How To Check Access Bank Account Number or BVN

The importance of knowing your bank account number offhand can never be overemphasized. Thus, account holders should always endeavor to have their account numbers handy to be able to provide them on request. Some banks like Access Bank PLC have made retrieving account numbers very easy for their customers. There are just so many ways to check your account number in Access Bank, it is up to the customer to opt for the one that is most convenient.

Checking Your Account Number in Access Bank

Account numbers are of utmost importance as it is used to identify a bank account; it is the first thing that shows that such an account is in existence. Most times, while making online payments, both locally and internationally, the account name is not required, with the correct account number imputed, it brings up other details like the account name. Making mistakes with your account number only means that funds that are supposed to come to you will be deposited into the wrong account. Thus, every account holder must endeavor to always have their account numbers handy so that they can accurately provide it upon request.

Access Bank PLC customers have multiple ways through which customers can check their account numbers.

1. Via USSD Code

The official Access Bank USSD code is *901# and it is one sure way of checking your account number. The customer doesn’t even need a smartphone to accomplish this neither does he need to buy data. Just get your registered phone number with the bank and follow the under-listed steps

Step 1

  • Dial *901#

These options will be displayed on your screen;

  • Check balance
  • Transfer
  • Airtime
  • Other services
  • Diamond Xtra

Step 2

  • Select option 4 (Other services) and press, SEND

It will display these options

  • Payday loan
  • Bill payment
  • Data
  • Enquiry services
  • Reset PIN
  • Cardless withdrawal
  • Referral Scheme 8.
  • Opt-out

Step 3

  • Select the 4th option (Enquiry services) and SEND

You will see these options

  • Mini Statement
  • BVN Enquiry
  • Account Number Enquiry

Step 4

  • Select option number 3 (Account Number Enquiry) and press SEND
  • You will be prompted with the instruction, “To enroll, Enter the last six (6)digits of your ATM Card:”

Step 5

  • Fill the provided box with the last digits of your ATM Card and SEND
  • Immediately you complete the process, your account number will appear on your phone screen.

2. Via an ATM

Automated Teller Machines are located in every spot and corner of your town. Access Bank account holders who urgently need to find out their account numbers can leverage the ATM machines. Important to note that it must not be an Access Bank ATM. Your account number can be retrieved from any machine as long as it accepts your card.

3. Via Mobile App or Internet Banking

This is recommended for those that use smartphones. However, you must download and register on the Access Bank mobile app for it to work. All you need is some data on your phone and log into your mobile banking app to get your account number from the dashboard. The same goes for those registered on Internet Banking, they only need to log on to the platform to get their account numbers.

Apart from the aforementioned methods of getting your Access Bank account number, there are still many other ways to achieve the same results.

4. Via Social Media

Access Bank is one of the financial institutions that has leveraged social media in forging better and seamless relationships with customers. Now, customers of the bank can check their account numbers through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This entails visiting the bank’s Twitter or Facebook page to make a request. However, the following details need to be provided:

  • Your full name
  • Phone number linked with your bank account
  • Next of kin
  • Date of Birth
  • Your domiciled branch
  • Your home addresses

They may not ask for all the above-mentioned details but be ready to provide some of them on request.

5. Via Instant Alerts

Normally, when people go to the banking hall to open an account, they usually check the “Get Alert” option which gives you updates either by Email or SMS. However, in recent times, banks don’t usually reveal all account numbers through alerts. For security reasons, they mask some numbers either in the middle or at the end. What you will see is something like this, 601****409 and it may serve as a prompt to get the rest. Though there are times that the full account numbers get displayed in alerts.

6. Checking Your Bank Balance to Get Your Account Number

When you enter the right USSD code for checking account balance, the ensuing message comes with both your account number and balance displayed alongside each other.

7. Through Statement of Account

It is the norm for banks to send monthly statements of accounts to customers; They either sent the hard copy through your home or office address or sent the soft copy through email. Needless to say that every statement of account contains the account number

8. Through the Bank’s Branches

If it proves difficult for you to use the above-mentioned options to retrieve your Access Bank account number, then your last resort should be visiting the nearest branch to make a request for the number.

In the banking hall, go straight to the customer service officer and make your request. The CSO may ask for the following details;

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Next of kin
  • Date of Birth
  • Your domiciled branch
  • Residential address

If the information provided is correct and accurate, then you won’t encounter any issues in getting your account number

Access Bank
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Recap of the Ways to Check Account Number
  • USSD Code
  • ATM
  • Mobile App
  • Internet Banking
  • Social Media
  • Text Message
  • Statement of Account
  • Branch

Your Bank Verification Number is an Important Instrument in Banking

With the alarming increase in incidents of compromise on the banking sector’s conventional security systems (this entails Password and PIN), there came a high demand for superior security for accessing personal or sensitive information.

To address these burning issues and improve security within the payment systems, Nigeria’s Apex Bank (CBN), in collaboration with the commercial banks, initiated a Biometric Identification System known as BVN (Bank Verification Number) in February 2014. With the BVN, each customer has a unique identity that is verifiable and identifiable across the Nigerian Banking sector. It is also targeted at addressing issues of theft as well as aid in curtailing the level of fraudulent activities in Nigerian banks.

What Can the BVN Be Used For?

  • With BVN, each Nigerian bank customer has his or her own unique identity across the country’s banking industry.
  • The BVN is for easy identification plus verification at the Point of Banking operations.
  • BVN is an account holder’s financial ID card and can be leveraged to access vital account information that can aid in fraud

NOTE: Your BVN alone cannot give anybody access to funds in your account, but it helps fraudsters to hack your account.

Ways To Retrieve Your BVN

1. Via USSD Code

For Access Bank Nigeria, the official code for retrieving a customer’s BVN is *565*0#. Here is what you need to do;

  • Get the phone number linked to your Access Bank account
  • Dial the USSD short code *565*0#
  • Press SEND
  • Follow the ensuing prompts to get your bank verification number displayed on your screen

Apart from the official *565*0#, Access Bank’s 901 Banking System can also achieve the same results. Just dial *901# on the phone number linked to your Access Bank account and follow the instruction.

2. Through Text Messages

The basic steps listed above can be leveraged to get your BVN through text message. Remember that the phone number you use is the one registered with Access Bank. Simply dial *565*0#.

3. Other Ways

Apart from the aforementioned methods, there are still several other ways of retrieving your BVN. For one, you can go through any of the telecommunication networks like MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, and Glo.

The code for Bank Verification Number checking can also be used with other Nigerian banks like Stanbic IBTC, Sterling Bank, GTBank, Ecobank, Unity Bank, FCMB Bank, Diamond Bank, FirstBank, UBA Bank, and Polaris Bank.

Is My Account Number Written On My Debit Card?

Usually, account numbers are not printed on a bank’s card. What you get on the front side of your card is a 16-digit card number which is completely different from your normal account number. However, the last four digits of the card number are referred to as PAN – Primary Account Number or Payment Card Number. This is the number you impute to purchase things online.

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