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Rush Limbaugh is one of the most popular names in America. He is the most listened-to man on radio and has over the years appeared on the Forbes list of the highest-earning people in America. His eponymous The Rush Limbaugh Show has about 13 million unique listeners every week who listen for a minimum of five minutes. The often controversial conservative political commentator comes from a family of politicians. Here is a look at how much he made his money and how much he is actually worth.

Rush Limbaugh Comes From A Lineage of Successful People

The political commentator was born on the 12th of January, 1951 as Rush Hudson Limbaugh III. He was born in the town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States of America. His father, Rush Hudson Limbaugh Jr., was a lawyer and a World War II veteran, where he had served in the U.S military as a fighter pilot. His mother, an Arkansas City native named Mildred Carolyn, was a quiet woman who was known commonly by her nickname Millie. Rush, thanks to his ancestors he has some German blood in him.

Rush Limbaugh followed the family tradition of law and politics, albeit as a commentator rather than a practitioner. His father and grandfather were both lawyers, and his younger brother David is also a lawyer and political commentator. Rush Limbaugh Sr., Rush’s grandfather, served as a judge and a member of the Missouri House of Representatives from 1930 to 1932. Not only that, but the man was also the president of the Missouri Historical Society. Rush Limbaugh Sr.’s impact was so great that the Federal Courthouse in his hometown Cape Girardeau was named after him. Stephen N. Limbaugh Sr. and Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr., Rush’s uncle and cousin respectively, are both judges in the United States District Court in Missouri.

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Rush Limbaugh attended Missouri Central High School, graduating in 1969. His parents wanted him to finish up his education by going to college, but that wasn’t in the books for Rush. He did enroll at the Southeast Missouri State University, but after barely two semesters he dropped out. This didn’t surprise his parents, because they already knew their son’s mind was on being on the radio and not much else.

How Rush Limbaugh Made His Money

Rush Limbaugh’s determination about being in the world of radio broadcasting came to him as early 8 years old. He has stated that he told his parents he wanted to be on the air, but his parents—particularly his father—objected to the career choice. Because of his persistence to want to be on the radio, Rush Limbaugh became something of a black sheep in the Limbaugh family. His parents gave in, though, and by the age of 9, they bought him a toy radio that could broadcast on the AM frequency. By that point, Rush Limbaugh had officially entered the world of radio.

His parents ended up being supportive of his career choice because it was the only thing he had stuck to after quitting things like Boys Scouts and Cub Scouts. During his teenage years, Rush had already begun his radio career in his Cape Girardeau hometown under the moniker Rusty Sharpe. While in high school he was a DJ for local station KGMO, which was co-owned by his father.

Rush Limbaugh has had a very successful career for more than 30 years. After dropping out of the university, he relocated to Pennsylvania where he became a DJ on a small morning radio station called WIXZ. After a while, he began fully broadcasting but did that under the alias, Jeff Christie. For about 10 years, Rush sort of worked freelance, moving across cities to work in different radio stations as a disc jockey and broadcaster. In 1979, he settled in Kansas City and took a job as the director of promotions of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. At this time, Rush Limbaugh began to develop his conservative views. In an interview, he revealed that he developed his views due to his travels to countries like Italy, China, and the United Kingdom.

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Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh on the air

Rush Limbaugh’s show began in August 1988. It airs for 3 hours every weekday and it is characterized by its conservative views. He was openly against former president Barack Obama. He has also made a mockery of things like abortion, feminism and supports capital punishment. His views and manner of communicating them no doubt appealed to many, thus his huge success in radio. He is a five-time recipient of the Syndicated Radio Personality of the Year award by the National Association of Broadcasts.

How Much Is Rush Limbaugh Worth?

Rush Limbaugh went from being a black sheep to one of the most listened to people in the United States of America. No doubt, that level of recognition earned in some cool bucks along the way. Estimates show that Rush earns an annual salary of $84 million, and has a net worth that is calculated at a huge $500 million!

Where Does He Live?

Where would a man with Rush Limbaugh’s power and income choose to spend his days? Somewhere fancy, and very much his own apparently. The radio giant has a Palm Beach, Florida mansion and is neighbors with the home of famous American actor Chuck Norris. The 5-bedroom beachfront mansion houses a $56 million Gulfstream private jet and a fleet of black cars including a black Maybach 57 S worth $450,000. He was once offered $65 million for the abode.

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