How Did Beau Biden Die? Meet His Wife and Children

Although Beau Biden on his own was famous for being an Attorney General of Delaware and a distinguished Major in the Army National Guard. He was also the oldest of the children of the former United States Vice president, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr widely known as Joe Biden. The well-known politician and lawyer was also an Army officer who served in Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

Alas!! he passed away from complications of brain cancer leaving trails of broken hearts and career legacies. Here is how he died, as well as his family members left to mourn his loss and carry on his legacy.

How Did Beau Biden Die?

The sudden death of the forty-six-year-old brilliant attorney on Saturday 30th May 2015, shook the world especially the United States and his family at large. Beau Biden’s health challenges began in 2010 when he suffered a mild stroke which was luckily controlled.

However, in 2013, his health took a turn for the worst after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour for which he underwent series of treatments which comprised of a surgical procedure, radiations, and chemotherapies, in M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. His health was stabilised for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of the ailment re-surfaced strongly in 2015 such that he was admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre in Maryland. Sadly, despite all the medical attention he got, Joseph Robinette Beau Biden III lost the battle to the tumour which was identified as Glioblastomas.

The outspoken and excellent attorney General has since been placed in his final resting place in St. Joseph Brandywine Cemetery, Greenville on the 6th of June 2015 amidst intense grief and tears. The funeral service which was held in his honour at the Saint Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church, Wilmington, Delaware was graced by top political figures in the United States, such as former American presidents Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, and their wives, Michelle, and Hillary Clinton, as well as Ray Odierno, Mitch McConnell even the children of Obama – Sasha and Malia among many others.

Beau Biden was born on 3rd of February 1969 into a noble family. He was the son of Neilia Biden and Joe Biden II, a one-time US senator as well as vice president. Although he was the namesake of his father, Joseph Robinette Beau Biden III, he was widely known as Beau Biden.

Sadly, when he was very young, his mother and sister died in an auto accident in 1972, thus his remaining formative years were spent with his father. Beau had his education at different institutions. He went to the same high school as his father – Archmere Academy. Later, he joined the University of Pennsylvania for higher studies, and to add to his knowledge, he again, just as his father, attended the Syracuse University College of Law.

With an outstanding law degree, Beau Biden got a job with Judge Steven McAuliffe as a clerk. His pedigree was noticed and he got a position at the United States Department of Justice initially as a Counsel and subsequently became a federal prosecutor.

Beau Biden enjoyed every bit of his job as a lawyer and explored different angles of it. He partnered with the Bifferato, Gentilotti, and Biden & Balick law firm few years to his becoming the Delaware Attorney General.

His quest in the US military landed him as a member of the Delaware Army National Guard. In no time, he rose in ranks from being a major to the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Beau Biden’s military work got him listed among soldiers sent to Iraq in 2008, interestingly, he returned home with the bronze star medal for meritorious service.

Politically, Biden was fairly active, he publicised his intention to vie for the gubernatorial seat of Delaware in the 2016 elections. Unfortunately, Beau Biden died in 2015 before fulfilling his dream of becoming the governor.

In his honour, the Albert Schweitzer Leadership award was given him posthumously and a part of the 21st Century Cures Act was amended with his name (Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot) in 2016.

Meet His Wife and Children

Beau Biden
Beau Biden with wife Hallie and their two children image source

After the unfortunate demise of his mother Neilia Hunter and sister Naomi Christina, their father eventually remarried. His second wife is Jill Jacobs Biden. Their union brought forth Ashely who became Beau Biden’s half-sister.

The accomplished lawyer before his death was the husband to Hallie Olivere whom he wedded in 2002. They had two children; a daughter Natalie in 2004 and a son Robert Hunter Biden in 2006.

Two years after his death, the news media was awash with the romantic tales of Hallie’s relationship with her brother-in-law Robert Hunter Biden. The couple began dating in 2016, nine months after he separated from first wife Kathleen on October 2015. They enjoyed their family’s support in the course of the relationship which alleged began in 2016. They were described as domestic partners and in 2019 their relationship ended. Robert Hunter Biden would in May 2019 secretly marry his second wife named Melissa Cohen.

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