How to Create a KASNEB Students Portal Account and What to do if You Forget Your Pin

Kenya Accountancy and Secretaries National and Examination Board (KASNEB) requires candidates who sat for the exams to open a KASNEB Students Portal Account through which they can have access to personal information like checking of results and uploading relevant documents. Creating an account on the student portal can be done seamlessly in the steps which have been detailed below. Besides, there is no cause for alarm for candidates who forgot their pin after creating an account; all they need do is follow the simple steps listed in this article for their pin reset.

What Qualifies a Candidates to Open a KASNEB Students Portal Account?

It is not everybody that is qualified to create a KASNEB student portal account. Candidates must have the KASNEB Student Account Number which can only be accessed after purchasing, filling, and submitting your application forms at any KASNEB center or office.

The registration form is downloadable online and can be submitted at these Huduma Centres;

• Nairobi GPO
• Nairobi Kibera
• Nairobi Makadara
• Kisumu
• Eldoret
• Meru
• Nyeri
• Mombasa

Relevant forms and other useful info are obtainable from KASNEB offices, websites, Kenya National Library Service branches nationwide, and training institutions that offer KASNEB courses.

Upon submission, your application will be reviewed by a KASNEB staff who will issue you with a Student Account Number if you satisfy all the necessary requirements. With the account number, you can go ahead to open your own KASNEB Student Portal Login which can be found on the home page of their official website

What will a Student Need for the Account Opening?

• Your names
• Email address
• If you happen to be an existing student, your registration number will be required
• Create a strong password that will offer you future access to information

These are all the Things You can do on KASNEB Student Portal

• You can open a student account
• Book examination
• Download timetable
• Check results
• Upload payment invoices
• Upload bank deposit slips
• Upload money order
• View payment statement
• Update other statements
• Upload Bankers cheque

How Do I Activate My Kasneb Account?

Below is a step by step explanation on opening and activating a KASNEB portal account

First Step:

When you click on the LINK, you select the student icon, however, those that entered through the direct link ( to the portal may proceed to click the student icon.

Second Step:

Select create an account and indicate whether you already have Student Registration Number or New Registration and proceed to provide your personal info like names, email address, and a password which has to be strong, then, click Save.

Third Step:

Now, you can log into your KASNEB students portal account by punching in the email and password that were used to create the account. To log in, click unlock.

Fourth Step:

Select the tab for “Registration Details”

Fifth Step:

Access the tab for “Course Choice”

Sixth Step:

Go to the dropdown box and select the examination, next is the “Yes” checkbox which you should click on and proceed to provide your registration number; this should be done without including the prefix (for instance a candidate with Reg no. NAC/68148, should only provide 68148) and click save.

How to Populate Your KASNEB Student Portal Profile

• Go to the email field, click on it, and punch in your registered email address.
• Next is the password field where you click to enter the corresponding password for your email
• Click the “UNLOCK” button
• The next screen will require you to fill in information like “Middle Name” and “Other Name”, “Gender, Birthday”, “Passport Number”, “ID Number”, “County” and “Country”
• When you are done, click on “SAVE”

KASNEB Course Selection

• Click on the “Course Menu”
• The next screen that will appear will require you to choose your “Course Type” as well as your preferred period to sit for the examinations.
• People that have previously registered for KASNEB will indicate and proceed to populate the field with “Previous Registration Number”
• Click on “SAVE”

How to Populate and Upload Your KASNEB Academic History

• Click on the “Course Menu”
• Click on “Add Academic History”
• Choose “Other Exams Menu”
• You will be required to fill in some fields like “Institution/School”, “Level”, “Year”, and “Grade”. You will also need to include an attachment where you have documents to add.
• Click “SAVE”
• For candidates that have done other KASNEB papers, they are required to click on the “KASNEB Exams Menu”
• Following this, they will select “Month”, add the “Year”, select their “Course”, “Level”, and indicate how they fared in the exams whether “passed” or “failed”. Also in the case of documents to add, candidates can add them by attachment
• Click “SAVE”

How to Upload Your KASNEB Profile Photo & Signature

• Click on the “Photo & Signature Menu”
• Indicate either “Signature” or “photo”, depending on the one you want to upload
• Select the image by clicking the “BROWSE” button
• Click on the “UPLOAD” button

How to Update Your KASNEB Mail & Phone

• Click on the “Mail & Phone Menu”
• Fill these fields “Cellphone”, “Telephone”, “Box Number”, “c/o”, “City/Town” “Code”, and select “Country
• Click “SAVE”

KASNEB Examination Booking

• First, input your email with the password combination
• Click on the “Examination Entry” Menu
• A new interface comes up with the available examination papers for the student
• Select the papers you wish to sit by clicking the checkboxes
• Click the menu “Save Papers”
• The tester clicks the “MyExams” menu.
• Another interface comes up with your selected examination papers
• After selecting all the papers, click on “Assign Exam Centre” Menu
• A pop up appears in the form of a new dialogue box with options to choose the examination centre of choice
• Select the “Country”, the “City/Town”, as well as “Centre” values and click on SAVE
• Automatically, the tester shall be assigned a center
• Click on “MyCentre(s)” Menu
• You will be presented with a comprehensive list of the papers and the center you chose to sit the papers.
• The tester has options of re-assigning a center or removing a center, just click on the menus “Re-Assign” or “Remove” Centre(s)”.

KASNEB Student Examination Timetable Download

• Input your email and password combination
• Click on the “Examination Timetable” Menu
• A new interface comes up, showing the exam papers available for the candidate, the Centre, date, as well as the timing of each of the papers.

KASNEB Student Portal Login – Uploading your Payment Invoices

• Click on the “Invoices” menu
• A new interface comes up showing details of pending invoices
• While registering, a candidate is required to make payments for both registration and processing of his or her student ID
• Choose the particular invoice to be paid and proceed to click on “Attach Payment”
• A new screen will load and will require the following details;

KASNEB Student Portal Login – Uploading Your Bank Deposit Slips

1. Enter the “Bank Name”, “Branch”, “the Date of Deposit”, “your Bank slip No.”, “Amount Paid”, “Currency”, and upload your scanned Deposit slip
2. Click “SAVE”

KASNEB Student Portal – Uploading Your Bankers Cheque

1. Enter the “Bank”, “the Branch”, “Date of the Cheque”, “your Cheque No.”, “ Amount paid”, “ Currency”, and upload your scanned Deposit slip
2. Indicate Mode of delivery
3. Click “SAVE”

KASNEB Portal Login – Uploading your Money Order

1. Enter the “Post Office”, “City”, “Money Order No.” “Date of Money Order”, “Amount”, “Currency”, and upload your scanned Money Order
2. Indicate Mode of delivery
3. Click “SAVE”

KASNEB Portal – Viewing your Payment Statements

1. Click the “Payment Statements Menu”
2. It indicates every payment you have made for different items
3. Move through the menus to be able to view different categories of payments

KASNEB Student Portal Login – How to Update Other Payments

1. Click on the “Other Payments” Menu
2. A new screen comes up showing a list of forms. Choose the required form from the “items” menu
3. Go to the “Quantity” field and enter the number of forms required
4. Go to the “Amount” field to get the results

Why is the KASNEB Portal Account Important?

It is mandatory for candidates who registered for the KASNEB examinations to have their own KASNEB Portal Account. With their accounts registered on the student portal, the tester will be able to do a lot of things like booking for exams, downloading timetable, checking for results, and uploading required documents.

How can I Retrieve a Forgotten KASNEB Pin?

Wait for receipt of your KASNEB wallet pin through SMS text (this may likely take a few seconds to come). If you have not received the wallet pin within one minute create your own wallet pin by dialling *805#. Those who wish to change or reset their wallet pin should dial *805#, select my account, and then, proceed to pin reset.

Candidates who forgot their password can also retrieve it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” icon and they will receive a password reset link via their email. Follow the steps on the link to get your password reset.

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