How to Complete TSC Kenya Wealth Declaration Using the Online Service Portal

The TSC Kenya wealth declaration is a mandatory procedure that all teachers in Kenya must undertake in order to continue forging ahead in their career in the teaching service. In order words, without completing the TSC Kenya wealth declaration, no one can successfully carve out a high-sounding reputation as a teacher in the East African country where education is held in high esteem.

For the record, TSC stands for ‘Teachers Service Commission’ which happens to be an independent commission that was established under the Constitution of Kenya in order to handle human resources in the country’s education sector. It is this commission that introduced the wealth declaration process. The steps to take in completing the TSC Kenya declaration are not difficult. Teachers can go online and complete the procedure on a service portal that has been created especially for that purpose.

Steps For Completing The TSC Kenya Wealth Declaration Online

We will now take you on a step-by-step journey to show you how you can successfully complete the TSC Kenya wealth declaration without any stress.

1. Visit The TSC Website

Apparently, for you to do anything directly with TSC, you have to pay a visit to the TSC website. So, the first step to take if you want to complete your TSC wealthy declaration is to click here to visit the TSC website.

When the site opens up, you will see a variety of options to select from the menu, including ‘About Us’, ‘Services’, ‘Media Centre’, and so on.

TSC Kenya Wealth Declaration

2. Select ‘Teachers Online’ From ‘Online Services’

After visiting the TSC website, the next step is to select the ‘Teachers Online’ option. To do this, place your cursor on the Online Services from the menu, and a list of other options will drop down in a sub-menu for you pick from including Teachers Online, Online Payslip, and so on.

TSC Kenya wealth declaration

Click on the Teachers Online option from the drop-down and this will take you to another page where registration takes place.

3. The Registration Page

When the registration page opens up, you will see another set of options to pick from, including ‘New Teacher Registration:- Citizen’, ‘Teacher Registration:- Non-Citizen’, ‘Registration Status’, ‘Declaration Of Income, Assets & Liabilities’, and so on.

TSC Kenya wealth declaration

When this page displays, simply click on the ‘Declaration Of Income, Assets & Liabilities’ option and watch another page open up.

4. Input Your TSC Number

When you click on the ‘Declaration Of Income, Assets & Liabilities’ option, the page below will open up where you will be able to input your TSC number.

TSC Kenya wealth declaration

On the left side of the page, there is a space for you to input your TSC number. Simply enter your TSC number and then click ‘next’ which is highlighted in green.

5. Sign Up

After inputting your TSC number and clicking next, you will be taken to a page where you can sign up by entering your contact details, including your mobile number and e-mail address. Ensure that these details are very correct.

6. Log Into Your TSC Account

After signing up and setting up your password, all you have to do is log into your TSC account with your TSC number and the password you’ve just gotten.

After logging in with your TSC number and password, one important information you need to read will be displayed for you. All you need to do here is read the instruction carefully and then proceed to click ‘Next’.

7. Give Some More Personal Details

After reading the information above and clicking ‘Next’, the next thing to do is give some more personal details by filling the fields provided. These fields include your date of birth, marital status, and permanent address.

8. Declare Your Assets

Finally, the page where you will be able to declare your assets will be displayed for you to see. You will be asked to input your assets, income, and liabilities and then save before moving on to the next page.

9. Reveal Your Dependents And Spouses

After declaring your assets, you will be taken to the next page where you will be asked to reveal who your dependants and spouses are if you have any. Simply give the details of the dependants and spouses if you have people like that.

10. Do You Have Any Other Information?

After stating who your spouses and dependants are, the next step will be to provide any other information you want to give. The space will be provided for you to make any other statement or revelation that you may want to make.

If you don’t have any other information to provide, just click on ‘Next’ to proceed to the next page.

11. Give Details Of Your Witness

The next step is to reveal who your witness is and then provide their details as shown on the page.

Click on ‘save’ when you are done giving information about who your witness is.

12. Review And Submit

After giving all the information above, including your wealth and asset declaration, you can then review all you have done by clicking on ‘View Summary’. If you notice that there is something you want to change, you can go back by using the ‘Previous’ button and then make your corrections.

When you finally finish your review and are completely satisfied with the information you have given, you can then click on ‘submit’ and your information will be sent. Additionally, a copy of all you have done will be sent to your email address for reference purposes.

And, that’s it. You’ve completed your TSC Kenya wealth declaration.

Why The TSC Kenya Wealth Declaration Is So Important

Like we have mentioned already, the TSC Kenya wealth declaration is a serious business for teachers in the East African nation. This is because without taking part in it, no one can successfully embark on a career as a teacher in the country. As a matter of fact, in Kenya, it is a crime for anyone to kickstart a career in the teaching service without first getting registered as a teacher. Part of the process for registering as a teacher involves completing the TSC wealth declaration. This is a mandatory requirement for all teachers.

The TSC Kenya wealth declaration was introduced by the Teachers Service Commission to make sure that every teacher in Kenya declares their wealth and provide every information about their assets. This will ensure adequate accountability and true transparency in the system meant to safeguard the integrity of the teaching profession in Kenya.

With the TSC Kenya wealth declaration in place, every teacher will be on their toes and remain true to their primary calling of instilling excellence in young scholars.

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