How Itumeleng Khune Married his Wife Sphelele and Inside the House they Call Home

When the Kaizer Chiefs and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, started dating model Sphelele Makhunga, speculations ran rife that their relationship may likely not last. However, the two seem to have proven everyone wrong as they moved to cement their relationship barely one year after they began dating. In November 2019, Khune paid ‘lobola’, also known as as “bride wealth”, to Sphelele’s family; officially making them Mr. and Mrs. Khune. Even with the security of their traditional marriage, their union has been tested by many outsiders. Most notable among the issues the duo has faced in the recent past is an unnamed woman sporting a selfie she took with Khune, with the claims of hooking up with the footballer.

Since their marriage, the couple has been living in Itumeleng’s luxurious mansion which, according to reports, was purchased with a tidy fortune, running into millions of rand. The multi-million rand house is quite opulent, boasting of several plush amenities and more. The Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper has since acquired another property to add to his fortune, but the details of the new house is yet to be revealed to the public, we only know that its value also runs into millions of rand.

Itumeleng Khune Previously Dated Sphelele Makhunga Before Getting Back Together in 2019

To the best of public knowledge, the duo started dating early in 2019 but surprisingly, this was not their first time as a couple. Deeper scrutiny dug up the fact that they were previously together for almost one year, but it was more of a clandestine relationship. After the couple went their separate ways, the embers of their love were still kept alive somehow, drawing them back together in 2019.

Getting back together again obviously rekindled those dying embers which started blazing once again, and this time, it seems that there is no putting them out. The couple certainly seemed to be in a mighty hurry to cement their relationship. Itumeleng Khune popped the big question to which he received an answer in the affirmative and things progressed very fast from that point.

Itumeleng and Sphelele Were Married Traditionally Before the End of 2019

The couple is known to be generous in sharing their special moments with fans on social media and it is thanks to their uploads that many got to know some intimate facts about them. Getting a yes from his intended, Khune was not one to let the grass grow under his feet before securing their future together. The Bafana Bafana goalkeeper wasted no time in paying lobola to Sphelele’s family and on the 16th of November 2019, they became a married couple according to the customs and traditions of the Zulu.

At the time of their traditional wedding, Khune had some time off as a result of a shoulder injury, while his wife was a college student. Even without a white wedding, the couple has already started a family and from what the young bride said, their white wedding may not be anytime soon as their flower girl (the couple’s daughter) is still a baby and will have to come of age first. Since they became a couple, they seem to be living in marital bliss contrary to the belief of people who thought they wouldn’t last.

The Footballer Is Ten Years Older Than His Model Wife

Khune, whose year of birth is recorded as 1982, is said to be ten years older than his new wife. Even the new Mrs. Khune has lent her voice to this belief, saying that she is not bothered about the age gap as it has no effect on her relationship with the goalkeeper whatsoever. According to the model, her spouse happens to be a loving husband and a caring father and she seems to be basking in his love and affection.

On his own part, Itumeleng Khune has equally spoken out about their generation gap, also saying that it does not matter, and from the way their relationship is going, the age gap truly seems non-existent to the couple.

Sphelele Makhunga Is A Durban Native

The name Sphelele Makhunga is not likely to ring a bell until Itumeleng Khune is mentioned. The young lady, who is from Durban, is said to be forging a career in the modeling world; she is also still a student studying at Varsity College in South Africa. However, her course of study and year of graduation is not known. Her date of birth has equally not been made known to the public but she is said to be a decade younger than her husband who was born in 1982; this puts her year of birth in the neighborhood of 1992.

The Durban native has also been conspicuously active on social media, sharing several of her photos and experiences with people. Sphelele Makhunga is undoubtedly beautiful; this is no surprise as the mother of one is also a model. Though she is yet to let on the modeling agency that is representing her.

Makhunga also appears to be a lover of food as indicated by some of her Instagram pictures where she shares many finger-licking foods. She also seems to be an adept hand in the kitchen and loves both juice and fruits, but her favorite snack is said to be ice cream which she does not get tired of sharing social media.

Their Marriage Was Recently Rocked by Cheating Rumors

In the first month of 2020, just before the couple welcomed their baby girl, a cheating rumor concerning Itumeleng Khune hit the airwaves and was so bad that it could have jeopardized the player’s marriage. It happened that an unnamed woman came up with claims that she once hooked up with the goalkeeper. She even buttressed her claims on Twitter, by adding a selfie to lend credence to the whole thing.

As expected, social media went agog with the Twitter post, while some fans were quick to believe the unknown woman, others saw her as a liar bent on wrecking the player’s marriage as the photo appears to be the kind of selfie celebs take with fans. At the end of the day, it was concluded that Khune giving up bachelorhood to embrace matrimony made several hopeful people unhappy, hence their plans to pull him down.

The Bafana Bafana star went straight for the jugular and was all out for war. In his statement, the player said that he was going to hand the case over to his legal team as he has plans to take the woman to court. However, we are yet to hear any other developments from the case.

The Goalkeeper Has Had Previous Dalliances With Celebrities

Sphelele Makhunga is far from being the only woman Khune has dated; throughout his time in the spotlight, the goalkeeper’s name has been linked to other women, mostly celebrities. First, he was an item with the beautiful South African actress, Ntombi Mzolo; but after their relationship ended, he began dating Minnie Dlamini – a popular model, actress, and on-air personality from South Africa.

His most serious relationship remains his relationship with Sbahle Mpisane – a reality television star and fitness instructor. When they first got together, fans believed they were heading for the alter; however, an unfortunate car crash involving Mpisane in 2018 saw the end of their dalliance. While she was indisposed in the hospital, rumors started making the rounds that Itumeleng Khune was making out with another woman, and accusing fingers were pointed at Sphelele.

Consequently, Mpisane, who spent many months recuperating in a wheelchair, got to hear the rumored affair which led to her dumping Khune. Mpisane later spoke on the issue, claiming that she was well aware of the fact that her ex-boyfriend was cheating and that she knew all about Sphelele though they never had the opportunity to meet face to face.

Mpisane later appeared on the reality television show, KwaMaMhize, claiming that there were no hard feelings about their split as it was mutual and she got a lot of support from Khune during her stay in the hospital. In self-defense, Sphelele took to Instagram to disassociate herself with the cheating rumors, claiming that Khune was never with her while he was dating Mpisane.

Itumeleng Khune’s First Child Was Born in February, 2020

Itumeleng Khune
The Goalkeeper doing the daddy’s job: image source

Amogelang Zanande Khune, the first child of the couple was born in February 2020, barely three months after Khune paid Sphelele’s lobola. Amo’s arrival was highly anticipated by her expectant parents who wasted no time in letting the public in on their joy. The proud papa quickly took to Instagram to share a picture where he was bottle-feeding the new baby, captioning it “Daddy duties are an everyday thing.”

The new baby became a huge part of their lives upon her arrival as the couple’s life now revolves around her. The birth of the baby seems to have whetted their appetite for more kids as Mrs. Khune has said that she would like to have an additional two to make three children in total. On the other hand, Itumeleng Khune said he will prefer to have three more kids to bring the number to four. However, time will eventually tell the number of children they will end up with.

Fans Are Upset With the Couple For Concealing their Baby’s Identity

The new parents seem to be having the time of their lives parenting their bundle of joy, and showing off the little girl’s photos and videos on their socials, especially Instagram. However, fans have come to notice that the duo consistently conceal the baby’s face.

While some don’t perceive that in a bad light, there are still many others who have been vocal in accusing the new mother of replicating what other celebs do with their kids on social media. They even went as far as comparing Sphelele to her husband’s former girlfriend, Sbahle, who does not conceal her child’s face.

Several annoyed fans have asked why the couple share the images if the face won’t be visible. As a response, Sphelele took to Instagram to share plans of opening her daughter’s own Instagram account when the little girl turns one.

Away from the disgruntled fans, the couple seems to be enjoying the new addition to their family, showering the baby girl with beautiful gifts, love, care, and affection.

Itumeleng Khune Lives In An Impressive Mansion With His Family

Itumeleng Khune’s luxurious taste does not just end with automobiles; his house is equally as opulent. The footballer’s home is quite massive, coming in the form of a double-story building equipped with every luxury you can think of. The multi-million rand house is situated in a beautiful surrounding with a welcoming ambiance.

The House Comes With A Whole Lot of Eye-Catching Amenities

The gym

Inside the house, there is a game room, a family room, a television room, and a dining area. There is also a home gym where Khune goes for his workouts, an open-plan kitchen, and a sizeable balcony overlooking the stopover beach.

He also has a trophy cabinet with all the accolades he has bagged throughout his football career on display. Also on display is a significant family portrait and another portrait of the late Nelson Mandela. A collection of memorabilia is also visibly on display.

Outside, one is not likely to miss the beautiful swimming pool tucked into a corner of the backyard with its water glittering bright blue in the sun. A pool like that is a major attraction for hot sunny days; however, the footballer puts the pool to good use for his recovery sessions. The pool appears to be well taken care of as it is equipped with an effective pool filtering system that keeps it clean and fresh, leaving the water piercing blue.

The house is currently occupied by Itumeleng Khune, his wife Sphelele Makhunga, and their baby daughter – Amogelang Zanande Khune.

It would appear that one house is not enough for the South African goalkeeper as he still patronized the real estate market once more in 2020, acquiring yet another luxury crib for himself. However, we are yet to get the full details on what the new house has to offer, but it has been let on that the house is worth millions of rand.

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