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He is popularly known for being the host of the popular talk show, Jeopardy! Nevertheless, Alex Trebek has made a living out of starring as himself in a range of movies and TV shows. For the decades he has been in the industry, it is only natural to assume that he has done quite well for himself. Since 1963 till date, he has been gracing the screens of televisions everywhere. As such, it is pretty much guaranteed that he is settled financially. Before delving into the state of his account, here is some insight into his life.

Who Is Alex Trebek?

He was born on July 22, 1940, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada to Edward Trebek and Lucille Lagacé. Alex Trebek’s father was a chef who had emigrated from Ukraine as a child, while his mother was a Franco-Ontarian. Growing up, he was taught the value of a day’s good work and even got a job by the time he was 13. He worked as a bellhop at the same hotel where his father worked as a chef.

In terms of education, he went all out for it, first studying at Sudbury Secondary School. Soon, he went on to attend the University of Ottawa and was awarded a degree in philosophy by 1961. Best believe that he was quite an involved student back in his university days. The talk show host became a devoted member of the Debating Society. That was the moment he realized he was interested in pursuing a career in broadcast news. So, before he was done with his degree, the star landed a job and started working at CBC. It was no easy feat, but he managed to go to school in the mornings then headed to work at night.

Alex Trebek NET WORTH
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At some point, he became ‘everything’ at the CBC, he went as far as replacing every announcer at one point. Then he went on to read the national news, covering loads of topics for both CBC radio and television. Needless to say, his career progressed beyond expectation making him the national treasure he is today.

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How Much Does He Make?

His well-decorated career is definitely evidence that he is doing quite well for himself. As aforementioned, he started working at the age of 13 and has been moving higher ever since. Altogether, his career as a game show host on Jeopardy! has been immensely successful. His success is so acclaimed to the point that he broke the Guinness World Record for the longest-running host of a television game show. Based on his long-lived role on the show, it is only natural for people to wonder exactly how much he makes.

It has been a whopping 35 years since he first started, seeing as he has hosted the show since 1984. Nevertheless, he was on a number of shows before he started on Jeopardy! It all started out with The Hollywood Squares (1974-1978); then he moved on to Double Dare (1976-1977), and The New Battlestars (1981-1983). Although it has come to seem like the role on the hit TV game show was made for him; his era is slowly coming to an end and he hopes to retire in 2020 once his contract expires.

He does have a few suggestions for candidates he would like to see replace him though. The first person is Alex Faust, an announcer for the Los Angeles King’s hockey games. Then there is Laura Coates an attorney who features on cable TV. Albeit, Alex Trebek’s annual salary has reached a whopping 10 million per annum.

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What Is Alex Trebek’s Net Worth Now? 

There is no doubt that a large chunk of his fortune can be traced back to the hit TV game show Jeopardy! It is already established that he earns quite a lot from it on a daily basis. He has also starred as himself in a number of movies and TV shows. This goes a long way to add to Alex Trebek’s net worth.

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Based on the foregoing, his net worth is undoubtedly shooting through the roof. The star is worth a whopping $50 million which is a whole lot of money in any given currency. This definitely shows that with hard work and a can-do attitude, the sky is barely the limit.

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