How Thembisa Mdoda’s Marriage to Atandwa Kani Ended and Facts About Her New Husband

From being a radio DJ to working as a writer, presenter, actress, and singer, Thembisa Mdoda has come a long way in the South African entertainment industry. A graduate of Wits University, the versatile entertainer has always been in the limelight. This has a lot to do with what she does for a living and to a large extent, her love life, especially her relationship with Atandwa Kani whom she was married to from 2012 to 2015.

Like Thembisa, Atandwa is a popular figure in South Africa and beyond. He is an actor known as the son of a veteran actor, John Kani. The young Kani gained global attention when he played a young version of his father’s character in the 2018 American superhero film, Black Panther. As Thembisa and Atandwa are both members of the South African entertainment industry, one may conclude it was their career that brought them together: as you would soon learn, this is not so.

Thembisa Mdoda and Atandwa Kani Broke Up Over Allegations of Infidelity

The Thembisa Mdoda and Atandwa Kani relationship began at Wits University in 2004, it was where the two met for the first time. They had an on and off relationship throughout their time in college and would later move on to date other people.

But as fate would have it, they reconnected in 2011 and began dating on a casual basis. Based on what Kani shared, Mdoda informed him not long after they got back together that she was pregnant. Knowing she had been intimately involved with another man around that time, he disclosed to Thembisa that they would be getting a paternity test once she put to birth. The actor claims that this request was met with hostility.

Refusing to rule out the possibility of him being the father of the unborn kids, Atandwa decided to support the actress through the pregnancy. Nonetheless, he brought the paternity test up intermittently. If we must believe him, every time he did, Thembisa would become angry with him and at some point, threatened that he would never get to meet the kids if he keeps asking for the test. As disturbing as this may seem, it didn’t bring what they had to an end. In fact, reports from some quarters claim they took the relationship to the next level and got married.

The Couple Reportedly Got Married in 2012 and Parted Ways in 2015

Based on what some platforms have reported, Thembisa Moda and Atandwa Kani got married in 2012; precisely on the 11th of August 2012. This was the same year the actress gave birth to her twin sons. Even though Kani didn’t get the paternity test he had been asking for, he took on the responsibility of being the father of the kids.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear their union had distrust hanging around its foundation, so it was only a matter of time before it all came crashing. Thembisa and Atandwa had a very dramatic break up that had them coming for each other’s throat online. From what we gathered, the trouble began in 2014 when it circulated that Moda had been cheating on Kani. The latter said he decided to deny the allegations and threatened to sue the source of the story to protect the kids and the family name.

When the allegations resurfaced the following year (2015), Atandwa decided he was done with the relationship. This led to a lot of public drama which culminated in a statement Kani issued, revealing that a paternity test which Thembisa Moda eventually agreed to in November 2015 disclosed he isn’t the biological father of the kids.

When Mdoda decided to comment on what happened to their marriage, she specified that it ended because she was with someone she loved. For her, they were young and weren’t ready for marriage.

Who Is the Biological Father of the Actress’ Twins?

Yes, Thembisa Mdoda and Atandwa Kani are no longer together and have moved on with their lives with the latter getting married to another actress named Fikile Mthwalo on the 24th of December 2015.

Nonetheless, one question that has remained is who the biological father of Thembisa Mdodo’s twins is since DNA revealed that Kani didn’t sire them. This has been largely left to speculation as their mother has chosen to keep the facts close to her heart.

Nevertheless, reports have it that the biological father of the kids is a pilot named Andile Nodada. As claimed, Andile and Thembisa had a paternity test before Atandwa had his, so they knew all along that Kani wasn’t the biological father of the kids but decided to be quiet about it for reasons that are yet to be disclosed.

If that’s true, then it must have been a very traumatic experience for Kani. Thankfully, Thembisa divulged sometime in 2017 that she and Atandwa are no longer mad with each other. Adding that they apologized to each other, she expressed that she hopes the incident is no longer a big deal for the actor.

Who Is Thembisa Mdoda Married To Now?

Not long after the dramatic breakup from Kani, Thembisa Mdoda began talking about a partner that’s very loving and supportive. While she took every chance she got to talk about the fellow and how he has been a blessing to her and her kids, she was relentless about disclosing the identity of the man.

Considering the ugly, public fight that followed the end of her marriage to Atandwa Kani, the reason for this isn’t far-fetched: Mdoda was protecting her man from the scrutiny and invasion of privacy that would follow the disclosure of his identity.

But then, they wouldn’t hide forever. So the actress is gradually disclosing her spouse’s identity, bits by bits. For instance, people got to know that they are married when she attached “Nxumalo” to her last name.

The actress has revealed that they met on the set of the wedding television show, Our Perfect Wedding, which had him work behind the scenes. Of late, she has been sharing pictures online that depicts the mysterious Mr. Nxumalo to some extent. It is only a matter of time before she shares a full picture that would allow people to see who the man is.


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