House Help Caught Forcing Child To Do Something That Will Make You Cringe

A mother in Eastleigh section 3, Nairobi was rocked to the core when she returned home without any previous notification and found her house help naked in the kitchen.

The 30-year-old woman had gone to her office in the morning but got arrested on the way for speeding. She works at a local telecommunication firm where she serves as a marketer.

She, instead of heading to the office, decided to go back home. On arrival she discovered something beyond unusual; her house-help in the kitchen completely naked, cooking. When she asked her, she said she was on her way to take her bath. But the woman didn’t see any sign that she had real plans of bathing. There was no towel around nor a clean set of clothes to wear after the shower.

She then queried her daughter who told her the house help was forcing her to lick her private parts.

The woman revealed that she had noticed her daughter, who is in Kindergarten, refusing to get dressed after a shower, citing that her auntie- the housemaid, walked naked around the house all the time.

She also disclosed that her daughter had frequented the hospital in some past months over a bacterial infection. She added that laboratory results after the incident confirmed that she had vaginal fluids mixed with her saliva.

The incident shed light on why the young child was always suffering from bacterial infections week after week.

The woman is currently considering suing her house-help for molesting her child. She is hoping that the young one did not contract any life-threatening sexually transmitted infections.

This is not the first of this kind of story. Cases of house-helps molesting children when their parents are not around have become the new normal.

Last year, a video showing a Ugandan house-help who was sitting on top of a toddler went viral. In 2015, another house help was caught forcing a young boy she was supposed to look after to lick her private part.

Not quite long ago, a house help was caught on camera, adding her urine to her boss’s smoothie in the kitchen. The act was after an altercation with her boss earlier in the day and she was seeking revenge.

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