How to Check Takoradi Technical University (TTU) Results and Admission List Online

Checking your admission status and examination results are some of the most nerve-wracking things any individual can go through. For Takoradi Technical University (TTU) students and aspiring learners, the process of checking either your admission status or examination result is an online one. Students can learn of their respective status by easily going online and allaying their fears.

And while the online procedure is comparatively more straightforward than offline methods, there are still a few steps and details to learn and understand before getting the desired results. We have detailed everything you need to know to check your TTU results or admission status.

How to Check Your Takoradi Technical University Admission Status Online

The thousands of students who applied to the Takoradi Technical University have to write entrance examinations and get up to the cutoff marks. After the admission list is released online, they have to find a way to view it and confirm their admission status.

TTU Result and Admission
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For some, it will end in a time for celebration and joy, while others will suffer from despair and sadness after checking their status. For all, the period before knowing your result will surely be a tense moment. To find out how to check your TTU admission status online, read the following steps:

  • Visit the Takoradi Technical University admission status checker portal via this website.
  • Proceed to select the preferred program you applied for amongst the options listed on the page.
  • Alternatively, you can enter your surname into the search column and click search. It will give you access to your TTU admission status.
  • If you have gained admission, congratulations. Now proceed to print your Takoradi Technical University admission letter online immediately.

Checking your admission status is relatively straightforward and brief. With excellent internet service, you should be aware of your admission status and be out of misery within minutes. The TTU also informs applicants of their entrance examination results and admission status by sending them a message. The institution typically does this after the admission list has been online for a while, and many applicants might have viewed their status already.

All applicants will get messages sent to the numbers they applied with, informing them of their admission status. If you are one of those too scared to check for their admission status online, you may wait for the messages to come in from Takoradi Technical University.

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Numbers to Call if You Have Complaints or Issues

It is worth admitting that the TTU portal is not a perfect, infallible system for all the ease that comes with checking admission status. An issue might arise with your admission, such as the fact you weren’t offered the course you applied for, or you didn’t get admission despite meeting the requirements.

Whatever the issue might be,  Takoradi Technical University also has a way for you to resolve any issue you might face. Unfortunately, it is not online, and you will have to make physical moves. While you might ultimately have to meet with a school official, there are a few dedicated phone numbers you can call to get the ball rolling.

Contact the university’s admission office by dialing the following hotlines:

  • +233 27 312 244
  • +233 208 181 316
  • +233 243 065 314
  • +233 243 039 730
  • +233 244 263 773
  • +233 505 284 060
  • +233 243 348 522

How to Check Takoradi Technical University (TTU) Results Online

TTU Result and Admission
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So, you got admitted, and now you are in the thick of it as a student of the university. Individuals who are already students of TTU and have written semester exams also face nervous waiting periods when it comes to checking their semester examination results.

Like prospective students, admitted students can also check their examination results online via the TTU result checker, also known as the Takoradi Technical University’s portal. The portal usually serves many purposes. They include generating invoices, tuition fee payments, viewing transcripts, printing receipts, and other portal functions. It also allows students to check examination results.

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Before you can check your TTU results, you must possess the following:

  • Your matric number
  • Your password which acts as the access code
  • A complete biodata registration is also required. Without a complete biodata registration, you will not be able to check your results.

Once you have fulfilled all of the above, proceed to follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Takoradi Technical University portal
  • Enter your matriculation number and access code to log in
  • Click on the result checker
  • Click on ‘check results’
  • Print the result if you desire to do so
  • Proceed to log out
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Students should note that the results are uploaded online as they are released. Not every student will be able to access their result at the same time. This is because they upload results of each department, one after the other, and some departments are faster than others. Therefore, if you check online and cannot find your results, give it a little time and check again.

Students who do not wish to check their results online can also do so in person by visiting their departmental offices. The results are usually put on notice boards for each department. If you took courses from different departments in one semester, you will have to visit each department to check for your results physically.

This may be more time consuming as you have to move from department to department to collate your results. In comparison, all your results are recorded and tabulated online in the portal.

TTU Hotlines to Call for Result-related Issues

Just like admission seekers, students who have issues with their results displayed online on the TTU portal have ways and means to resolve any complaints. A typical example is when your online result does not match the pasted results. There are one-on-one and over-the-phone options in the resolution process to fix something like this and other issues.

To get started, call the results hotlines below:

  • +233 505 284 060
  • +233 243 348 522
  • +233 244 453 005
  • +233 249 685 254

If your issue is not fixable over the phone, the result officer will direct you on the appropriate next step. Otherwise, it would be best if you got in touch with the head of the department for the course in question.

In a case where your issues are not getting the proper attention from either the head of the department or the result officer, you can reach out to TTU’s Quality Assurance Office. The office, tasked with ensuring that the university’s educational programs and services are up to standard, has an obligation to take up your complaints.

You can reach out to them via the following contact details:

  • Mail: PO Box 256, Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana
  • Telephone: +233 312 2917
  • Fax: +233 273 125 26
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