Hlomela Bucwa: South Africa’s Youngest Lawmaker Impresses On Maiden Apearance

24-year-old Hlomela Bucwa and the youngest Member of Parliament (MP) in South Africa addressed the house for the first time on Tuesday.

Representing the DA, the confident lady presented the inaugural speech.

The address touched on issues that was negatively affecting the youths of the country.

Hon. Hlomela Bucwa started her presentation with the a line from The Cloths of Heaven poem. Subsequently she drew excerpts from the poem.

“Madam chair, I am moved to share the words of [William Butler Yeats]: ‘But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.”

As a contributory view and suggestion to the parliamentary debate on the subject, Government’s failure to improve the lives of young South Africans with regard to employment education and training.

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Impassioned by the sad plight of the growing generation in South Africa, the MP directly blamed the government for contributing to the poor education and unemployment rate in the country.

“We believe youth should be provided with quality education with support to ensure their success in institutions of learning. Let us tread softly because we tread on the dreams of a lost generation.”

“The lost generation is a generation of born frees who are victim to decades of compounding government greed and corruption. This is a lost generation whose government has turned its back on the building blocks, the futures, of my fellow young South Africans.”

“We find ourselves with a government that is scared of its own young people and excludes them from acquiring an education and jobs”.

Recalling the sacrifice of the South African youths during the Sharpeville massacre. She says these brave souls would “cringe in their graves” because the present day government which should cater for all “is no longer a selfless government”.

She went on to criticize the basic education system which encourages the search for jobs and not the creation of jobs.

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She says the government has failed younger generation ad worse still has refused to be corrected.

“We find ourselves with a suppressive government that has failed its young people, that refuses to be corrected.”


While proffering solutions of her own and the party’s policies to address the situation, Hlomela Bucwa says that since the government is scared of the youths, the younger generation will take the mantle and make a change for themselves and the country.

They will be the ones to rekindle the “crippled” and “diminished” talents of over 3 million South African youths who “have been left behind.”

Hlomela Bucwa concluded the six minutes speech with a striking line from The Cloths of Heaven poem,

“Let us tread softly because we tread on the dreams of a lost generation.”

With that, she received a standing ovation from her Democratic Alliance (DA) party members.

South Africans who have seen her presentation have applauded her for her brilliance and confidence.

Hlomela Bucwa who was sworn in last year as an MP in November is studying to become a lawyer.

“I wanted to study [Law] and to fight for the rights of people. My times as SRC president and also serving on the University’s highest decision-making body, the NMMU Council, helped build a solution-driven attitude in me.”