How to Check Sterling Bank Account Balance or Use Your USSD Transfer Code

The most exciting part of the technological advancement in the banking sector today is that transactions can be done at the convenience of customers. The Sterling Bank USSD transfer code is part of this technological advancement. It has solved the major problem of banking as it can be used to carry out many bank transactions without visiting a banking hall. Other than the Sterling bank USSD code, there are other means of checking account balances such as ATMs and mobile apps.

How To Check Sterling Bank Account Balance

Your Sterling Bank account balance can be checked without the stress of using the bank. Account balances can be checked via internet banking, USSD code, and the mobile banking app. Below are the steps that will help you out in checking your account balance:

1. Checking Your Account Balance Online

First, you have to register with the sterling bank internet online banking.

  • Login to the website by clicking the link
  • As a new user click on the sign-up
  • Fill in your Account Number and Phone Number.
  • A confirmatory SMS will be sent to your phone.
  • Your balance will be displayed on the dashboard.

2. Checking Your Account Balance Using Sterling Bank USSD Code

The following steps can be used in checking your Sterling Bank account balance using the Sterling Bank USSD code:

  • Dial *822*
  • Enter your USSD pin.
  • Click on account balance and it will be displayed on your phone screen.

3. Checking Your Account Balance Using The Mobile Banking App

The mobile banking app can be used on Android phones or Apple phones. All that is needed is a sim card and an internet connection. To do this, follow the steps:

  • If the Sterling Bank mobile app has not been downloaded to your phone, simply visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the “Sterling Bank mobile application.”
  • Login into the app and register with the exact information you used in the account opening.
  • Login after that and you will see your account details displayed on the screen.
  • In a situation where it is not displayed, click on the check account balance option and you are good to go.

Sterling Bank USSD Transfer Code

Sterling Bank USSD Code is a self-service means of helping customers solve their urgent needs by making use of a simple code *822#. The Sterling Bank transfer code can be used to carry out many bank transactions like airtime recharge, money transfer, payment of bills, and checking account balance. It doesn’t require data or even charges except in some major cases, and it is totally customer-friendly. To use this code, you have to have an active account with Sterling Bank and register for the service using a linked account number. There are two steps that can be used in activating the Sterling Bank USSD code.

  • Dial *822# using the phone number that is linked to your account within the Sterling Bank.
  • Click 1 which is the accept option.
  • Click 1 which is the registration option.
  • Input the 10 digit bank account number in the space provided
  • Put the debit card information that will be asked for in the next screen
  • Input a new 4-digit personal identification number
  • Input the same PIN for activation


  • Use a phone number linked to your Sterling Bank account, dial *822#
  • Click on registration
  • Enter your 10-digit account number and follow the prompt to activate your PIN.

To activate the Sterling Bank USSD code, you must have your phone handy, a linked phone number to your Sterling Bank account, your account number, and your debit card. Be properly guided that your personal identification number is your secret number, and is not to be disclosed to any other person. Hence, it is advised to use 4 digit numbers that you can easily remember.

All The Uses Of The *822# Code

The Sterling Bank USSD code can be used to carry out various transactions outside the banking hall. The Sterling Bank USSD code can be used for the following:

1. Purchase Airtime Using The Sterling Bank USSD Code

This is another relief against running out of airtime in an area where it is difficult to get a recharge card. To use the Sterling Bank USSD code in funding your mobile phone, simply dial *822*Amount*PhoneNumber# then you are on top of your communications.

  • You can only recharge up to N20,000 daily.
  • It can be recharged anytime anywhere
  • You have less than 20 seconds to achieve your request
  • Your Phone can also be recharged through any Personal Account in Sterling Bank
  • The exact Amount You Recharged will be Debited

2. Transfer Funds

This can be used to transfer money from your bank account to recipients of a Sterling bank account as well as other banks. To do this, dial *822*Amount*AccountNumber#.

  • Transfer transaction limit is N20,000, but you have a limit per day of N100,000.
  • To upgrade your transfer transaction limit up to N100,000, you only need to create a new PIN for it.
  • You need to have good network coverage.
  • It can only work with mobile numbers used in opening the Account.

3. Payment Of Bills and Cardless Withdrawals

The Sterling Bank USSD can be used in paying DStv, Startimes, and GoTv bills. To accomplish this, dial *822*2# to view different billers then follow the instructions, or dial *822*BillerCode*UniqueCode*Amount#.

Steps To Carry Out Cardless Withdrawals 

With Sterling Bank cardless withdrawal, a customer cannot be stranded. All that is needed is a linked phone number to your account.

  • Dial *822*42# to generate an OTP code.
  • Input your transaction pin for authentication.
  • A code will be sent to your phone.
  • At the automatic teller machine, enter the code that you received, the amount needed, and the one-time pin generated (OTP).

The following should be taken note of:

  • There is a withdrawal transaction limit of N20,000.
  • You can only use the mobile number you used to open your account.
  • Immediately after your withdrawal, you receive a deduction from your bank account and a debit alert in your registered mobile number.

4. Check Your Account Number Using The Sterling Bank USSD Code

Sterling Bank USSD code eases the stress of rushing down to the banking hall for you to retrieve your account number.

  • Dial *822*8# – this will give you the Account Number you opened with the number.
  • Enter the four-digit pin on your debit card or USSD pin for authentication.
  • On completion, your 10-digit account number will be displayed.

5. Change Your PIN

Are you suspecting a compromise or unauthorized access to your account? The Sterling Bank USSD code can help you resecure back your account.

  • Dial *822#.
  • Press 1 to select Pin reset.
  • In a case where you have forgotten your pin, visit any Sterling Bank.

6. Create A Sterling Bank Account Using Sterling Bank USSD Code

Account opening is also made very easy and flexible using the USSD Code. Dial *822*7#, and follow the prompt to get your account number instantly. There is a charge of N6.98 to your mobile number and ensure to use the mobile number you intend to open the account. The features of this account are as follows:

  • A maximum single deposit of N20,000.
  • A limited maximum transaction of N3,000, with a daily limit of N30,000.
  • A maximum cumulative balance of N200,000 at any time.

7. Make Payments To Profiled Merchants Using *822#

The Sterling Bank USSD code helps you to avoid moving cash. As long as you have the merchant code with you.

  • Dial *822*28*Amount*MerchantCode#. This is for Sterling’s profiled Merchants.
  • Dial *822*000*RefNo#. This goes for Registered Merchants Under Coral Pay
  • Dial *822*22*Sellercode*Amount#. Applicable to Mcash Merchants.

It is noteworthy that the following are considered before making payments to profile merchants using *822#.

  • Always get your merchant’s codes to make payments.
  • There is a charge inclusive.
  • It requires good network coverage at your location.

8. Pay For Your LCC Toll 

  • Dial *822*15# and go through the instructions provided.
  • The USSD Code can also help you check your LCC Toll balance.

9. Link Your BVN To Sterling Bank Account

The Biometric Identification System is a mandatory system by the CBN to reduce fraud in the banking sector. To link your BVN with your Sterling Bank Account, you have two good options to get it done.

  • Dial *822*3*BVN# with the mobile number you used in registering your account.
  • You can send your BVN and account details to this email [email protected]

A Summary of The Job of *822#

To Recharge Your Phone *822*Amount#
To Recharge for Another Mobile Number *822*Amount*MobileNumber#
To Transfer Funds *822*Amount*AccountNumber#
To Pay Bills *822*BillerCode*UniqueCode*Amount#
To See Different Billers *822*2#
To Manage Your Debit Card *822*19#
To Reset PIN *822*, click on Reset PIN
To Check Account Balance *822*6#
To Check Account Number *822*8#
To Open Account *822*7#, then follow instructions provided
To Make Payments To Merchants *822*28*Amount*MerchantCode#
To Pay Your LCC TOLL *822*15#



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