The How and When of Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams’ Love Story and Facts About Her Modeling Career

Pharrell Williams’ popularity today is predicated on the work he has done in the music industry. He has worked in music for more than two decades and in all that time he has been with the same woman, Helen Lasichanh. This is particularly interesting, as celebrities are known for the temporariness of their relationships.

But unlike the stereotyped celebrity marriages, Helen and her husband have remained married for so many years, becoming a model to other couples. But it was not an easy journey at first especially for Williams as the singer had to exercise maximum patience to get what he wanted. And as we have seen, his patience indeed paid off. 

How Did Helen Lasichanh Meet Pharrell Williams? 

Pharrell Williams, unlike his wife, is more willing to talk about the details of his private life, and one thing he talks about often is how much he loves Helen Lasichanh. The couple met in the early 2000s after Williams had noticed her at a show. He had tried to start a relationship with her then but Lasichanh was dating someone else.

The Happy crooner told Oprah in 2014 that she was not responding to his texts and had not been forthcoming but he decided to persist in his pursuit of her. A short while after, Helen Lasichanh became single but for two years after that, they just remained friends. However, Pharrell still did not back down as he was determined to have her in his life.

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When they did decide to date, Pharrell disclosed that the beginning of their relationship was rocky and they had to fully commit to making it work. The couple dated for five years before they got married in 2013. Their wedding ceremony, like the details of their life, was a very private affair. The couple decided to get married in Lasichanh’s state of origin, Florida.

They exchanged their vows at the Kampong National Tropical Botanical Gardens, which is located at Coconut Grove. Before the exchange of their vows, the couple had a portrait session on a yacht. For their wedding outfits, the unconventionally fashionable pair wore clothes made from matching tartan fabrics. Lasichanh did not wear the conventional bridal attire that would be expected from any bride. 

Pharrell’s status as an A-List star meant that their wedding had in attendance, a host of celebrities that included Busta Rhymes and Usher who most likely performed some of their songs for the couple. Pharrell and his wife are known for making conspicuous statements with their outfits at public gatherings. The 2017 Met Gala and the 2019 Oscars are just a few of these occasions.

At the former, the couple left mouths agape with their unique outfits – Helen in her daringly puffed up outfit and Pharrell supporting his wife with his rugged jeans – definitely an unusual fashion combination.

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Being fashion icons is not the only thing this couple does together. Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams are known for their philanthropic activities and the work they do in giving back to their community. 

How Many Kids Do They Have?

Before the couple got married, they had dated for a long time and within that period they had their first child, Rocket; he was born in 2008. Pharrell worked on the soundtrack for the animated children’s film Despicable Me, and the song Rocket’s Theme was written by Williams’s for his son. 

However, Rocket is not the only child from the union. In 2017, Helen Lasichanh gave birth to triplets bringing the number of children they have to four. The media went haywire with news of the arrival of their triplets, but unfortunately, no source could get hold of their photos.

The only pictures that were seen were that of three identical baby footwears that circulated on different platforms. But this does not mean he does not at least talk about them when asked. The singer and producer had the public in awe when he talked about his triplets in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show People in 2017.

The Williams’ have decided to keep the identity and images of their children from the public. Although there are pictures of Rocket as a child available on the internet, the pictures have become scarce as he has grown older.

At the moment no one knows about their children’s whereabouts or what they look like. There are hopes that in future the kids themselves may decide to let the media into their lives. But then again, they might just decide to follow in the footsteps of their parents who maintain a low profile life. 

A Look At Helen Lasichanh’s Life As A Model

Helen Lasichanh has managed to keep the details of her life far from the spotlight, regardless of all the fame her husband has, there is a lot about her life that is still largely unknown. Before she came to be known as Pharrell Williams’ wife, Helen Lasichanh was a force to reckon within the fashion industry.

Born in Florida on the 22nd of July, 1980, she played volleyball while she was at St. Thomas University where she earned her bachelor’s degree. Not many know this, but Helen was an active – and very popular – volleyball player while in college. Being a very sporty person, she exhibited so much strength and tenacity and even earned herself the Florida Sun Conference Player of the Year Award in 2001.

Many have argued that Lasichanh’s subtle masculinity emanated from her attachment to sports when she was younger. Regardless of this notion, she also had a huge interest in fashion designing and modeling, and right after she graduated from college, she nosedived into the world of fashion. This brings us to the present day Helen Lasichanh and her flourishing modeling career

Lasichanh is an inch short of 6 feet and this advantage that she has in height made her decision to go into modeling an easy one. It is however not known how long she worked as a model or how long she has worked in designing, but with her red carpet outfits, it is clear that Helen Lasichanh has a handle on all things fashion. 

Her sense of fashion has been described as being very different from what is the norm for a celebrity’s wife. The pieces she pairs and chooses to wear, although androgynous in style, are still very flattering of the model. Lasichanh is known to favor the clothes of Asian and European designers. The clothes that she gets from these designers do not afford her the opportunity to show a lot of skin and this only adds to the appeal of the model’s style. 

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