you wondered how anyone could survive the harshness of the Alaska Mountains? Well, you can learn lots of lessons from Heimo Korth and his family who have lived for over three decades and counting in the mountain. That got your attention right?

Regarded as the godfather of the final frontier, Heimo while a teen, moved to the mountains of Alaska to raise his family. His story was first released in a book in 2004 and has subsequently been written in several editions of movie documentaries.

The Discovery Channels recorded not only the details of the first man to settle on the hills but that of his entire family who subsequently joined them. Ironically, Heimo and his family live normal lives, even without basic amenities like electricity, internet, and hospitals. He is married to one wife and has four children. Details like his biography, net worth, family facts and more are in this article. Read on…

Heimo Korth – Bio

Heimo Korth was born on the 17th of April, 1955 in the United States of America. His parents are Irene Korth and Erich Korth. As per the other details of his early life, education and immediate family members, the man has been schtum about these facts.

Howbeit, there are claims insinuating that while growing up, Heimo’s father was quite abusive which resulted in his unblended relationship with his father. Later on, he left his home and settled in the northwest of Canada. On getting to Canada, he made ends meet as a welder. Years passed and he decided to immigrate to the Alaska Mountains, not regarding the life he had already built in Canada. As at this time, Heimo Korth was between his late teens and early twenties. Ever since he moved, he has built a career for himself, a loving family and has never moved back to Canada.

Well, Heimo Korth became thought for discussion in 2014 after his cousin, who is a writer authored and published the book, The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness. The book which was based on Heimo’s and his family’s lifestyle became hot cake as people got eager to know how they survived.

While residing in their home at Coleen River in the south of the Brooks Range, the family are amongst the few people who are permanent residence (PR) in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For survival, they live an extremely careful life, feeding mainly on meat and fish. During the summer period yearly, he visits the not too populated town in Alaska, Fork Yukon to do certain other jobs.

Five years after the book was published, a documentary titled Surviving Alone In Alaska was made by VBS.tv. However, this wasn’t his first time on screen, he appeared in the National Geographic Documentary, Braving Alaska in 1992.

Through 2011 to 2012, another documentary about the wilder’s lifestyle was documented and produced in Flying Wild Alaska. Yes, the published book and other already produced documentaries somewhat pushed the brave man and his family to fame but it was not up until 2015, that he started basking in fame properly with the Discovery Channel’s documentary series, The Last Alaskans. This time, the documentary wasn’t solely based on Heimo Korth and his family’s lifestyle alone but also that of other families who survived in the mountains.

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Net Worth

For a man who exudes simplicity and is not much of a talker, ascertaining the exact figures of Heimo Korth’s net worth is quite a task. He is yet to reveal these details, but there are claims that his net worth sits between the range of $500, 000 and $1, 000, 000.

Family Facts – Daughters

Heimo Korth
Heimo Korth family: her husband, daughters and one of her grandchild

While on a hunting spree, Heimo Koth’s eyes caught the most beautiful woman he had ever met, Edna. He was instantly bitten by the love bug, luckily, the feeling was mutual. So, the two began a relationship that subsequently led to a forever commitment. Prior to this time, Edna was once married to a mystery man who she also had a daughter [Melinda] with.

Together, Heimo and Edna has lived for a couple of years and has produced three beautiful daughters, Coleen, Rhoda, and Krin. Sadly, they lost Coleen when she was just two to a drowning incident which to date, her body is yet to be discovered. Krin is alive and kicking and currently works as a firefighter and is married. Also, Millie is married and has three beautiful daughters.

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