How to Contact KCB Customer Care – Numbers, Email Address and More

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is a commercial bank in Kenya and a notable member of the KCB Group of companies. They serve their large clientele base with a wide range of financial services, including savings, loans, credit cards, debit cards, and various investments plans.

As of now, KCB has more than 250 branches throughout Kenya, making it the largest banking network in the country. It also has the largest number of own-branded ATMs in Kenya and serves over 7 million account holders.

The Various Ways To Contact The KCB Customer Care Unit

As a customer trying to lay a complaint or make an inquiry on a service the bank renders, you can easily do so by walking into the nearest KCB branch and get your answers from the customer care unit. However, in addition to this traditional method, the bank has also keyed into the advancement in technology and communication channels to serve its customers via several media. These media cut across email, telephone, SMS, fax, Facebook, Twitter, and even Whatsapp.

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The procedure to contact the KCB customer unit using the aforementioned media are outlined below:

Via The KCB Email Address

The possibility of fraud makes it necessary to ensure that an email for KCB gets to their official email address. KCB Kenya, therefore, has had to make its official email address available on its website. You can visit the website to get the email address which is – [email protected].

Via The Phone

Based on urgency and the type of inquiry or complaint at hand (usually a transaction that encounters problems), a customer may desire to make a quick call to the KCB customer care unit. The lines to reach KCB customer care are;

  • +254711087000
  • +254732187000
  • +2544202287001

When you encounter problems in using your card or want to make an inquiry to get the accurate card details, you can call +254711087222. More so, customers using KCB M-Pesa have been given a special line for that purpose and it is +254203270000.


KCB customers who would prefer to send their complaints or make an inquiry via SMS can do so with ease via 22522. Once you have sent the message, a reply will be sent to you immediately or within a few minutes.

Via Whatsapp

Whatsapp is now one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and it will be an obvious oversight if a successful bank like KCB can not be contacted via the platform. The Whatsapp number available to lay complaints and make inquiries is +254711087087

Via Social Media

KCB is putting up a structure to make customer care services easy for their customers. Their social media handles which they use majorly for passing information across to the general public also serve as a customer care service. These include their Facebook – KCB Bank Group, Twitter – @KCBGroup, and Instagram – @kcbgroup amongst others

On these platforms, customers can ask general questions which can be visible to all on the platform or may send a direct message to the handle. Either way, all questions will be attended to promptly except in some cases when delay will be experienced due to the large number of comments that flood their page. This might make it difficult to pick out an inquiry or complaint on time. In such a situation, customers are to exercise a little patience until they get the answer to their question or complaint.

More so, to get the best of their services on any of these platforms, there are a couple of rules customers need to adhere to and they include:

  1. Lodge your complaints or ask your questions with caution on any of their social media sites because anything you send online will be read by the entire public
  2. Always verify the suggested financial answers you get online with professional financial advisers because not all users on these platforms are financial experts.
  3. Do not disclose any personal information like your account number, PIN, phone number, email, address, and other personal financial information on any of these social media platforms. Such information can be misused by fraudsters and KCB Group has a disclaimer where they state that they will not be liable in any way for any losses or claims that may arise from any personal information that was posted on any KCB social media platform by users.

Frequently Asked Questions About KCB Customer Care

Here are some frequently asked questions about KCB’s services and answers to help you with your inquires or complaints:

Question 1. When is the best time to visit a KCB branch to speak with a Customer Care Agent?

Answer: If you prefer to see a customer care agent before lodging a complaint or making an inquiry, you can do so by visiting the KCB branch closest to you between 8:30 a.m and 4 p.m from Mondays to Fridays. Some KCB branches have, however, extended their working hours to 5 p.m. It is also worth noting that the bank also operates on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m to 12:00 p.m and you can visit the customer care unit anytime between the stipulated weekend working hours.

Question 2. Can I contact KCB’s customer care service any time of the day?

Answer: With the upgrade in its operations, KCB’s customer care unit can be contacted any time of the day, including weekends and public holidays.

Question 3: Can I locate a KCB customer care unit outside Nairobi?

Answer: KCB can be found in all the 47 counties in Kenya. You will therefore be able to find at least one branch in each county where you will be able to speak with a customer care agent.

Question 4: What is the fastest way to speak to a KCB customer care agent?

Answer: All the means that have been provided above will connect you in the shortest possible time to a customer care agent. However, if you want a prompt answer to your inquires, you can choose to call the KCB customer care unit although this might also come with a downside as you will have to wait a while for your call to go through.

Question 5: Do I incur extra data or call charges for contacting the KCB customer care unit?

Answer: No, the usual call tariffs and data charges are what will be charged whenever you contact the KCB customer care unit.

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