Hodgetwins Net Worth and How They Make Money from YouTube, TV and Tour

The Hodgetwins, which consists of twin brothers Keith and Kevin Hodge, is an American stand-up comedy, social media influencers, and conservative political commentary duo with a net worth estimated at $3.5 million.

Renowned for their informative and entertaining fitness videos, the Hodgetwins started from a single YouTube channel in 2008 to now have a thriving empire comprising of different endeavors. They make their money from YouTube, touring, appearing in TV shows, selling merchandise and supplements, etc.

What Is The Hodgetwins Net Worth?

The Hodgetwins had a joint net worth of $3.5 million but this amount took a hit after they lost their cryptocurrency wallet worth 1,500 EOS (an equivalent of $8500). The duo revealed that hackers siphoned the cryptocurrency stash after they transferred their tokens to a particular wallet, EOSIO Wallet explorer, which turned out to be malicious.

Hodgetwins had resorted to using the wallet in the first place because it was supposedly safer. It later turned out to be a nightmare and the twins had no choice but to involve the authorities. They filed their complaint with ECAF, the official arbitration arm of the EOS Blockchain. The outcome of the matter is still awaited.

How The Hodgetwins Make Their Money

Earnings from Tours

Hodgetwins rose to fame not just because they were churning out fitness videos, but also due to the fact that they provided an unabashed commentary on current events as well. This unique combination of edgy and unfiltered comedy elevated and helped them to gain viral fame. Since then, Hodgetwins have taken their unbeatable comedic talent on the road. They have toured several cities in the U.K., Sweden, and the Netherlands. They include Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Spokane, Dublin, and Tacoma. The duo has also toured aggressively in the United States, going to places such as San Antonio, Arlington, Dallas, Houston, Bakersfield, Austin, and Kansas City. The tickets for these shows don’t come cheap and goes for an average of $49. This has helped to boost the Hodgetwin’s net worth.

Income from YouTube

Another veritable source of the Hodgetwins’ net worth remains their YouTube channel. The duo set up their channel back in 2008. They initially provided comedic commentary on current events but later morphed into an advice channel. The Hodgetwins, however, hit the jackpot when they changed direction to fitness videos. The duo was motivated to do so because they were dissatisfied with their physique. They were also unhappy with their health levels and started working to improve it. They decided to bring their viewers along on the journey, and the rest is history. The two now have over four million subscribers on their channel and their contents have been viewed over 400 million times. They reportedly make from $1,600 to $25,400 per annum from YouTube’s monetization policy.

Salaries from TV Shows

Hodgetwins are also seeking to spread their tentacles to the mainstream media. The two brothers have already dabbled into commercials, reality TV shows, as well as a few movies and TV series. They now hope to produce their own TV show and have worked with several established comedians in order to make that nascent dream a reality. The irrepressible duo has also been taking several classes in order to brush up their on-screen skills.

Hodgetwins performing at the LA Fit Expo in January 2016: image source

Profits from their Enterprise

The Hodgetwins’ net worth has also benefitted from their commercial enterprise known as Hodgetwins LLC. The company carries within its product line apparel for men and women including hoodies, shirts, tank tops, joggers, sweatpants, and hats. They also carry accessories such as different kinds of wrist bands. Another product that Hodgetwins offer is supplements. They have a wide variety of supplements on their website including Fasted Fat Burner, Pre Gains Preworkout Supplement, Balls Deep Formula, CreaGains Creative Hydrochloride, Betagains, and Crea Gains Micronized Creative.

They Also Earn from Training People

Another source of income for the Hodgetwins’ net worth is personal training. The brothers are both certified personal trainers and qualified under the International Sports Sciences Association. The twins were motivated to obtain this extra qualification as a result of the fact that they take fitness seriously. According to them, they wanted to have access to the best, and up-to-date, knowledge about fitness and nutrition.

List of Income Sources

  • YouTube
  • Touring
  • Appearing in TV shows
  • Selling merchandise
  • Supplements
  • Training People
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