How To Check Your 9mobile Number and A Guide To All the Active USSD Codes

With the average Nigerian using so many phone lines, it can be difficult to remember one’s number on cue. If you don’t have your SIM pack close by, this can become an even bigger challenge. Therefore, telecom networks like 9mobile have devised several means for customers to check their phone numbers anytime. All options, including USSD codes and calling customer care, will be discussed in this article, as well as every active shortcode to perform various activities on the network.

Three Distinct Ways to Check your 9mobile Number

Between the reliability of human memory and ease of application, customers will have preferred methods to check their 9mobile phone number. Before choosing though, they must know all of them. The methods to retrieve your number are USSD, Customer Care, and calling a friend.

Here is a step-by-step guide to every one of them and their inherent advantages.


Since the introduction of USSD codes, transactions and inquiries have been much easier for telecom users. By dialing a combination of numbers and signs, you can access information about your data or airtime account, as well as check your phone number.

To do this on 9mobile, simply dial *248#.

In less than a couple of seconds, your phone number will be displayed on your phone. The code is quite simple and easy to memorize. However, you can either bookmark this page or save the number in your contact list just in case you forget.

Call Customer Care

Not everyone fully trusts automated responses. Also, on certain occasions, you need a lot more information than just your phone number. In scenarios like this, the result of a dedicated shortcode will not be enough and the answer untrusted. A simple fix to either of these issues is to call an agent.

To use the customer care platform to check your 9mobile number and make other inquiries – dial 200 and do the following.

  • ask the attending agent to dictate your phone number to you.
  • write down your 11-digit number or save it on your contact list (you can also ask them to text you the number)
  • ask any other additional information.

While this process will take significantly more time than the USSD code, it is equally free. As long as you call via a 9mobile number, you will not be charged for the call.

However, if you are placing the call from another network for any reason, it will cost you the regular call rate of the network. The number to dial in this scenario is 08090000200.

Call a Family Member or Friend

This is another method worth exploring if you are checking your 9mobile number. Unlike the first two methods, it is not free (you get charged standard call rates).

Using this method is no different from using the customer care method. All you have to do is:

  • identify a friend or family member on your contact list.
  • dial their number.
  • ask them to text or dictate the phone number that appears on their screen to you.
  • save your number in your contact list.

Another thing worth noting is that this method will require you to have airtime on your phone. If you would like to reduce your expenses, you can flash them then have them call out the number or send it via regular messaging or online messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

That is it! You now know all three methods and never have to worry about forgetting your 9mobile number again.

Every Active USSD Code on 9mobile and Their Uses

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We have discussed how you can use a USSD code to check your 9mobile number earlier. But you can do a lot more with these shortcodes, from subscribing to various data plans, transferring/sharing data, and other SIM services. Here is an exhaustive list of every USSD code in various categories and their uses.

Data Plans and Data Related Activities

Data subscription is one of the commonest transactions most users perform on their phones. So, it comes as no surprise that there are many USSD codes for subscribers to subscribe to various data plans.

Night and Weekend Plans:

  • *229*3*11# for 1GB
  • *229*3*12# for 3GB
  • *229*3*13# for 7GB

Daily and Weekly Plans:

  • *229*3*8# for 25MB
  • *229*3*1# for 100MB
  • *229*2*10# for 250MB
  • *229*3*2# for 650MB
  • *229*3*2# for 1GB (24 hours)
  • *229*2*1# for 1GB (7 Days)
  • *229*3*4# for 2GB
  • *229*2*2# for 7GB

Monthly Plans:

  • *229*2*12# for 500MB
  • *229*2*7# for 1.5GB
  • *229*2*25# for 2GB or text AND11 to 229
  • *229*2*3# for 3GB
  • *229*2*8# for 4.5GB or text AND2 to 229
  • *229*2*36# for 11GB
  • *229*2*37# for 15GB
  • *229*4*1# for 40GB
  • *229*2*4# for 75GB

Quarterly, Bi-Annual, and Annual Plans:

  • *229*5*1# for 75GB
  • *229*5*2# for 165GB
  • *229*5*3# for 365GB

To Check Data Balance:

  • *228#
  • *399*2# (Blackberry users)

To Stop Auto-Renewal or Deactivate Any Plan:

  • *229*0#

To Share Data With Family and Friends:

  • *229*PIN*data size*9mobile number# (transfer to family and friends)
  • *215*PIN*1*New Number*New PUK# (for Multi-Device plan)
  • *229*9*PIN*data quota*recipient’s number*3# (Family Share)

To Gift Data:

  • *standard data plan code*recipient’s number#, e.g., *229*2*7*recipient’s number# for 1.5GB

Change Transfer PIN:

  • Dial *247*default PIN*New PIN# or *247*old PIN*New PIN#

To Borrow Data:

  • *665#

Airtime or Airtime-related Codes

Beyond data subscriptions and balance checks, you can also track your airtime usage with 9mobile USSD codes. These short codes also apply to all the banks in Nigeria which allow mobile phone users recharge their lines directly from their bank account.

To Check Airtime:

  • *232#

To Buy Airtime Directly From Your Bank Account:

  • Access Bank *901#
  • Eco Bank *326#
  • FCMB *329
  • First bank *894#
  • Gtbank *737#
  • Fidelity Bank *770#
  • Sterling Bank *822#
  • UBA *919#
  • Union Bank *826#
  • Zenith BANK *966#
  • Polaris BANK *833#
  • Wema Bank *945#
  • Keystone Bank *7111#
  • Unity Bank *7799#
  • Jaiz Bank *389*301#

To Share Airtime:

  • *223*PIN*amount*9mobile number#

Call Me Back:


To Borrow Airtime:

  • *665#

Check BVN, Verify NIN and Check Status

With NIN and BVN rising in usage and importance for Nigerians, you can also use 9mobile USSD codes to check if you are in full compliance.

To Verify and Link your NIN:

  • *200*8#

To Check your NIN status:

  • *346#

Check your BVN:

  • *565*0#

Tariff Migration

9mobile USSD codes
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9mobile, like its competitors, offers multiple prepaid tariff plans for customers to subscribe to and enjoy airtime and data benefits. Depending on your needs and where you are, one tariff plan might suit you more than the other. Here are the USSD codes to migrate between the available plans.

  • *320# to opt-in to MoreFlex Plus
  • *340*amount# for MoreFlex
  • *620*1# for MoreLife Complete
  • *244*2# for Moretalk
  • *244*8# for Talkzone
  • *244*1# for Morecliq
  • *246# for Morebusiness
    • *246*4*24# for Morebusiness1000
    • *246*4*21# for Morebusiness2000
    • *246*4*26# for Morebusiness2000 (V)
    • *246*4*22# for Morebusiness5000
    • *246*4*23# for Morebusiness10000
  • *246# for Morebusiness ComboPak
    • *246*4*33# for ComboBasic
    • *246*4*30# for ComboValue
    • *246*4*31# for ComboPremier
    • *246*4*32# for ComboBlack

To opt-out from a tariff:

  • *344*0#

To check active tariff:

  • *200*1*6#

Loans and Other Bank Related Transactions

Asides from its telecom functions, 9mobile’s partnerships with other institutions also allows customers to access financial services on the network via USSD code. With it, you can create a GT Bank account and borrow money from Kwik Money.

To borrow from Kwik Money:

  • Dial *561#

To Open a GTBank Savings account:

  • *737*0#

All the relevant USSD codes you need to enjoy adequate service as a 9mobile customer are available at your fingertips. We know it is a lot and you don’t have to memorize all of them. Simply bookmark this page and come back to it when necessary or save the codes you need on your contact list.

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