How To Check Balance on Glo Yakata Data Plans or Get Free Data

Self-acclaimed Grandmaster of Data, Globacom, has one of Nigeria’s most attractive tariffs with its Glo Yakata Plan. Its multiple bonuses have been a conversion magnet, attracting thousands of new Glo customers who now need to know how to check their balance and track their Yakata data plan benefits.

One of those benefits also includes free data, which customers enjoy for six months. Here, we have covered the ways you can check your data balance on Glo Yakata and get the much-desired free data, along with every other data related question you should know about the plan.

There are Three Distinct Ways to Check Your Balance on Glo Yakata Data Plan

Globacom advertises the tariff plan as a benefit for new customers, suggesting Glo Yakata is exclusive to new users. However, it is a full-fledged tariff on the Glo network, which means old users have access to it, and thus, familiar with the methods in this article already.

Subscribers to Glo Yakata data plans can check their balance through three methods, USSD, SMS, or Glo Self Care Portal. There is a fourth, calling customer care, but that is an all-in-all solution and not as straightforward as the rest.


There is no unique way to check data account balance on Glo Yakata data plans. As it is a standard option in the Glo tariff list, you can check using the same USSD code used in other tariff plans. That is *220*1# and *777#.

*220*1# is more for checking general balance. It is used to reveal every balance on your sim, meaning it covers airtime balance, airtime bonus, SMS bonus, and data balance. Simply dial the code, and you will know the state of your Glo Yakata sim.

*777# is a data-focused shortcode mean to answer the query in its narrowest form. Just dial the code and follow these steps:

  • Press One (to enter the Buy Data submenu)
  • Then press Four (to show the Manage Plan option)
  • Press Four Again (to reveal the Get Data Balance submenu)

Complete these steps, and you will see every balance, including your bonuses, on your Glo Yakata Data Plan.

SEND ‘INFO’ to 127

The USSD code requires quick responses from the user to prevent a portal timeout. If you would rather not risk restarting after every delayed response, you can try checking your Glo Yakta data plan bonuses via SMS.

Through a simple two-step move, you will have the details of every data balance, including bonuses, on your SIM. All you have to do is –

  • Open your Messaging App
  • Text ‘INFO’ to 127

This method is also advantageous because the texted reply is saved on your phone, allowing you to track your data usage over time.

Glo Self Care Portal

In case you want to check your balance while working on your laptop and do not want the distraction of using your phone, there is the Glo Self Care Portal to track your Yakata Data Plan.

Just make sure you are accessing the internet through your registered Glo Yakata SIM. Once that is the case, simply head to this link. Once the page loads, you will see your SIM dashboard, with submenus where you can perform different tasks.

At the top right corner, you will see a bar tracking your data usage. There is a bar for every data account on your SIM, viewable by clicking through the arrow button.

This method costs a lot more than the first two (they are free). However, it offers visual details that make it easier to calculate your leftover data.

How to Get FREE Data and Bonuses on Glo Yakata

Check Glo Yakata Data Plans
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One feature built into the Glo Yakata that makes it an attractive plan for thousands of customers is free bonus data. New Glo customers will enjoy 6GB every month for six months, totaling 36GB worth of data. It is free data that requires you to do nothing other than becoming an owner of a new active Glo SIM.

However, as impressive as it is, it is not the only road to free data on Glo Yakata. There are others, although they stretch the meaning of free a bit, and are more accurately called bonuses.

Getting Bonuses on Yakata SIMs

To get a data bonus on your Glo Yakata plan, the first thing you need to do is join the Glo Yakata Tariff plan. You can do so by doing either of two things:

  • Buy a Glo SIM (Every new prepaid customer is placed on the Yakata plan when they active their line)
  • Migrate from another Tariff Plan (applies to old Glo users)
    • Dial the short code *230#
    • Confirm your migration by dialing #100#

It is that simple. Once you are on the Glo Yakata plan, all you have to do is spend some money to enjoy plenty of benefits. As someone on the plan, you will receive multiple bonuses for every recharge, including data. Here is a table showing each benefit and the equivalent recharge amount.

Recharge Amount Data Bonus (MB) Social Data Bonus (MB) Data Bonus on the 1st Recharge of the Month (MB)
100 25 25
200 50 50 250
500 125 125 600
1000 250 250 1200
5000 1250 1250 6000


  • The data bonus is the standard bonus you will receive on each equivalent recharge
  • The first recharge of the month, for N200 and more, is 2.5 times the standard bonus. N100 is N50MB
  • There is a social data bonus (usable only on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter) equivalent to the standard bonus
  • All bonuses are valid for seven days from the recharge date. Unused data expire unless you recharge within seven days.
  • Data bonuses run only for the first six months of using Glo Yakata Plan

Frequently Asked Questions about Glo Yakata

This has been a detailed explanation of everything about data and data bonuses on Glo Yakata. But those are not the only information worth learning about the tariff plan. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions from those interested in the plan.

  • How do I migrate to Yakata on Glo?
    • As mentioned earlier, simply dial *230# as an old customer to migrate your SIM to Glo Yakata.
  • How do I get 6GB on Glo Yakata?
    • By buying a new Glo SIM. New prepaid Glo users are signed on automatically to Glo Yakata when they activate their line. Doing so gives you access to 6GB every month for six months for free. However, it does not apply to old Glo users who migrate to the plan.
  • What is the call rate for Glo Yakata?
    • Subscribers to Glo Yakata make Glo to Glo calls at 55k/sec on main and bonus accounts. Phone calls to other networks cost 70k/sec on main and bonus accounts.
  • What is the difference between Glo Yakata and Glo New Yakata?
    • Glo New Yakata has a flat call rate of 70k/sec to Glo and all networks. Glo Yakata has 70k/sec call rate to other networks and 55k/sec to Glo customers. Additionally, Glo New Yakata comes with social data benefits.
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