How to Access Zenith Bank Customer Care – Numbers, Whatsapp and Email to Use

People have different ways of doing their banking transactions, from the automated teller machines (ATM) to the mobile phone, from internet banking to being physically present in the banking halls. Whichever way a customer decides to choose, there may be some issues that can result from using these service channels, thus, Zenith Bank saw the need to build a strong customer services care unit that operates 24/7 and is always ready to attend to customer’s needs.

The bank has what is called Zenith Direct which is a 24/7 Interactive Solution Centre that provides its teeming customers with world-class services and an excellent banking experience. The customer care services they offer through Zenith Direct include phone interactions, interactions on various social media platforms, and live interactions (chat). As expected, the bank has well-trained and highly motivated customer service executives to assist you whenever you reach them through any of these channels.

Zenith Direct Is For Customers That Need Urgent Attention From The Bank

Do you need to get in touch with Zenith Bank’s customer care urgently, then you can leverage the ZenithDirect channels which include Phone Channel, The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – menu-driven self-service, Phone call interaction/interface with Zenith Customer Service Executives, Email Channel [email protected], Social Media – (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more) and Web Chat through Zenith Live Chat on

Zenith Bank’s Email Channel 

Emailing is the age-old method of contacting a bank’s customer care executive and for Zenith Bank, any email sent to [email protected] will be attended to immediately. For more specific issues, you can send a mail to any of the emails listed below based on the specific issue you want to be resolved.

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Menu-driven Self-service

Zenith Bank PLC has introduced automated voice banking services to assure its teeming customers of best-in-class services. This is referred to as an IVR (interactive voice response) solution which brings the bank’s basic banking transactions to your fingertips. To use an IVR a customer can dial the dedicated number, +234 (1) 278 7000 using their registered phone line with the bank and follow the prompts to perform transactions like –

  • DSTV/GOTV bills
  • Restrict their accounts or block their cards
  • Request account statement via email
  • View the last five transactions
  • Transfer funds
  • Buy airtime

This can only be done by using the phone number linked to your account to dial +234 (1) 278 7000 and follow the ensuing prompts.

Zenith Bank’s Phone Channel

Phone channel Is one of the oldest and trusted ways of contacting a bank’s customer service care staff. Just dial any of the bank’s official phone numbers depending on the issue you have and you will be put through to a staff in no time at all. Below are dedicated numbers through which customers can get in touch with a staff of the bank

  • General Enquiries: 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK
  • Account Opening: For questions about your savings/current/fixed deposit or any other type of accounts +234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK
  • Internet Banking: For questions about your Internet banking account +234-1-2787000
  • Card Services:For questions about your Card (MasterCard, Vpay, VisaCard, and any other type of card) +234-01- 2781740, 2782273, Hotline: 0700 ZENITHBANK
  • Corporate Internet Banking: For questions about our Corporate Internet Banking +234-1-2781543, 2784056, 2781588, 2781568, 2787000
  • Zenith Registrars Limited: For questions about our Corporate Internet Banking +234-1-2708930-4
  • E-Business: For questions about our e-products and services +234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK
  • Zenith Insurance Company: For questions about our e-products and services +234-1-2783411, 2783421, 2701004-5, 4613704

Social Media

Esteemed customers of the bank can contact its customer service executive via different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.
All the services listed above can also be accessed through the bank’s official social media platforms

Web Chat Through Zenith Live Chat

Customers can leverage the Zenith Live Chat on to enjoy a plethora of services. Services provided through Zenith live interaction/interface include

  • All requests and inquiries related to trade/FX.
  • All requests and inquiries related to accounts, their openings, documentation, and operations.
  • All requests and inquiries related to electronic banking products and services.
  • All requests and inquiries related to cards (debit, credit, prepaid).
  • All inquiries related to clearing.
  • Requests and inquiries related to trade services.
  • Inquiries related to cheque confirmation.
  • General customer support.
  • Bills payment etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About ZenithDirect

What is Zenith Direct?

ZenithDirect is a 24/7 Contact Centre set up by the bank to offer its customers a plethora of banking support services via menu-driven self-service. Customers can also interact with the bank’s customer service executives through phone, email as well as live chat on the internet.

How can a customer get in contact with Zenith Bank customer care?

Just dial the Zenith Bank customer care phone number: 234-1-2787000 Hotline: 0700ZENITHBANK.

What kind of services can one access through Zenith customer care channels?

You can leverage the banks to resolve issues bothering on account opening, internet banking, mobile banking, card issues, and the likes.

Does Zenith Bank have a presence on WhatsApp?

Zenith Bank customers should note the fact that the bank doesn’t have any special WhatsApp number. Thus, the financial institution is advising customers to keep their accounts safe. Again, customers should be mindful of social media accounts that claim to be who they are not. All Zenith Bank social media handles are verified and it will be safer to access them via the bank’s official website. Be sure to check for the blue verified mark first before you engage with anybody who claims to be from the bank. Remember all inquiries about Zenith should go through their verified customer care line 234-1-2787000, Hotline: 0700ZENITHBANK.

Are there ways through which customers can contact the bank’s representatives on specific issues

Yes, there a few shortcuts that can take customers directly to the specialized units that can sort their issues

  • [email protected] is where you will go to sort issues on savings account, current account, fixed deposit, and more
  • Customers can call 234-01- 2781740, 2782273 or visit [email protected] for issues bothering on cards, MasterCard, Visa, Vpay, and others.
  • [email protected] takes care of issues from corporate internet banking and customers can call, these numbers – 234-1-2781543, 2782734, 2784056, 2781588, 2781555, 2781568, 2787000. For e-business transactions, customer can visit [email protected]
  • Is it possible for one to get the customer service care executive during the night hours and the weekends?
  • Zenith Bank’s customer care dedicated staff work on shift, thus, you will always find someone on sit to respond to your calls and emails be it during the weekends or at night
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