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China has to be the king of internet ban and censorship, but they prove that they are still capable of springing more surprises.

Along with many other strictures placed on social media usage, China has now taken on live streaming with a hilarious edict; no woman in China is allowed to live stream herself ‘seductively’ eating a banana.

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From now on, if you want to eat a banana in China, there is no need to clue the world in, just eat your banana in peace. The new regulation will place more pressure on live-streaming sites as they will have to monitor closely all output to ensure that no misplaced erotic banana eating is going on.

Along with the ban on eating bananas seductively, wearing stockings and suspenders while hosting a live stream is now likewise forbidden.

live streaming

The move was the Chinese authorities latest attempt to clamp down on erotic, inappropriate content online. The Ministry of Culture had announced in April that it would begin investigations on a number of popular live-streaming platforms for allegedly hosting pornographic or violent content that “harms social morality”.

Even with the government’s very obvious concern, such live streaming sites continue to attract more users in China. Webcam sessions where young women entertain a predominantly male audience, often singing Chinese songs or chatting to their viewers are getting more popular.

This is why although news of an ‘eating banana seductively’ ban may sound outrageous and funny, China is just reacting to a rising phenomenon that they see as harmful to social morality.

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It becomes difficult though to picture how the government will go about enforcing the new rule; who determines when a banana is being eaten normally or provocatively, its just very difficult to draw a line. The safe path for women in China would be to not eat bananas at all while live streaming, but how much really would that affect social morality.