How To Buy Data on Glo and The Codes For Checking Your Data Account & Bonus Balance

Glo users can attest to the fact that the network currently ranks as one of the largest telecommunication service providers in Nigeria and it is gradually gaining popularity beyond the shores of the nation. The reason for this popularity is not far fetched as the network is constantly improving its services to meet the evolving needs of users.

This grandmaster of data has a data package for every customer, no matter how big or small their data needs might be as they provide vast data packages. Glo also makes it quite easy for customers to subscribe to these plans by providing simple USSD codes.

How To Buy Glo Data Using USSD Codes

One reason many have turned to Glo for their data needs is that it provides a wide range of data plans to meet the growing rate of consumption on both small and large scales. The general USSD code Glo users can dial to gain access to all the available data plans, including promo packages is *777#. After dialing the code, just follow the prompts to select the plan you want.

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Also, if you desire a specific plan which will last a couple of days, or for longer periods, there are codes you can easily dial to access such packages. These Glo data plans are outlined below:

Glo Daily/ Weekly Plans



Size Duration Activation Code
N50 50 MB 1 Day *127*14#
N100 150 MB 1 Day *127*51#
N200 350 MB 2 Days *127*56#
N500 1.35 GB 14 Days *127*57#


Glo Monthly Plans

Cost Size Duration Activation Code
N1,000 2.9 GB 30 Days *127*53#
N1,500 4.1 GB 30 Days *777#
N2,000 5.8 GB 30 Days *127*55#
N2,500 7.7 GB 30 Days *127*58#
N3,000 10 GB 30 Days *127*54#
N4,000 13.25 GB 30 Days *127*59#
N5,000 18.25 GB 30 Days *127*2#
N8,000 29.50 GB 30 Days *127*1#
N10,000 50 GB 30 Days *127*11#
N15,000 93 GB 30 Days *127*12#
N18,000 119 GB 30 Days *127*13#
N20,000 138 GB 30 Days *127*33#


Glo Mega Data Plans

Cost Size Duration Activation
N30,000 225 GB 30 Days *777#
N36,000 300 GB 30 Days *777#
N50,000 425 GB 90 Days *777#
N60,000 525 GB 120 Days *777#
N75,000 675 GB 120 Days *777#
N100,000 1 TB 1 Year *777#


Glo Special Data Plans

Cost Size Duration Activation Code
N200 1.25 GB Sundays *777#
N300 1 GB 1 Day *777#
N500 2 GB 2 Days *777#
N1500 7 GB 7 Days *777#


Glo Social Bundle Plans

Cost Size Coverage Duration Activation Code
N25 100 MB Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook 1 Day *777#
N50 200 MB Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook 30 Days *777#
N100 500 MB Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook 30 Days *777#
N25 100 MB YouTube 1 Day *777#
N50 200 MB YouTube 7 Days *777#
N100 500 MB YouTube 30 Days *777#
N25 25 MB Opera 1 Day *777#
N50 100 MB Opera 7 Days *777#
N100 300 MB Opera 30 Days *777#
N25 20 MB Instagram 1 Day *777#
N50 50 MB Instagram 7 Days *777#
N100 125 MB Instagram 30 Days *777#
N25 20 MB Tiktok 1 Day *777#
N50 50 MB Tiktok 7 Days *777#
N100 125 MB Tiktok 30 Days *777#
N25 20 MB Telegram 1 Day *777#
N50 50 MB Telegram 7 Days *777#
N100 125 MB Telegram 30 Days *777#


N.B: Glo social bundles can only give subscribers access to the particular social media platform covered by that plan. However, there are available options for users who would like to purchase multiple bundles. That is, a customer can buy a plan which covers Instagram @ N25 and Tikto @ N50. More so, these social bundle plans can either be on a one-off basis or auto-renewal, depending on the customers’ preference.

Can You Buy Glo Data Without Airtime?

Like many telecommunication providers, Glo has also made it possible for its users to have access to data even when they do not have airtime. This service is called ‘Borrow Me Data’ and it makes it easy for Glo customers who run out of data, as well as airtime to buy data bundles on credit.

However, the ‘Borrow Me Data’ service can only be accessed by customers who are deemed eligible after they have met specific requirements which include: SIM registration and using the SIM card actively for about 4 months. You should also be a prepaid customer in order to qualify for this service.

When you have met all the stipulated criteria, your SIM will be eligible to get the credit feature. To activate anytime you are in need of data, simply dial, *321# then follow the prompt and choose the amount you want to borrow. The data cost you selected will be paid at your next recharge at 15% interest.

How To Check Your Glo Data Balance

Glo users have several easy ways to check their data balance and these are outlined under three methods:

1. Using The USSD Code to Check Data Balance

The USSD code *127*0# can be used to easily check your data balance. Just dial the code and after a few seconds, a message containing your Glo data balance will be displayed on your screen. This message will show you the remaining data balance and the expiry date.

More so, the USSD code *777# can be used to know your current data balance. Follow the prompt by choosing ‘Manage Account’ then click on ‘Data Balance’ and the details of your data balance and expiry date will be displayed on your screen.

2. Check your Data Balance Online

Glo data balance can also be checked online by visiting the Glo website. After you have gained access to the site. Navigate the page to where you can check your data balance and you will see the complete details of your data.

What To Know About The Glo Data Bonus Account

Glo data bonus is one of the benefits many Glo users love about Globacom. New users are usually given large bonus offers for both data and airtime which comes with every new SIM. Old customers are also not left out in these offers as the network is notable for giving bonus data to users irrespective of the tariff plan they are using.

Ways To Check Glo Data Bonus 

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1. USSD Codes

To check how much bonus data you have, the general USSD number you can dial is #122#. A message will pop up after a few seconds showing the amount of bonus you have and the date it will expire.

However, the USSD code for checking bonuses changes, depending on the Glo tariff plan you are using:

Tariff Plan Bonus Code
Glo Berekete *230*1#
Glo G-BAM #122*2#
Glo Infinito #122#
Glo Jollific8 #122#


N.B: For the latest Glo tariff, Glo 11k/s plan there is no bonus data benefit.

The usual Glo data subscription code, *777# can also be used to check your data bonus balance. After dialing the code, follow the prompt and choose, ‘Manage Data’ then select, ‘Data Balance’. A message will appear on your phone with your Glo bonus balance.

2. Via SMS

Glo customers can also check the details of their bonus data via text message. This is done by simply sending the word INFO to 127. After a few seconds, details of your bonus balance, as well as the expiry date, will be displayed on your phone.

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