Hillary’s Health In Question; Trump May Just Be The Next United States President

The latest episode on Hillary’s health has fostered doubt on her competence to be President. Ever considered the fact that Donald Trump could win November elections on a “just because” basis?

Here is something much more than that.

To begin with, it is a fact that when it comes to the typical President personality, Hillary takes the cake. Her wealth of experience in politics and the United States government is enough guarantee that she is “over qualified”, as Barack Obama would put it, for the Presidential position in the United States.

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On the other hand, Donald Trump, famous for his 80% political incorrectness would be a radical change in the history of Presidents in the United States.

Many love Donald Trump for just being himself and telling it like he understands it whether or not the people feel the same way.

On the race to the White House, both presidential candidates have been seriously competing at incredibly close margins.

While Hillary Clinton has the email probe to bother about, yet another factor comes up to weaken the strong points gathered over the months.

Before now, Trump had made insinuations that Hillary’s health out-rightly disqualifies her among other accusation to be the President of the United States. He had said in one of  his public addresses that Hillary lacks the “stamina”, the “mental” and “physical strength” to pin down one of U.S detractors – the ISIS.

Hillary's health

More than the speculations over Hillary’s health, a video that showed the Democratic Presidential candidate collapsing as she waited for her motorcade has become a more substantial reason for the Democratic party and supporters to worry. In just a few hours, Hillary literally lost tons of weight.

Report says Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with Pneumonia few days to the 9/11 memorial. Hillary confirmed to CNN that she didn’t feel well to see the end of the memorial ceremony.

She had said she withheld the news of her diagnosis because she was a private person and wanted the soon-to-come elections to be her major focus.

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On that note, she compares herself with her Republican rival Donald Trump; saying her health records have always been open unlike Trump who is still dodgy about presenting both medical and tax records as expected.

Unusually, Trump has not said anything on the latest episode on Hillary’s health. Before now he had come out publicly to share his regrets about personally attacking people with his words.

Politically speaking, Hillary can only quit on a personal choice; say from persuasions of Democrats. Report says that it is possible that the party may be considering an alternative to Hillary based on her health crisis.

And if it happens that Hillary lays down the option of being a flag bearer for the Democrats at this time, it’s not rocket science, Donald has an overflowing advantage to become the next President of the United States.