How to Check FCMB Account Number and Balance

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is one of the world’s leading banks in the financial service industry, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The bank also has branches and subsidiaries beyond the shores of Africa. FCMB offers several juicy banking services to its customers. With the bank, you are at an advantage to select any of their offers that best suits you. The bank also provides easy and simple to understand steps for customers to check their account number and balance. That is the essence of this article. We break down the importance of knowing your account number, and if you always find it difficult to memorize it, then this article may just be right for you. We will be discussing steps to help you check your FCMB account number and balance.

Different Ways You Can Check Your FCMB Account Number and Bank Balance

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) offers various banking account types for its customers; savings account, current account, etc. Based on your choice, you’re allowed to open an account in the bank with the respective requirements for each account type. For the different accounts, there’re easy ways to check your account number and bank balance, for quick accessibility. These include via:

  • USSD code
  • Mobile app
  • ATM machine using your card
  • Others

How to Check Your FCMB Account Number Using USSD Codes

Can I check my account number and bank balance via SMS? The answer is yes, by dialing FCMB USSD codes *329*00# on your mobile device and inputting the right responses, there will be a display of your account number on your screen. You need to register important details with the bank before you can dial this code, via SMS. Here are few steps to help you achieve it;

  • To access your FCMB account number, dial *329*00# on your mobile device. Make sure to use a mobile number that is already linked to your account number.
  • Next is to enter your USSD banking PIN or the last 4 digits of your Mastercard to complete the transaction.
  • After carrying out these steps, you’ll see a display of your account number on your screen.
  • An important thing to note before carrying out the above steps is that you need to activate your FCMB mobile banking, and to do so, click this link.

How to Check Your Bank Balance Using the USSD Code

If you choose to use the FCMB USSD code to check your bank balance, then you’ll be charged about N6, just like every other bank. These steps will put you through;

  • Dial *322*214*0# on your phone to check your account balance.
  • Next is to enter your PIN or the last 4 numbers on your debit card in the dialogue space provided. None of these numbers should be made known to a third party. It’s strictly your personal number and should be kept secret.
  • After carrying out the above steps, you’ll see a display of your account balance on your screen.

How to Check Your FCMB Account Number and Bank Balance Using their Mobile App

When you download the FCMB mobile application, there’s so much you can do with it. You can check your account number, balance, BVN, and do many other transactions for free on FCMB mobile app. Depending on your device type, you can download the FCMB android app on an android phone, or the FCMB IOS app on an Apple phone.

Once your profile is registered on the FCMB Mobile App, you’ll easily see your account number or bank balance with your login. Both details will be displayed at the top of the app or click the profile section of the app to see them.

FCMB Account Number and Balance

Check Your FCMB Account Number and Balance Using Your ATM Card

You can see your FCMB account number and bank balance on your statement of account either digitally (inbox) or when handed to you (mail statement). Generally, banks print account numbers and balance on an individual’s bank statement.

To make it faster, you can find a recent bank statement and look for a 10–12 digits number, labeled ‘Account Number’ it is usually located on either the right- or left-hand side of the document. You can also walk up to an ATM using your debit card to print out your current bank statement details, where you can check for the account number. You can also visit the nearest FCMB branch close to you and request your statement. This will also show your account number and your current bank balance.

Other Methods You can use to Check Your Account Number and Bank Balance 

There’re other methods you can check your account number and bank balance aside from the above-mentioned. Here are a few ways:

  • If you have a checkbook, then you’ll see your account number written at the bottom of the book.
  • You can also check your FCMB account number and bank balance through internet banking. Just login into your account and you’ll see your number displayed on the dashboard.
  • You can contact an online FCMB customer care agent/representative and ask for your account number. This must be done after you’ve been authenticated by the representative. You can reach them via any of these means: Telephone: 01-2798800, 07003290000, Email: [email protected], Whatsapp: (+234) 09099999814 or (+234) 09099999815, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
  • If you can’t get through with most of the above methods. You need not worry. One more thing you can do is to walk into any FCMB banking hall and speak with a representative at the branch. They’ll ask for a few questions and you’ll be duly attended to.

Importance of Knowing Your FCMB Bank Account Number

Your FCMB account number is your identity in the bank, which is uniquely yours. If you don’t want your money to be diverted into another account, then you need to know your account number. Your account number is an easy way to best seal a business transaction either a debit or a credit. You can also pay bills and purchase airtime using your account number, and so on.

Knowing the exact number and name is very key. Missing a figure or more could imply your money entering into the wrong account. So, to best help you, you can write it down in an accessible place like your diary, save it on your phone or painstakingly memorize it. Your account number should also be kept safe just like every detail in your debit or credit card.

There is no better time to own and operate an FCMB account than now. In time past, it used to be a burdensome task managing a bank account you only have access to in a particular bank location. But with mobile devices and internet banking, which has helped improve technology, you need not worry. Everything you need can even be accessed from the comfort of your home. The bankers are also well equipped and vast to serve you better, unlike in time past. Therefore, it’s best you harness every available option to make life easier for you.

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