How to Check Your Vodafone Ghana Number, Bundle Codes and Internet Settings

With a subscriber base of over 9.3 million, Vodafone Ghana is one of the leading telecom companies in Ghana. And if you just became one of its many daily new users, there is still a lot you have to learn about using it. Most notably, you can familiarise yourself with facts on how to check your Vodafone Ghana number if the pack gets lost and acquire bundle codes or internet settings.

These are basic details you need to settle into your new life as a Vodafone Ghana user, and you can learn them in a few easy steps. But in case you are still mulling over picking up a Vodafone Ghana sim, let’s help with a quick look at how to get one.

How To Get A Vodafone Ghana Sim

There are multiple reasons individuals might want to get a new sim. Unlike what most people believe, it is not so straightforward for everyone. So, how do you go about acquiring your own Vodafone sim card? Whether you are new to the process or looking to refresh your memory, follow the steps below to get a new Vodafone sim:

  • Visit any Vodafone outlet nearest to your location
  • Pay for a new Vodafone sim
  • Go with a valid ID format as you need to register the new sim
  • Present your ID and answer some personal questions
  • Your new sim is officially registered and now belongs exclusively to you!

Once this is done, you can begin a brand new experience with your new partner.

Different Ways You Can Check Your Vodafone Ghana Number

A frustrating thing just occurred. The sim pack of the new Vodafone Ghana sim you just purchased has gone missing, and you were yet to memorize the number assigned to you. Imagine getting asked your phone number, and you are unable to come up with an answer.

Slightly embarrassing right? You hope there is a way to rectify this issue and thankfully, there are a variety of procedures to try. This article will tell you how to check your Vodafone Ghana number very quickly and efficiently via USSD, phone call and SMS. The steps are easy to follow, and the result is rewarding.

Via USSD Shortcodes

Vodafone Ghana recognized the possibility of this issue occurring and therefore, rolled out USSD codes that tell you your number within seconds. Simply:

  • Launch your call/phone app
  • Dial *127# or *#100# and press enter
  • Wait a few seconds, and your Vodafone Ghana phone number will appear on your screen
  • Proceed to record that number somewhere safe in case of an emergency

Via Phone Call

Alternatively, you can check for your Vodafone Ghana number by simply making a call with that Vodafone sim to a close friend or family member. When they receive the call, you can then check for your number on their phone or ask them to dictate. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch your dial pad.
  • Enter the number of your friend or family member.
  • Dial the number with your Vodafone Ghana sim.
  • When the call appears on their phone, proceed to check for your number or ask them to dictate it to you.
  • Proceed to record the phone number somewhere personal and safe.


Another method is to send a text message to a person of your choice and then check for your Vodafone Ghana number when the message is delivered. The steps, in this case, require you to:

  • Open your messaging app
  • Choose your recipient of choice. Let it preferably be someone you can see or contact at that moment.
  • Enter any text you want.
  • Send the text from your Vodafone Ghana sim.
  • When the message is delivered to the recipient, proceed to check for your number.
  • Save your number.

Various Vodafone Ghana Data Bundles and How To Subscribe To Them

Okay, you have checked your Vodafone Ghana number and it is time to get on the internet and put the browsing capacity of your new Vodafone Ghana sim to the test. After all, this was one of the main attractions behind your decision to get the sim.

There is a slight problem, though. You don’t know how to check for the data bundles under Vodafone Ghana and how to subscribe to them. Thankfully, the information is readily available, and you should be well informed soon enough.

Daily Bundles

If you are a fan of data packages that last for just 24 hours and are relatively cheap, this is the bundle for you. There are 5 data plans under this bundle, and they are:

20mb for 1 day *700#-1-1-1 50p
80mb for 1 day *700#-1-1-2 GH 1.50
200mb for 1 day *700#-1-1-3 GH 3
450mb for 1 day *700#-1-1-4 GH 5
1gb for 1 day *700#-1-1-5 GH 10

Weekly Bundles

100mb for 7 days *700#-1-2-1 GH 2
600mb for 7 days *700#-1-2-2 GH 6
1gb for 7 days *700#-1-2-3 GH 12
2gb for 7 days *700#-1-2-4 GH 20
3.5gb for 7 days *700#-1-2-5 GH 30

Monthly Bundles

450 MB for 30 days *700#-1-3-1 GH 10
1.2gb for 30 days *700#-1-3-2 GH 20
2.6gb for 30 days *700#-1-3-3 GH 40
4.3gb for 30 days *700#-1-3-4 GH 60
7.5gb for 30 days *700#-1-3-5 GH 100
10gb for 30 days *700#-1-3-6 GH 150
20gb for 30 days *700#-1-3-7 GH 250

Lifestyle Bundles

80mb + 70mb for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia for one day *700#-1-6-1 GH 2
400mb + 300mb for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia for 7 days *700#-1-6-2 GH 8
1.5gb + 700mb for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia for 30 days *700#-1-6-3 GH 20

How to Activate Internet Settings on Your Vodafone Ghana Sim Via Android Or iOS Phone

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It is imperative that after you choose a data bundle and subscribe to it, your phone is actually able to surf the internet. However, sometimes a phone might have an active data plan but still lack the ability to browse the internet. This is often where the internet settings come in. When you get your new Vodafone Ghana sim, it is essential to activate its browsing capacity, and that involves getting new internet settings.

Internet settings differ, depending on the operating system on your phone. The internet settings for Android would be different from those for iOS. Having Android internet settings on your iOS and vice versa means your phone won’t function properly. Here is how to get internet settings on either an Android or an iOS.

Vodafone Ghana Internet Settings For Android

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your android phone.
  • Select the ‘more’ option and choose ‘mobile network’.
  • Under ‘mobile networks’, select APN (Access Point Names).
  • Select the menu button then click on new APN.
  • Set the name field to Vodafone GH and the APN set to ‘internet’.
  • Save the new changes and select the Vodafone Internet profile.
  • Your phone’s internet setting is ready, and you should be able to surf the net.

Vodafone Ghana Internet Settings For iOS

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your iOS phone.
  • Select the ‘general’ option.
  • Under that, select network.
  • Select mobile data network.
  • Enter the Access Point Name (APN) as browse or internet.
  • Save the changes.
  • Your iOS device is now ready to browse.
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