How Much Is Khaligraph Jones’ Worth and What Does It Cost To Invite Him To a Show

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones is estimated to have a net worth of Ksh 10.7 million (around $100,000). This impressive net worth has made him one of the most successful musicians in the country even though the wealth also comes from a bunch of other things he keeps busy with besides just his music career. Khaligraph Jones has managed to establish himself in different things that have kept the bucks trickling in.

Although his music is the main source of all the money he makes, he has equally experienced certain problems with how he is paid for the sale of his records which he revealed in a BBC interview. His live performances that are notoriously known for how electric they are also a major contributor to his income. Overall, the fame and fortune he is currently enjoying are perks of his musical talent which resonates among music lovers in Africa.

Different Ways Khaligraph Jones’ Net Worth Accrued

With the figure given as Kaligraph Jone’s net worth, it is clear he has multiple streams of income. While music takes the center stage, he has also leveraged the exposure and fame that came with the music industry to explore other fields of endeavor. We have explored the different ways Khaligraph Jones’ net worth is gathering up steam below.

He’s Made Some Musical Exploits

As already stated, the major source of Khaligraph Jones’ wealth has been his music. The rapper got into the music scene when was just nineteen and even then as a teenager, it was instantly clear that he was in it for the long haul and had no intention of backing down until he was a mega star. He joined the 2009 Kenyan Channel O MC Africa Challenge where he emerged as the winner. This was the boost he needed in his career and he hit the ground running after that experience.

He raps in his native language, Swahili and English, however, this doesn’t stop him from maintaining the dexterity and skill of a word master. His third album Testimony 1990 turned out to be one of the most downloaded Kenyan albums on Boomplay and iTunes. With hits like Testimony, Blessings, and For Life, the album was a huge contribution to his wealth after it dropped in June 2018. He has gone on to win a number of awards all of which have lent credence to his craft.

Asides from Testimony 1990, Khaligrah Jones has other musical offerings under his belt, including Autograph (2014), Eff Off (2015), Best of Khaligraph Jones (2017), and The Take Over (Mixtape 2020).

Khaligraph Jones Also Earns Money Online Through YouTube

More and more people are finding new ways to make money on the internet and artists like Khaligraph Jones are not exempt from this. His YouTube channel Khaligraph Jones has over 300,000 subscribers and since he joined the video-sharing platform in July 2012, Jones has had over 45 million views and no doubt, this translates to more money for him. The channel has tons of videos all dedicated to his music and lifestyle.

Although the exact details of his YouTube earnings are not known, the venture has surely enriched Khaligraph Jones’ net worth. He also has a strong fan base on Instagram with more than 1.4 million followers. With the kind of fame his music career has ensured, Khaligraph has the right platform to earn big in the online community.

He Makes Money From Endorsements Too

Celebrity status comes with its downsides and upsides, one of which is fame. Most brands want a popular face and name attached to their products, one that people can easily recognize and relate with. Khaligraph Jones has that and this is why he has bagged a number of high earning endorsement deals. The East African Breweries Limited, EABL for short made Jones one of their ambassadors in 2017 and he became the face of their low carb beer, Tusker Lite. It is estimated that he makes an interesting Ksh 2 million from the deal which is a significant addition to his net worth.

Khaligraph Jones is also a brand ambassador for Luc Bellaire, the French sparkling wine brand and just like his EABL deal, the starting price for this deal was Ksh 2 million and it is rumored to have grown over the years to as much as Ksh 5 million. His other endorsements include those with Red Bull, Monster, and Bel Air.

How Expensive Can It Get To Invite Khaligraph Jones To A Show?

When Khaligraph Jones’ career was starting out in 2009, he had just won a competition and was obviously a very talented artist. As a result of this, the starting price for having him perform live was already a high Ksh 50,000. This is considered high for a starter but he entered the industry as a popular music artist and that accounts for the relatively big cheques he earned in his early years.

Meanwhile, winning the competition was just the starting point for the artist as he has gone on to build a strong career in the industry. Over the years his earnings per show have gone up and now it sits comfortably at Ksh 1 million.

Khaligraph Jones’ contribution to Kenyan rap and the country’s music industry has made him a prominent star. His lyrical ability, coupled with the popularity he commands, has only made it much easier for him to demand such a high fee. So, if you have plans of having him grace your occasion, be ready to part with a lot of money.

The rapper is apparently one of the high profile artists in Kenya with expensive booking fees. Others in this category include Sauti Sol at over Sh800,000, King Kaka – 500,000, Nyashinski – 500,000, and Octopizzo – 400,000. Their fees can only go higher than the estimated amounts considering how these artists are reinventing themselves and gathering better followership.

How Does He Spend All That Money?

Like anyone with a lot of money and celebrity status, Khaligraph Jones is known for splurging on things he likes and living a lavish lifestyle. Sneakers are at the top of the list of things the rapper is known to have a thing for. He often flaunts his large collection of shoes which mostly features his sneakers.

He also owns a Range Rover sport that was customized to suit his taste and he bought the automobile for Ksh 8 million. His other car, a white BMW X was bought for KSH 1.5 million. The rapper once owned a Forester XT which he purchased for over KSh 1 million but eventually gave it up for the BMW. He is also the owner of a large collection of jewelry that features expensive chains and wristwatches.

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