Undertaker's Wives
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Mark William Calaway is one of the biggest stars in the sport of wrestling, but the name Mike Calaway is not what he is mostly known by as he goes by The Undertaker. He is considered one of the greatest people to have participated in wrestling, and one of the many notable things he has done in his career is being the second wrestler with the highest amount of pay-per-view numbers and this is because of the more than 170 games he has participated in. His wrestling is not the only interesting part of his life; his marriages have also been a focal point of interest. Keep reading to learn about Undertaker’s wives.

How Many Wives Does Undertaker Have?

The Undertaker was not the name he was always known by; when his career began in the mid-80s he went by the moniker Texas Red, he has since gone by many names settling with the one he is mostly known by. But his ring name is not the only thing he has changed multiple times as he has been married to three women.

Jodi Lynn

Among Undertaker’s wives, the first was Jodi Lynn, the two got married in 1989 which was the same year that he joined the Wrestling World Entertainment (WWE). Of all the women he has dated she is the only person who was not involved in wrestling. Both of them did not want her to have anything to do with his job, and she was more comfortable staying home. Their only child, Gunner Vincent was born in 1993. But things went sour in 1999.

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In the course of his career, Undertaker has made enemies as well as friends, and one of the people he was closest to in his early career was Brian Lee. Lee, however, had other plans for their friendship; it was revealed that Lee and Jodi started to have an affair. When The Undertaker found out he filed for divorce and in May of 1999, the couple was officially divorced. For his actions against Calaway, Lee was kicked out of the WWE.

Mark Calaway

Two years after the first divorce, he got married again. The next woman Mark Calaway got married to was Sara Chirie Frank, it is not known how they met but her marriage to Calaway was helpful for her professionally as she got into wrestling in 2001, a year after they got married. Sara was also part of the feud story line that existed between her husband and Diamond Dallas Page, another wrestler.

Unlike his first marriage which lasted a decade, his marriage to Sara was only for seven years, but in that time The Undertaker got a tattoo of her name across his chest and the both of them started a fund for providing treatments to dogs. Their fund is called The Zeus Compton and the fund is still operational till date. Sara and Mark have two daughters together. The first of the two, Chasey was born in 2002 while Gracie their second child was born in 2005. Two years after the birth of Gracie they got divorced. By 2010 he was married for the third time, this time it was to Michelle McCool.

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Is Undertaker Still Married To Michelle McCool?

Undertakers Wives
Undertaker and McCool – image source

Michelle McCool got married to the Undertaker in 2010; this was four years after they started dating in 2006. McCool was still married to her ex-husband, Jeremy Alexander who she had been dating since she was in high school. In that year she divorced Jeremy, she also got married to Calaway which only fueled the rumors of her extra-marital affairs.

McCool and Calaway met on the job as she was a professional wrestler who played the sport from 2004 to 2011. When she started to date The Undertaker who was already a veteran at that point, it was rumored that their relationship existed because of her desire to go up the professional ladder as a wrestler. But she had been a part of the industry for two years at that time. There is however no way it can be denied that her career did not improve during their relationship.

The couple welcomed their first child, Kaia Faith in August of 2012, which was a year after her retirement from wrestling. The couple is still together and it is not uncommon to find Michelle by the ringside when her husband makes WWE appearances.

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