Another Hotel Attack In Mogadishu Leaves 11 Dead

In yet again another hotel attack, a Somalian hotel in its capital Mogadishu has been invaded by terrorists.

The hotel attack resulted in about 11 casualties. Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the terror attack which took place on Saturday.

“The attack started with a heavy blast carried out by a brother who drove a car loaded with explosives. Gunmen fought their way into the hotel, and we believe that casualties were inflicted in the enemy’s ranks,” Al-Shabaab said through a statement on the Telegram app.

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Like previous attacks by Al-Shabab the unfortunate incident occurred when a suicide bomber set off an explosive-laden car just outside the hotel.

After the explosion some gun men invaded the Naasa Hablood hotel unleashing gunfire for what seemed like endless hours.

“The special security forces have ended the siege after killing three attackers inside the hotel. Eleven civilians, two of them doctors, were killed in the attack,” Abdi Kamil Shukri, a security ministry spokesman, told reporters.

Apart from the 11 dead, there were some 20 persons who were left wounded. The gunmen also reportedly took some unknown number of hostages

Just like the Ambassador hotel which was attacked earlier this month, the Naasa Hablood hotel is one usually frequented  by politicians and influential Somalians.

The attack comes during the muslims’ holy month of Ramadan. The islamic militants usually stage frequent attacks during this month.

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Some weeks ago it was reported that the mastermind behind the Garissa University attack in Kenya was dead. The death of Mohammed who was known by other aliases was confirmed by the Islamic militants in a published obituary.

“We console ourselves and our nation for the martyrdom of the Muslim knight commander Sheik Mohamed Mohamud Ali (Dulyadin). May Allah accept him and lift him to paradise,” the statement said.