Helpful Tips For Public Speaking Engagements

Except you do not want to be successful and have absolutely no desire to attain to anything in life save existing and breathing in air, chances are that at one time or another, you will have to get up in front of people and engage in the act of public speaking. Now while it is true that some people have a special knack for public speaking and are even able to make an art out of it without much stress, most people have to learn and study to be good public speakers.

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It is safe to say that one of the most helpful hints that you will ever receive regarding public speaking is; DO NOT BE BORING, people are hardly forgiving of anything that bores them, but that doesn’t help much by way of a tip on how to get better, so we will share five tips that will help you take charge of the limelight when you’re finally called into it.


You Have To Know Why You Are Doing It:

The simple thing to understand here is that when you know the stakes, you will be able to determine how much you really need to give. When you come to see a public speaking opportunity as a chance to; represent your brand more favorably, build your own personal credibility and showcase your idea to people who are actually there for the sole aim of listening to it, chances are, you will invest more time and resources in your preparation.

So know why you are doing it, invest in that regard; go to a counselor, coach, a friend who is more used to the scene, practice in front of a mirror, just whatever you feel may fulfill your reason for doing it. Will being funny help that reason? Do you need to be more serious to achieve your aim? These are examples of the questions you should ask yourself.

Prepare Before Hand:

Don’t just wing public speaking engagements, even if you are feeling confident. For one not preparing is a sign that you do not care much for your audience and that is not a recipe for success for a presentation that is all about giving to the audience. Check your slides, your mic, your remote; Speak to the technicians in charge if you have no control over these devices and if anything does fail in the course of the speech, smile, take it in good faith and move on. If you have prepared some of those problems would have occurred to you beforehand and they won’t be as jarring.


Don’t Overload Your Slides And Don’t Read Of Them:

Your slide is intended to deliver the key points of your overall message, they do not need to be bugged down by every little detail or description and your font size for the slide must be LARGE. As you move through the slide, refrain from reading directly, word for word from it, it is a public speaking engagement not a book or a slide reading.

Make Eye Contact And Speak Slowly:

The temptation is always to skim over the audience or look over their heads. Do not do that, find pockets of encouraging audience members all over the room and make eye contact with them, as your confidence is bolstered during the course of the speech when you get caught up with discussing a topic that you’re really passionate about, communicate that passion to more members of the audience by looking into their eyes. Also nervousness tends to make your speech hurried, slow it down and speak slowly, taking deliberate pauses when you need them, you will be just fine.

Business executive standing behind podium on stage

Thank Your Audience When You Are Done:

Say thank you, even if they have not been the most engaging audience, they have still given you a bit of their precious time, so thank them anyways.

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