How Old Is Ruth Kadiri – Age Milestones and Full Biography Of The Actress

Ruth Kadiri (born: March 24, 1988, Age: 35 years old) is an award winning Nigerian actress, screenwriter and film producer that has taken her career beyond acting to cover scriptwriting and production.

In addition to her performing arts job, the 35 year old is also an entrepreneur with a production company and an online hair store. The Nollywood actress has been in the industry for over a decade and with the growing influence of social media, she can well claim to be an influencer thanks to the significant number of followers she has. Below are detailed facts you probably didn’t know about this Nigerian beauty and her career so far.

Profile Summary of Ruth Kadiri

  • Full Name: Ruth Kadiri
  • Date of birth: March 24, 1988
  • Age: 35
  • Place of birth: Benin, Edo State, Nigeria
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Education: University of Lagos, Yaba College
  • Marital Status: Married (Mr. Ezerika)
  • Children: 1
  • Profession: Actress, Screenwriter, Producer
  • Net Worth: $700,000

The 35-Year-old Actress is From Edo State

Most of her fans don’t know this but Ruth Kadiri is from Edo State. She was born into the family of Desmond Kadiri on 24th March 1988 and her place of birth is recorded as the ancient Edo city of Benin. While there is no information about the identity of her mother, she was the one who raised Ruth as her father was mostly residing outside the country.

Ruth grew up in Ajegunle, Lagos, with her younger sister and their mother. Ruth’s sister, Precious Ehis Kadiri, is also working in the movie industry but her place is behind the cameras as a producer. Precious is also an entrepreneur, managing her Flore Beddings company.

Ruth Kadiri Attended Both The Yaba College of Technology and The University of Lagos

Growing up in the center of excellence that is Lagos, Ruth Kadiri pursued her education to the highest level. Her earliest educational background details are not known but she is said to have completed her primary and secondary school education in her hometown of Benin. For her higher education, she attended Yaba College of Technology in Yaba, Lagos State. There, she bagged a National Diploma in Business Administration. Kadiri didn’t stop there as she moved on to the University of Lagos where she acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Acquiring two qualifications wasn’t enough for Ruth who went on to get more skills on her resume by attending a writing school. She learned scriptwriting in the institution, meaning she got the necessary training needed for the career path she chose. At this point, Ruth was sure she was going to carve her niche in the entertainment industry and she went for it.

She Had Began Writing Stories in Secondary School

Though she waited until after college before she began pursuing a screenwriting career, Ruth Kadiri’s passion for the performing arts began from an early age. She developed her love for acting as a child in the church where she got to perform in dramas. She later began writing stories even before she landed her first audition at Adenuga Studios in Lagos.

Ruth’s first written script was Wild and Dirty. She accomplished this after acquiring the necessary skills from the writing school she attended. Following this, she began landing acting roles.

Kadiri’s Debut Acting Role Was Made in Boys Cot

Following the completion of her university education, Ruth Kadiri landed her first role in a movie titled Boys Cot. While it was her first appearance on screen as an actress, the film was a hit in the market, thus, she hit the ground running in her acting career. Ruth was introduced to millions of Nollywood fans and from there other roles started coming her way as she rendered a stellar performance in her debut.

Thanks to the attention Boys Cot brought her way, movie directors and producers noticed her talent, and today, she has featured in more than 50 movies and counting. Her career doesn’t look like it’s slowing down as she has featured in many movies. They include:

  • In Your Arms (2017)
  • Black Bride (2017)
  • We Cheat More (2017)
  • WET by Ruth Kadiri (2018)
  • Tripod by Ruth Kadiri (2018)
  • Black Men Rock (2018)
  • Love is Beautiful (2019)
  • The Dumb Wife (2020)
  • Too Old for Love (2020)
  • Tears of Rejected Seed (2020)

Ruth Kadiri Has Gone On To Write and Produce Movies

Beyond playing some roles in movies, Ruth Kadiri has also contributed to the growth of the industry through her efforts as a screenwriter and producer. She has written several movie scripts and also co-wrote a few of them. Some of the movies she has worked on as a writer include:

  • Matters Arising
  • Heart of a Fighter
  • Ladies Men
  • Sincerity
  • First Class
  • Over the Edge

As a producer, Kadiri has a few credits to her name and her works have been praised to be one of the best the industry has seen. Some of the movies produced by her were also ones that she wrote. They include:

  • Matters Arising
  • Over the Edge
  • Somebody Lied
  • Memory Lane

Ruth Is Now Worth an Estimated $700,000

As of 2021, the estimated net worth of Ruth Kadiri is $700,000. The actress has become a household name in the industry, appearing in many major roles. As such, her influence and talent have made it possible for her to join the league of top earners in the movie industry. It is noteworthy that all of the actress’s earnings do not come from her appearances in front of the camera.

Her Production Company and Online Store Has Helped Her Rake In The Big Bucks

Ruth Kadiri has diversified her sources of income beyond acting to include other business ventures. The actress is the executive producer of Ruth Kadiri Films, a production company she founded. The production company is the tool with which she produces her movies in her capacity as a producer.

Another avenue through which Kadiri funds her attractive net worth is her online store where she sells hair extensions. The store named Ruthkolors has a physical store in Lagos but supplies to customers anywhere in the world. She began the business in 2018 and it has since picked up speed in growth.

Endorsement Deals

In July 2020, Ruth took to Instagram to share the news of her endorsement deal with Betty Bingo. She expressed her excitement over the deal as she had been a fan of the company since it came to Africa. She used the Instagram post to explain how the game works and urged her followers to start playing.

The actress also uses her Instagram page to advertise for weight loss brand – @fat_trimmers and skin product brand – @susanchanelbeautyskin.

All The Awards She Has Received In Her Career

Ruth Kadiri’s work has received some recognition in the form of awards. Below are her awards and nominations:

  • 2015 – The Nigeria Entertainment Awards for the Actress of the Year (Winner)
  • 2015 – Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for the Best Female Viewers Choice (Nominated)
  • 2015 – Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for the Best On-screen Duo with Majid Michel (Nominated)
  • 2015 – Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for the Best Actress (Nominated)
  • 2018 – City People Movie Award for the Best Actress of the year (Winner
  • 2018 – City People Movie Award for the Face of Nollywood (Nominated)
  • 2019 – Ghana Movie Awards for the Best Movie African Collaborations (Nominated)
  • 2019 – Ghana Movie Awards for the Best Actress African Collaboration (Nominated)

Ruth Kadiri is Married With a Child

The Nollywood icon is a married woman. The actress announced her engagement on social media in December 2017 with only a picture of her ring. While details of the wedding ceremony that happened in 2018 are not public knowledge, it is known that it was a private affair and that she married a man identified as Ezerika. The marriage has since produced a baby girl who joined the family on August 21, 2019.

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