How To Borrow Airtime or Data on 9mobile and Requirements To Meet

Understanding the basic details of how to borrow airtime or data on 9mobile is very important to many Nigerians. This is obvious because of the number of people who use the service. For the record, 9mobile accounts for about 15% of the total mobile subscribers in Nigeria meaning that millions of Nigerians actually use the network to make calls and access the internet every day.

Apparently, having the option to borrow airtime or data from your mobile operator can come in handy at different times in your life. You may be in a place where you can’t buy airtime or recharge data or you may be out of cash to get yourself some airtime and really need to make a call or use the internet. At times like that, the only other option would be to borrow and payback later. This is why knowing how to borrow airtime or data from 9moboel is extremely important to users of the network.

What Is The Code For Borrowing Airtime Or Data On 9Mobile?

The process for borrowing airtime from the 9mobile network has been simplified by the telecom company so that everyone can easily access it. In fact, it has been so simplified that all you need to do is use a code and you will receive the airtime you’re seeking to borrow.

The code to use to apply for an airtime or data loan is *665#. Now, let us walk you through the processes of using this code to get airtime and data.

The Procedure For Borrowing Artime On 9Mobile

To borrow airtime on 9mobile, all you need to do is follow the following steps;

  • Dial The Code

Pick your phone and dial the code *665#. Make sure it is your 9mobile line you’re dialing the code with.

  • Select Borrow Credit

After dialing the code a list of options appears on your screen. Just select the ‘Borrow Credit’ option and proceed.

  • Select Desired Amount

When you select ‘Borrow Credit’ another list appears showing the minimum and maximum amount you can borrow. Just select the amount you want and get your airtime.

But There Is Another Way

The good thing is that there is another way to go about borrowing airtime and it is quite simpler. So, If you already know the amount of airtime you want to borrow or are eligible to borrow, you can skip all the steps above and just go straight to getting your airtime. All you need to do is dial *665*amount#.

So, for instance. if you want to borrow N1000 from 9mobile, just dial *665*1000# and your airtime loan will be credited to your airtime balance

You Can Also Send A Text

Interestingly, you can also quickly borrow airtime by just texting the amount you seek to borrow to the number 665. For instance, if you want to borrow N1000, just text 1000 to 665, and the amount will be credited to your airtime balance

How Much Can I Borrow From 9Mobile?

Kindly realize that you cannot just borrow any amount that you want from 9mibile. This is because the network has some stipulated denominations you can borrow from it. A quick look at the 9mobile website showed that the least a person can borrow is N50 and the highest customers can borrow is N2,600.

The complete list of denominations a person can borrow from 9mobile is N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000, N2,000, or N2,6000. Also, take note that not all customers qualify to borrow the highest amount of airtime listed above. The kind of airtime customers can borrow depend on how much they have previously spent on airtime.

For instance;

  • To qualify to borrow N50, customers must have recharged at least N100 in the last 30 days
  • To qualify to borrow N100, customers must have recharged at least N200 in the last 30 days
  • To qualify to borrow N200, customers must have recharged at least N400 in the last 30 days
  • To qualify to borrow N500, customers must have recharged at least N1,500 in the last 30 days

However, even after recharging the said amount above, customers cannot just decide to borrow the airtime listed here without meeting some other requirements.

The Requirements You Must Meet To Borrow Airtime

There are some requirements people must meet before they can qualify to borrow airtime from 9mobile. Below are some of those requirements;

  • Customers must have been active on the 9mobile network for at least 30 days to qualify
  • To qualify, customers must be pre-paid users of the network
  • They must have registered SIM cards to qualify
  • Previous loans mist have been paid to make anyone qualify to borrow more credit

How To Check Your Eligibility

If you are worried about whether or not you are eligible to borrow airtime from 9mobile, all you need to check your eligibility. The process is very simple.

To check if you are eligible to borrow airtime, just dial *665*3#, and your eligibility status will be shown to you. You can also text the word STATUS to 665 to ascertain your eligibility status.

What Are The Service Fees Involved?

Take note that borrowing airtime from 9mobile is not free of charge. There are fees you have to pay called service fees. Customers who borrow airtime from 9mobile will be charged 15% of the amount borrowed as a service fee. This service will be charged at the point of borrowing.

This means that you will not receive the exact amount you borrowed. For instance, if you are applying to borrow N1,000, you will only receive N850 because N150 (which is 15% of 1000) has been taken as a service fee.

When Am I Supposed To Pay Back The Loan?

9mobile customers who borrow airtime from the network are allowed to pay back the loan upon their next recharge. This means that if your borrow any amount from the network, you will not be pressured to pay back. You will be at leisure to pay the loan only when you decide to recharge again. When you recharge, the amount you owe will be deducted from your airtime balance.

But also realize that if the airtime you borrowed from 9mobile finishes and you have not recharged to pay back the loan, you will not be able to borrow more and, of course, not be able to make any more calls.

You Can Check Your ‘Debt Status’

If you borrowed airtime from 9mobile but have forgotten exactly how much you borrowed, you can check the status of the debt you are owing. All you need to do is text the word DEBT to 665 and you will receive the update you seek.

The Procedure For Borrowing Data On 9Mobile

You can also borrow data from 9mobile by following some simple steps.

  • Dial The Code

Dial the same code for borrowing airtime; *665# and wait for the prompts.

  • Select ‘Borrow Data

After dialing, you will get options on your phone t pick from. Just select the option to borrow data and proceed.

  • Select The Desired Data Size

When you select the borrow data option, you will be presented with the volume of data you can borrow, Select your desired data size and you will be credited.

The Requirements To Meet

There are no special requirements for borrowing data. However, the same requirements for borrowing airtime must be met which include;

  • Being active on the network for at least 3 days
  • Having a registered SIM card
  • Must be a pre-paid user

How Much Data Can I Borrow From 9Mobile?

The volume of data customers can borrow in 9mobile depends on how ch they have been spending on data previously. 9mobile checks to see your activity on the network in previous days before presenting you with the volume of data you can borrow.

However, take note that customers can borrow up to 1.5GB. The least volume of data you can borrow is 40MB. You can also borrow 150MB, 500MB, and 1GB depending on what is made available to you.

When Am I Supposed to Pay Back The Loan?

When you borrow data from 9mobile, you will have to pay the loan the next time you recharge airtime on your phone. The value of the data will be deducted from your airtime balance when you load.

Is It Better to Use Borrowed Airtime to Buy Data or to Just Borrow Data Straight Away?

This depends on the customer who is borrowing data from 9mobile. If the person is in dire need of both airtime and data, the person can simply borrow airtime from 9mobile then use some of the airtime to buy data and then keep the rest for calls.

However, if the person has airtime already and just needs data, then it is advisable to just borrow data instead since that is all the person does not have at the time.

Is It Possible to Transfer Borrowed Data?

The data that you borrow from 9mobiel cannot be transferred to other people. You can only transfer data that you have bought through normal means.

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