How to Check Your KASNEB Results Online

Checking your performance in the Kenya Accountancy and Secretaries National and Examination Board (KASNEB) examinations has been made very easy for candidates who sat for the exams. To access your KASNEB results, there is the option of going to the student portal where you will either leverage the app or the site. The SMS method is also effective and would cost only a token of ten Kenyan shillings. Candidates receive their results through the email address provided while completing their registration forms and we must not forget the oldest form of mailing which is the post. Though slow, the postal address has been working for many years and still remains an effective way of getting mail across to people.

How do I Check My KASNEB Result?

There are quite a good number of ways to check your KASNEB results. The authorities at Kenya Accountancy and Secretaries National and Examination Board (KASNEB) have approved four workable ways through which candidates who sat for the exams can access their results. They include;

• Through the student portal.
• SMS.
• Email address
• Post office

Check Your KASNEB Results Online via the Student Portal

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Those who are interested in checking their KASNEB Results online should go through their student portal using the KASNEB app which can be downloaded at Google play. A second way of doing it online is to go through the site –

To access their KASNEB Results, candidates need to create an account before proceeding; it is recommended for those who have not previously registered to do so immediately as that is the only way to use the service. The format below will suffice for those who want to create an account.

• With your KASNEB registration number, you can create an account on either the website or the app.
• Next, you are required to fill in your personal info such as student registration number (note, registration numbers are entered without the prefix, for instance, a candidate with Reg no. NAC/76849, should just enter 76849), date of birth, examination, ID number, phone number, as well as the Country.
• Following this, users need to add their working email address in addition to creating a password that should be very strong (the password will grant them future access to any self info)

• Click on save and you have succeeded in signing up for the portal.
• Go to your email inbox and check for the link that will be sent to you and on receiving this, you are ready to activate your account by clicking the link.
• Now, go ahead and log in.
• Once you have logged in, click on Resources and select Examination results, accessing your KASNEB results is as simple as that.
• You have a couple of choices between printing the results and sending them down to your email. Those who want theirs printed should go ahead and hit on the Print button while candidates that want to have the soft copy can send it to their email address

The student portal account may be the fastest and easiest way of getting access to your results, but the other three methods should not be overlooked as they are equally viable.

Email is one of the most Effective ways of Checking Your KASNEB Result

Candidates who registered for KASNEB exams are required to fill in their email address on the registration form. Upon the release of results, the KASNEB system kicks-in, sending out individual results to the corresponding email addresses. There have been cases where emails from KASNEB would go directly to people’s spam folders. Thus, candidates who fail to see their results are advised to check their spam folder. If yours happens to be in the spam folder, retrieve and proceed to print it out

Accessing Your KASNEB Result Through SMS

The method of getting KASNEB results through SMS is not open to everybody; this service can only be enjoyed by candidates who are Safaricom and Airtel subscribers. To get started, a KASNEB result inquiry SMS should be sent to 20558. The format to use is KASNEB/registration number. For instance, you can send ATD/20875 which in simple terms implies the type of exam you took as well as your registration number. Candidates who prefer to use the SMS method will only be charged a premium rate of 10 Kenyan shillings for every SMS.

Going Through Postal Address to get Your Result

The postal agency is the oldest method of mailing which remains viable to date despite numerous technological advancements. While registering for the examinations, candidates are expected to provide their postal addresses which are viable means of getting the results across to them at the end of the day. In this case, the authorities send result notifications to people by post and in the case of any change of address, before the results are out, they are encouraged to promptly notify KASNEB. This should be done in writing to avoid instances where results are sent to the wrong address.

Going by postal address can be effective, however, it has one annoying downside; the hardcopy of your result can take up to one month before getting to your mailbox. While you wait, people who used other means like student portal and SMS would have had their results for some weeks ahead. Because of this delay in the postal system, it is advisable for candidates to try faster ways of checking their KASNEB results. While it will save you a lot of time, you will be liberated from the agony of waiting for your results in suspense.

Now, you have the four viable means of checking your results after sitting for KASNEB. It is now left for you to chose the best way of accessing your results with ease. Waste no more time, find out your score in the KASNEB by leveraging any of the methods discussed above.

How do I Download My KASNEB Results?

Downloading your KASNEB result is an option available to candidates who prefer to check on the student portal via the app or the site. After you have checked your results on the portal, downloading it is very easy, just hit on the download icon and your result is ready for printing. You can equally send it down to your email address if you wish.

Can You Get KASNEB Results via Text Message?

From our discussion above, it is obvious that SMS is one of the approved ways of getting access to your KASNEB results and it does not cost much. With a token of Sh. 10, you will get your scores in the examination and unlike the postal method, the response does not take long in coming. You only need to send an inquiry SMS to get the ball rolling.

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