Here’s How Moshidi Motshegwa Became One Of The Highest Earning Actors In SA

Moshidi Motshegwa has an estimated net worth of about $8 million, and this has earned her a position on the list of the richest actresses in South Africa. Her monthly earnings, which have been pegged between R100,000 and R120,000, make her one of the highest-paid actors in Mzansi. The top SA actress also rakes in quite a substantial amount from endorsement deals. However, as of now, her major source of income is acting, which has grown in leaps and bounds as her contribution to the entertainment industry in South Africa can’t be overlooked.

Moshidi’s Early Acting Roles Can Be Traced To Her Appearance In Generations

The South African top actress actually started as a nerd, a typical bookworm who chewed her way into the leaves of books. A deep dive into her life would reveal how this daughter of a school principal painstakingly, through a life of consistency and help from her family and “unknown sources,” made her way to become the highest-earning actress in South Africa.

According to reports, she started her acting career in the early 90s and by 1993, she had her first known appearance in Generations. The show became a sensation over the years and it’s speculated that for her role in the hit series, Moshidi earns up to R120,000 monthly. This is good pay for the actress since newbies in the SA film industry usually take home an average of R22,000. The actress was also seen portraying Nelson Mandela’s daughter, Zinzi, in the made-for-TV Mandela and De Klerk movie released in 1997. Although this was one of the acts that began to expose her to the limelight, there is no record of how much she made from her appearance in the film.

From 2000, Moshidi’s career was in full speed, kick-starting her film appearances in Hijack Stories (2000), S.O.S (2001), and Behind the Badge (2002). In 2003, she was seen in a guest appearance in the 10th episode of the 10th season of Makemba, an American medical drama series. More so, the year 2004 did not come with lesser roles for her as she was in more film productions like Zero Tolerance, an SABC2 police drama series, where she played the lead role as Denzela Ledwaba until sometime in 2006, Critical Assignment and the phenomenal Drum, where she played the role of Florence Nxumalo, featuring alongside Taye Diggs. However, her earnings from these productions have not been revealed, but as a top- actress, she definitely made good money from her appearances.

She’s Acclaimed For Her Appearance In The River

Moshidi’s best-known act so far was as Melafu Mokoena in the TV series River (2018). According to reports, her role in the TV show earned her between R27, 000 and R34, 000 monthly. More so, she would go on to land the 2019 SAFTA Golden Horn Award for Best Actress under the Telenovela category. However, the actress was abruptly dropped from the show in 2020 due to issues written off by the producers as “Scriptwriters being unable to find a story for her character in the next season.” This actually came as a surprise to Moshidi, who also referred to it as an ‘insult’ as she had recently signed a contract with the show’s producers. Nonetheless, she had to move on to explore other opportunities.

As of late, the notable actress was seen as Sarah in the BET drama, Isono. Moshidi made her debut on the show in February 2021 but yet to reveal how much she is earning from the daily drama.

Summary Of Moshidi Motshegwa’s Awards, Nominations & Recognitions

Since Moshidi’s acting career commenced in the ’90s, she has evolved into a remarkable actress who has won the hearts of many movie lovers. Her awards are proof of the height she has attained in the entertainment industry.

Here is a look at all the awards, nominations, and recognition she has clinched over the years:

  • SAFTA Golden Horn Award 2006 nominee under the category: Best supporting actress – Feature film for Drum (2004)
  • SAFTA Golden Horn Award 2006 award winner under the category: Best actress – TV Drama for the movie Zero Tolerance (2004)
  • SAFTA Golden Horn Award 2011 award winner under the category: Best actress – TV Soap for Rhythm City (2007)
  • SAFTA Golden Horn Award 2017 Nominee under the category Best Feature Film
    for Noem My Skollie: Call Me Thief (2016)
  • The Golden Dhow 2017 award winner for Best Feature Film for Noem My Skollie: Call Me Thief (2016) – presented at the Zanzibar International Film Festival.
  • RapidLion Film Festival 2017 award winner under the category
    Best Film for Rapid Lion (2017)
  • SAFTA Golden Horn Award 2019 award winner under the category: Best actress – Telenovel for The River (2018)

How Much Of Her Net Worth Comes From Acting?

The multi-award-winning actress who has an estimated $8 million to her name is the first female on the list of SA’s richest actors, coming after just 5 names in the SA entertainment industry, including Charlie Theron worth $130 million; Trevor Noah worth $100 million; Sharlto Copley worth $15 million; Sello Maake Ncube worth $13 million and Jamie Barlett worth $12 million.

She is paid an average sum of R110,000 monthly and is also known to make extra income from her awards as reports have it that she got a sum of R50,000 for her award as the Best Actress at Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Award.

Endorsement Deals Also Contribute To Moshidi’s Net Worth

Due to years of exceptional acting credits, Moshidi has grown into a household name in South Africa, earning her many endorsements/sponsorships from different companies. However, most of these deals and her earnings from them are kept private, so there are no details of the contracts she signed for the brands she has endorsed so far.

One of such endorsement stints the actress has been able to pull off was the commercial she did for a MAQ ‘Softasaurus‘ TV, and like others, there is no concrete information about the payment she received.

Does Moshidi Motshegwa Live A Luxurious Lifestyle?

Concerning how the top SA actress spends her money or details of her family life and other personal facts about her, Moshidi is not generous with such information. Once she gets off the film set, she goes back to her private life, away from the attention and glamour.

For now, details of Moshidi Motshgwa’s properties and assets are hidden as she does not have as much as a Twitter or Instagram account as of 2020. However, we know that she can afford luxurious houses, cars and pay for trips anywhere, given her current net worth.

Is The SA Top Actress A Philanthropist?

There are speculations that Moshidi Motshgwa is engaged in philanthropism, but she is yet to confirm such claims. However, according to her, she considers acting as her God-given purpose, and she finds fulfillment in entertaining others with her talent.

Although it is not certain that the actress runs any philanthropic organization, she has definitely been involved in several good deeds in her home country.

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