How To Contact Telkom Kenya Customer Care and Various Things to do on My Telkom Account

In April 1999, Telkom Kenya launched into the Telecommunication business with the sole aim of creating affordable telecommunication services for Kenyans in return for profits. Until that time, the company has been a subsection of the Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC). For decades, KPTC has been the only provider of postal and telecommunication services in the east African country. Telkom Kenya Customer Care has been at the interface between the company and its customers.

Like Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, the KPTC experienced its own big split in 1999. Birthing two other entities asides Telkom Kenya; Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) and the Postal Corporation of Kenya (POSTA). As of this writing, the company is owned by Helios Investment Partners who have a majority share of 60 per cent. The remaining stake belongs to the Government of Kenya.

For two decades now, Telkom Kenya is committed to providing a uniquely accessible and innovative communication system to the Kenyan populace. With a growing population, the company has worked tirelessly to bring itself closer to those it serves.

Telkom Kenya’s Customer Care Has Become More Accessible Over the Years

Having over 30,000 subscribers, it goes without saying that Telkom Kenya customer care has an ongoing need to expand its reach to more under-served segments of the Kenyan population.

This became necessary after a major shift in the leadership structure of the company. From inception, the government of Kenya owns and runs Telkom Kenya until it was jointly owned by private shareholders. This joint ownership propelled the organization to work on the quality of its service delivery over the years.

While profit still sits at the top tier of the company’s aim and objectives, customer satisfaction remains a key priority in the way Telkom Kenya operates. The company’s leadership knows too well that profit is only a byproduct of a satisfied customer base. To achieve this, the company increased its rapport with existing and prospective customers through every platform that technology has made available to them.

Customers Can Now Reach Telkom Kenya Customer Care Using These 6 Channels

After over two decades of its operation as Kenya’s number one service provider, Telkom Kenya has not relented in its efforts. If anything, the company has introduced several initiatives to grow and improve its service delivery and rapport with customers. All these changes are implemented so as to appeal to a younger, tech savvy generation of customers. Apparently, aggressive strides have been taken in the customer care department with the sole aim of providing a flawless communication medium.

1. Landline

Customers can reach Telkom Customer Care via its wireless landline. This favors the older generation of Telkom customers as well as many corporate bodies and businesses who are subscribed to Telkom Kenya.

2. Email

Telkom Kenya customer care desk can be reached via email too. This platform works especially for official correspondences that necessitate the exchange of crucial documents and complaints.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another easy avenue for customers to contact Telkom Kenya customer care representatives. Especially on issues pertaining to the organization or its service delivery. By searching for “Telkom Kenya” on LinkedIn, you can also view the profiles of the company’s members of staff. As of this writing, the Telkom Kenya page has over 33,000 followers

4. Telkom Mobile

For issues of urgent nature, Telkom Kenya’s mobile number is the best option. Several members of its staff have been trained and positioned to attend to every issue on ground.

5. Facebook

On Facebook, Telkom Kenya advertises its products, services and promos. Notwithstanding, messages can be sent and received via Facebook messenger. More on that shortly.

6. Twitter

Like Facebook, Twitter serves as a important medium for exchanging messages and information between clients and organizations without necessarily placing a phone call. Thanks to Twitter hashtags and algorithm, Telkom Kenya customer care has trended some of its products and services for marketing purposes.

For Your Queries, Contact Telkom Kenya Customer Care Via Any Of These Lines

Ever since Telkom Kenya privatized part of its ownership, the company has achieved several feats in a quest to satisfy its customers. With different modes of communication strategically created, Telkom Kenya Customer Care has never been more accessible as it is now. It does not matter what means of communication customers are used to, they can easily contact the customer care service as all six platforms are up and running round the clock.

1. Email

Emails come in handy when you intend to send your message with a file attached. You can send your attachments to Telkom Kenya’s customer care representative without necessarily calling. Telkom Kenya subscribers can send emails to [email protected]

2. Landline

Telkom Kenya operates a wireless landline that enables its customer care representatives to provide lasting solutions to service-related issues. You can call: 0800200000

3. LinkedIn

For professionals who find LinkedIn more homely, you can reach any Telkom representatives via @Telkomke.

4. Telkom Mobile

For calls and airtime related issues, Telkom mobile number will come in handy. They are just one call away on 100.

5. Twitter

Twitter-savvy subscribers can follow and send Direct Messages (DMs) to Telkom Kenya customer care @TelkomCare_Ke

6. Facebook

Do you want to stay abreast with recent developments in Telkom Kenya? Or you want to find out some helpful DIY hacks. Telkom Facebook page is just the right place for it. Follow on Facebook @ TelkomMobileKenya.

Getting Familiar With My Telkom Account App

How To Contact Telkom Kenya Customer Care
My Telkom Account User Interface

Asides from creating a customer-centric care service, one would think that is all the company has to offer. However, there is still more in store for Telkom Kenya subscribers, My Telkom Account App. In a fast-growing country such as Kenya, Telkom Kenya has gone a step further to provide optimum comfort by introducing My Telkom Account. It is the fastest way customers can access and manage their Telkom services.

The App helps subscribers to manage subscriptions, redeem vouchers, and purchase bundles. It also goes as far as helping customers to check data and airtime balances without going through the rigors of punching several digits to get a message out or receive a reply. These extra services are all wrapped in My Telkom Account:

  1. Top-up your data and airtime
  2. View and pay your outstanding Telkom bill
  3. Track any new Telkom order

The Awesome Features Of My Telkom Account

1. Account information summary: This section comprises of Top-Up services and balance inquiries for the main account, Ziada data, and bundle subscription.

2. Talk, text, and more which includes Holla, SMS, International, and Marshariki Roaming bundles.

3. Internet bundles which include subscribing to daily bundles and buying weekly, monthly, and 90-day bundles.

4. Vas services which include PEWA, Ziada Redemption, credit transfer, Nisort, Beat Yangu, entertainment, and Facebook bila net.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

6. Customer care information and services which include direct dial-up to the customer care team, raise a query, and shop near me.

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