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For the past few years, Sherry Pollex has turned herself into a cancer hero, using her condition to fight the disease and help those who are in the same battle with her. Initially known as just the partner of American stock car racing champion, Martin Truex Jr, Pollex garnered widespread media attention after she survived a fierce ovarian cancer (stage III primary peritoneal carcinoma) early 2016. Her initial diagnosis was on August 7, 2014.

Five days after the diagnosis, Sherry underwent a seven-hour long debulking operation through which doctors removed about forty-seven cancer tumors that had developed along her pelvis up to her diaphragm. The surgery also included a complete hysterectomy, shutting off all chances of pregnancy. That, however, was not the priority for the poor lady at the time as her life was on the line.

Fortunately, Pollex survived the chemotherapy sessions that lasted for the next one year and five months, going into remission around February 2016. However, as is usually the case with ovarian cancer, it backfired a little over a year later, plunging Sherry into yet another surgery. This time, she lost her spleen and some parts of her stomach as the tumor reoccurred in her spleen and liver. For the next six months, Pollex went through chemo sessions once more, receiving her last infusion on February 6, 2018.

How Is Sherry Pollex Doing Now?

Following the end of her second set of chemo infusions, Sherry Pollex went into remission, taking only oral chemotherapy and maintenance drugs as well as living a strictly conditioned lifestyle (especially diet-wise) to keep the disease at bay. The heroic lady is doing just fine at the moment, holding fast to a very positive and one-day-at-a-time attitude. By February 9, 2018, Sherry was well enough to join her partner in Florida for the Daytona 500 Championship.

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Despite not having completely recovered, Pollex continues to deeply commit herself to the fight against cancer at every slightest opportunity. She still works tirelessly on the Martin Truex Jr Foundation which she co-founded with her partner in 2007. The foundation which celebrated her 10th Anniversary on May 15, 2019, funds research initiatives on ovarian and pediatric cancers, as well as supports individuals affected by the diseases.

Alongside Martin, Sherry organizes and hosts a variety of fundraising events, all committed to the fight against cancer. On September 30, 2018, she made her debut car racing attempt. That was after Charlotte Motor Speedway named her the honorary pace car driver for their first Cup race – the Bank of America 400. She also seized the opportunity to raise awareness for cancer.

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Moreover, Sherry’s clothing store, Lavender is also still very much alive, with some of her products still targeted at charity. Pollex as well runs the, a charity movement, and website through which she promotes cancer activism. Sherry is also very active on social media especially, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She frequently shares updates and vital information on her daily activities on via her accounts.

Aside from her cancer advocacy and charity works, Sherry Pollex is a sports promoter/marketer by profession. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports Marketing from the Florida State University in 2006. She has since been working as a public relations officer for sports companies including the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).

Latest Update on Sherry Pollex’s Health

Pollex revealed in an interview around mid-2019 with Rare Country that the drugs she is taking have been working so far. She said they may last for the next three years. Despite not being certain of how long it will work, Sherry loves to stick to whatever is working for her. She exploits every period she is in good health to enjoy her life and ultimately help others. According to Sherry, her cancer has a tendency to mutate itself against drugs. The highly optimistic lady is however, just hoping that her present state of health lasts, at least, a little longer.

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On 10th May 2019, Pollex celebrated her 40th birthday. Few months later, precisely on August 7, 2019, she celebrated her five years “Cancerversary”. On both special occasions, Sherry took to her various social media accounts to express her gratitude for being alive. She as well encouraged all who are going through cancer or other life-threatening diseases to remain positive.

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