How and Where to Watch Nigerian Nollywood Movies Online

Nigerian movies have become a world-renowned and well sought after class of movies making a lot of Nigerian actors and actresses are internationally recognized as well. Nollywood (Nigerian cinema industry) has developed over time to become better at releasing much more quality videos than when it started however, having access to watch Nigerian movies outside Nigeria often times presents a challenge. Except you are in Nigeria where you can buy such movies from the retailers, watch at cinema or rent from a movie club, the next available option is to watch the Nigerian movies online. There are a few trusted places where you can watch Nollywood movies on the internet; while some of them require some form of subscription, a lot more have a free access that probably would only need you to subscribe with your email address.

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How To Watch Nigerian Movies Online For Free

1. Iroko TV: Iroko TV has been acknowledged as the Netflix of Africa. It is one of the largest online distributors of Nigerian movies. Founded by Jason Njoku and being managed by Iroko Partners, Iroko TV (available at the official website: offers both free and subscription based package. The free package would allow you watch some older Nigerian movies for free while with a fee of about $5, you can have access to all the latest Nollywood videos for a month including the latest releases. Iroko TV secured the rights to distribute Nigerian movies and which it has successfully done till date. Bridging the gap between the desire to watch Nollywood and actually having access to them is what Iroko TV has achieved.

iROKOtv - watch nigerian movies online for free

2. Naija Pals is a Nigerian social discussion website but it offers more in addition to social discussion. Naija Pals have a rich section on their website where you can see some appreciable collection of Nigerian Movies to watch online (available when you click this link)

3. WNMO: WMNO stands for Watch Nigerian Movies Online. The website offers some home videos to keep you company and is free to access online. Quite alright, they may not be as recent as you want it but there are definitely some that you have not seen among their list that are worth seeing.