How to Activate FCMB Transfer Code and the USSD Code to Use

Growth and technological development in the banking sector gave birth to an important solution that almost crippled the services of financial institutions. Previously, all financial transactions had to be done in the banking hall, giving rise to overcrowding that made it impossible for customer care to attend to the needs of all their customers daily. The birth of the “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” (USSD) solved most of the customers’ immediate needs without stressing them to get to the bank. FCMB has adopted USSD codes for transfers which have curbed the rate of theft and fraud. It has also made it possible for customers to pay utility bills, check account balances and retrieve statements of account. FCMB makes use of *329# as their shortcode for transfers and other quick transactions.

What IS The FCMB Transfer Code?

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has introduced a shortcode that enables customers to carry out transactions. To be eligible to use the transfer code, you must, first of all, get the USSD activated. This is a step to unlocking so many services from the FCMB.

  • Using your phone, the first step to take is to dial *329*214# and make sure you are dialing using the number you opened your account with. Then you will get a pop-up message with three options:
        1. Activate with ATM card
        2. Activate with account
        3. Activate with Mallet
  • Select the second option that is “Activate with Account.”
  • The next pop-up will demand your Account Number, which should be filled up appropriately.
  • Synchronization will start taking place. On completion, you will get a message to confirm successful synchronization.

After this, the next step is the activation of the pin which should be done with care.

Activation of PIN

  • Using the same number for opening the account, dial *329*214#
  • Select from the pop-up list Security then also choose Change PIN.
  • Input the default Pin, then make sure you change to a new four-digit PIN.

Users should make use of a four-digit number that they can always remember. It should be a secret and shouldn’t be shared with anyone.

On the completion of these two steps, a customer has successfully registered on the FCMB USSD service and is ready to start enjoying easy banking.

 Things Customers Can Do With 329 Banking

To buy airtime on your mobile phone Dial *329*Amount#
To buy airtime on other mobile devices Dial *329*Amount*Mobile number#
To transfer funds Dial *329*Amount*Account number#
To check account balance Dial *329*00#
To reset pin/create transactional code Dial *329*0#
To buy data on any mobile phone Dial *329*1*Mobile number#
To pay for DSTV or GOTv subscription Dial *329*Amount*Smartcard number#
To block card Dial *329#, select self-service, select block card
To block account Dial *329#, select self-service, select block account
To Link BVN Dial *329#, select self-service, select link BVN
To print statement of account up to 6 months Dial *329#, select statement, select full statement
To instantly view the last 5 transactions Dial *329#, select statement, select the mini statement


Transfer Funds To Other Banks Using FCMB USSD Code

Customers who wish to transfer funds to other banks won’t have to undergo the daunting task of queuing up in front of tellers anymore. Using the FCMB USSD platform, money transfer to other banks can be done by simply dialing *329*Amount*Recipient Account number#

Always check the recipient’s account number: if it is correct and your secret transfer PIN. If all is correct, then you must have a successful money transfer.

Check Account Balance Using The FCMB USSD

Customers who have an account with FCMB can check their account balance at any time of the day. All they need to do is dial *329*00# on your mobile phone number linked to your account.

Then input the last four-digit number on your MasterCard or the USSD banking PIN to get your balance checked successfully. This service attracts a charge of N20 each time you use the code to get your balance.

Top-up Airtime With 329 Banking

Using the FCMB USSD code on the phone number linked to your bank account, customers can top-up their airtime, that of their loved ones, and friends.

To Top-up For Self

Using your linked number, dial *328*Amount #. For instance, *328*100# credits your airtime balance immediately with N100.

Top-up For A Friend

Topping up for a friend or loved one quite differs from topping for self. Here, the person’s number should be put at the end. In topping up for friends, dial *328*Amount*Recipient phone number#.

Make sure you confirmed the recipient’s phone number as FCMB will not be held liable for any mistakes.

Generate Statements Of Account Using 329 Banking

Your account statement shows debit and credit transactions from an account for a specified duration of time. To access this using your FCMB USSD code

  • Dial *329#
  • On the pop-up message Select Statement
  • Also, Select the full statement (if it’s up to 6 months) and select the mini statement (if it’s for the last 5 transactions).
  • The statement of account will be sent directly to your registered email address.

Subscribe GOtv and DSTV using the FCMB USSD code

To recharge your GOtv or DSTV, use this shortcode *329*2*Smartcard number#. The smart card number here is either the GOTV decoder number or the DSTV card number.

How To Increase or Reduce Your Transfer Limits Using The FCMB USSD Code

Transfer limit is the maximum amount one can transfer on daily basis to another account.

  • To do this, dial *328*2#.
  • Select self-service.
  • Select 3 to increase or decrease your transfer limit.

Block Debit Cards and Account Using The FCMB USSD Code

To Block Debit Card

This is an emergency security measure to avoid loss of money to thieves or fraudsters especially after a loss of debit card and unauthorized debit alert. To do this,

  • Dial *329#
  • Select self-service
  • Choose block card

This will automatically stop any transaction using your ATM card.

To Block Account

To block your account on any suspicious attempt by a third party to carry out an unauthorized transaction.

  • Dial *329#
  • Select self-service
  • Select block account.

Remember when you block your account you can still be getting credit alerts but you can not access it. To unblock your account, you will have to visit the closest FCMB branch to submit a written approval.

Link BVN To FCMB Account With 329 Short Code

To link your Bank Verification Number, follow these simple steps using your FCMB account registered number.

  • Dial *329#
  • Select self-service.
  • Select link BVN.

You will get a confirmation of successfully linking your BVN.

Advantages of Using FCMB USSD Code

  1. The USSD service reduces the cost of transportation to an FCMB branch for any of the above-explained transactions.
  2. These services are compatible with any good working mobile phone.
  3. It doesn’t need an internet subscription, just a few services that require airtime to be accomplished.
  4. The services can be accessed by anyone. Does not require much, just follow the steps stated.
  5. As long as you can reach your phone you can definitely access these services.
  6. Users get an immediate response to any instruction given using the code. It is a form of two-way interaction which is very fast compared with SMS.


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