How Did Mihlali Ndamase Achieve Fame At Such A Young Age and Is Kamo Phasha Her Boyfriend?

One of South Africa’s internet stars, Mihlali Ndamase, rose to fame through posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. The YouTuber is passionate about make-up, skincare products, and of course beauty in its entirety. Ndamase’s passion has led her to collaborate with A-list beauty brands like Urban Decay, MAC Cosmetics (which she is currently undergoing training with), NYX Professional makeup, and Benefit Cosmetics. She has equally worked with brands like Samsung and Aldo. The YouTuber has graced the front page of a popular magazine, co-founded a charitable organization, and has amassed millions of views on her social media accounts.

Recently, the social media influencer triggered rumors about dating a mystery man which led fans to conduct an investigation in a bid to discover the identity of the man behind her newfound joy. The searchlight eventually beamed on Kamo Phasha, but the jury is still out on whether they are a couple or not.

Mihlali Ndamase Was Barely 20 When She Launched Her YouTube Channel

Born on the 29th of November 1996, Mihlali Ndamase was six months shy of 20 years when she launched her eponymous YouTube channel on the 4th of May 2016. Her first video was captioned LOreal Infallible Foundation Review and has received way above 50,000 views to date. The most popular among the YouTuber’s videos is titled Simply Everyday Makeup Tutorial and it has received a whopping 2 million views and still counting. Mihlali’s subscriber base on YouTube is over 285,000 while her Instagram is flourishing with above 1.2 million followers. Since her debut on social media, Mihlali’s posts have been viewed by over 9 million views and still going strong.

Since registering her presence on social media, Mihlali has not relented in getting fans entertained, sharing vlogs, vacation trips, makeup videos, as well as fashion-related content. In September 2019, she emerged winner of The Most Glamorous award and has graced the cover of a top-notch South African magazine like Hello Joburg.

How She Became A Professional Makeup Artist

Mihlali developed a passion for makeup at a very tender age. And since she turned 15, the internet star has been following several US beauty bloggers like Nicole Guerriero. She revealed that she wasn’t sure about the best way to go about it at that time, besides, makeup was far from being a big thing in SA then and people around her didn’t help matters as they were not sure about what it was she wanted to do. When she mustered the needed courage, the beauty artist started on Instagram and soon people began asking questions on how she did her make up which in turn gave birth to her YouTube channel.

The YouTuber revealed how she got ridiculed as she stepped foot into the beauty industry as many were of the opinion that the industry was not a viable one as it doesn’t pay much. However, that did not douse Ndamase’s spirit one bit as she continued pursuing her dreams. Today, the makeup artist takes pride of place among Mzansi’s top influencers on social media.

Mihlali Ndamase Has Since Expanded Her Horizon, Moving Into Other Viable Ventures

Hopper VQ’s most recent list has revealed Ndamase to be one of the highest earners on the Instagram platform. In fact, she is ranked #135 on the list of highest-paid users, earning $1800 for each post on average. Stepping up on her makeup and beauty ventures, the South African beauty has gone into collaborations with many cosmetic brands, this includes the likes of Woolworths, Revlon, and Edgars, functioning as the host of their colors masterclass in SA’s capital.

In 2017, she joined forces with another internet star, Dineo Nono to co-found the Siyasizana Foundation. The foundation is targeted at the less privileged, providing them with educational sessions, career guidance, and long-term mentorship and guidance to independent creatives. They also embark on gender-based violence activism.

Ndamase Herself Gave Hints About A New Man In Her Life

In recent times, Mihlali Ndamase started tweeting a plethora of stuff about her love life, hinting that she has found love and is happy in her relationship. This sent her tweeps on a frenzy in the bid to discover the identity of the mystery man behind the social media influencer’s new found joy, and their efforts seem to have really paid off.

She posted a tweet telling her fans to ready their wedding apparel as wedding bells were already ringing for her. Those sentiments sounded believable but they didn’t take long to change. Mihlali Ndamase would later tell her fans to put the materials they have purchased to better use like sewing facemasks. Apparently, the wedding bells have stopped ringing.

This is Why Fans Think The Mystery man in Her Life Could Be Kamo

Mihlali Ndamase
Mihlali Ndamase and Kamo vacating at different parts of the same reserve image source

After she made a post about the male population being trash, one of her followers asked whether the wedding was off but didn’t get a direct answer from the social media star. In a bid to unravel the mystery, tweeps had to conduct checks on her posts to find out the real situation. A dig into her accounts revealed her post about embarking on a getaway with her bae but failed to reveal his identity. And knowing how protective Mihlali has become of her love life since her public relationship involving the Major League DJz, fans concluded she would not give.

Even with all the guarding, the YouTuber did leave a trail for fans to follow, albeit by mistake. Followers were able to connect the dots through a pictured hand, a bracelet, and a tattoo and that was all it took to allegedly unravel the identity of the man behind Mihlali’s recent dalliance. Another post of hers showing where she was clinking wine glasses with what was obviously a man’s hand pieced the last part of the puzzle together. Tweeps took notice of the bracelet and the tattoo and quickly concluded that Kamo Phasha was the man behind it all.

With the man’s identity unraveled, tweeps moved to Instagram for receipts and found plenty. Phasha also happens to have been on a get-away in the same Limpopo. His exact location was a nature reserve with close resemblance to Mihlali Ndamase’s location. But does the fact that the duo posted stories from different parts of the same reserve mean that they were not together? If we are to believe Mihlali’s tweets, that may be so, apparently. On hearing the speculations, Ndamase told fans to chill and quit perpetrating dating rumors.

Mihlali Ndamase Has Had A Few Relationships In The Past

It is rare to find a celeb without his or her own love story and the SA internet star is no exception. Mihlali Ndamase has had her own fair share of failed relationships. She was first reported to be an item with Banele Mbere, one half of a SA’s local entertainment duo popular as Major League DJz. Reports revealed that the two were going strong for three years when she received a DStv Explora decoder, a television set, and a pair of Louboutin heels from him as gifts for her 21st birthday. It is also interesting to note that Banele told Press Reader that he presented Mihlali with a promising ring, however, their relationship never made it to the altar as they went their separate ways after three years of togetherness.

Ndamase also sparked dating rumors between her and British superstar race car driver, Lewis Hamilton in 2019. It happened during the Grand Prix in Singapore when the YouTuber attended the race and after witnessing Hamilton’s victory, she shared some tweets about both the race and the man. Her tweets in turn fueled speculations that the duo was actually doing things together. Mihlali Ndamase debunked the rumors in an interview when she let on that they don’t share any romantic feeling as she was just trolling and having fun on Twitter.

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