How Much Is Chris Isaak Worth Now Since After Singing Wicked Game

Chris Isaak has an estimated net worth of $21 million. He is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and occasional actor best known for his breakthrough signature and hit song “Wicked Game.”

Chris Isaak’s song, Wicked Game was not just about its classic vibes but the emotions and its relatability to life experience which helped with promoting the song in several unimagined ways.

The song; a late bloomer was first released in 1989 in the album, Heart Shaped World, but eventually became a hit after it was used in the 1990 film, Wild at Heart (1990). As a result of the success, many began to wonder how much it affected Chris Isaak’s worth in financial terms.

Sources have claimed that the song’s success was majorly influenced by a radio broadcaster who loved the film. He continually played the song on the radio station, thereby creating a lot of media buzz.

Then, in the first quarter of 1991, Wicked Game peaked at the number 6 position on the Billboard Hot 1000 chart becoming Chris Isaak’s first song to make it to the billboard chart. Subsequently, the song continually paved the ways for the music legend and won him lots of awards.

Meanwhile, prior to Wicked Game, Chris Isaak was very much a mystery music goon as he has released lots of other songs. Here is a look at Chris Isaak’s financial worth over the years.

Chris Isaak’s Career Beginnings

An Italian-American, Chris Isaak was born and raised in Stockon, California. He was given the middle name; Joseph and the first name; Christopher after he came to be on the 26th of June 1956. Isaak is one of those musicians who went through the rigors of getting a college degree but still wound up pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. He is a graduate of English and Communication.

Chris Isaak’s musical career began with a band group consisting of James Calvin Wilsey, Rowland Sally, and Kennedy Dale Johnson. He made a few music gigs with his crew and eventually hit a deal with Warner Bros Records in 1985. They subsequently released their first album with the record label.

Chris Isaak’s Net Worth Post Wicked Game Success

Chris Isaak
Chris Isaak’s album cover

A number of songs and a couple of albums – Silvertone (1985) and Chris Isaak (1986) were released by Chris Isaak before Wicked Game; however, as aforementioned, the song basically fueled his popularity. It was released in 1989 and made it to different charts including peaking as the 6th spot in the list of 100 songs of Billboard. The song’s success reached new heights after it was featured in the 1990 movie Wild at Heart.

Wicked Game has its central theme on human emotions including buttressing on the obsession of love as well as its unimaginable circumstances surrounding it. With the song reaching out to many, it has become the music goon best songs of all time.

As expected, the song didn’t only push Chris Isaak to fame but also earned him a fat account. The album which included the song made over $3 million from its sales and has continued being viewed on several music sites. On Youtube alone, the song has over 20 million views and millions of good remarks.

The song has won him several accolades, the latest being the 2004 ASCAP Film & TV Awards for the Most Performed Theme and the MVPA Hall of Fame. Wicked Game charted in many European countries and was certified at least gold in these countries as well.

The success of Wicked Game no doubt increased Isaak’s earning power. Besides music, Chris Isaak spiced up his career as an actor, he hosted his own show; The Chris Isaak Show on Showtime and eventually featured in popular movies like Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Little Buddha (1994), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), That Thing You Do (1996), The informers (2008), From the Earth to the Mood (1998), Ed (2003), Over the Garden Wall (2014), and Sheriff Callie’s Wild West (2016).

As of this writing, Chris Isaak sits on a net worth of $21 million; an amount he has gathered majorly from the sales of the one song that changed his life; Wicked Game.

List of Chris Isaak’s Income Sources 

  • His music career

Other Fascinating Facts about Chris Isaak

  • Chris Isaak hails from a humble background and learned how to play guitar with his brothers.
  • It has been rumored that Isaak once dated the vixen in his Wicked Game music video, Helena Christensen. Also, he has had romantic relationships with his high school lover, Carole Lowe, who died of cancer; Anka Radakovich, Caroline Rhea, and Bai Ling. Currently, Chris is not married.
  • The Wicked Game song was written by Isaak effortlessly at night.
  • The singer and actor stand an attention-grabbing height of 6 feet and a half inches tall (183.2 cm).
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