How To Do Your NIMC Pre-Enrollment On The Registration Portal And Get Your Slip

In 2007, the Federal Government of Nigeria launched the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC, charged with the responsibility of creating a national identity database for Nigerians both home-based and those in the diaspora). Consequently, the new Nigerian National ID was launched on the 28th of August 2014, and every individual is expected to enroll by visiting the NIMC website. Applicants who go through pre-enrolment can print out their summary sheet with a 2D barcode, but you still have the option of printing out the forms, fill the hardcopy, and submit at any NIMC enrolment center close to you

What is NIMC Pre-Enrolment All About

NIMC pre-enrolment is the DIY stage of the registration process. Applicants can do this despite their location and at their own convenience. All you need do is visit the NIMC official website ( and leverage the Pre-enrolment portal ( to pre-enroll online. The process entails entering your personal data in capital letters, and at the end, the applicant will print out a summary sheet with a 2D Barcode.

With that said, it is important for us to understand that the Online Pre-Enrolment is merely a preliminary step in the process of enrolment proper. The process can only be deemed completed after applicants get their biometric data (this entails, headshot photograph, fingerprints, and signature) captured by an Enrolment Officer who will go ahead to process them at any authorized NIMC Enrolment Centre.

How To Do Your NIMC Pre-Enrollment On The Registration Portal And Get Your Slip

Downloading the Enrolment Form Against Pre-Enrolment

Opposed to filling out the pre-enrolment form online and getting a printout of your summary sheet with a 2D barcode, applicants have options of downloading the NIMC Enrolment form, print out a hard copy, and fill. Those who would prefer to download their own enrolment forms should visit Remember you must use block letters in filling out the form. When you are done with the filling, proceed to the Enrolment Center nearest to you for your biometrics capturing; this will enable the applicant to get his or her NIN (National Identification Number). Downloading the form or pre-enrolment all depends on individual preference; just go with the method that is more convenient for you. It is important to note that the enrolment form can be accessed from NIMC’S ERC.

The NIMC online pre-enrolment steps are illustrated below

First Step

Applicant visits the Pre-Enrolment portal ( via the NIMC website and accesses the online Enrolment Form.

2nd Step

Applicant fills out his/her Enrolment form and summary sheet with a 2D Barcode printed out he/she heads over to the nearest NIMC Enrolment center.

3rd Step

Applicant verifies his/her enrolment data on the system and confirms it.

4th Step

This is the capturing stage where the applicant has his fingerprint, headshot photograph, and signature captured.

5th Step

Applicant’s supporting documents go in for scanning.

6th Step

In this step, it will be acknowledged that the applicant has enrolled. He or she will receive two slips that will be generated on the spot,

  • NIN Slip indicating that enrolment has been completed
  • Transaction Slip

Capturing Procedure for Adults

  • The applicant takes his or her supporting documents to an enrolment center,
    Verification will be done via the NIN verification portal to ascertain if the applicant has previously enrolled
  • People who have not previously enrolled will be issued their enrolment form. For those that have pre-enrolled, the pre-enrolment service will be used to collect their printed Barcode slip.
  • After the form is filled, it will be vetted by a NIMC officer who compares the info on the form with what is on the applicant’s supporting documents to fish out mistakes. It is important to note that those that can’t read and write should come with a competent person to aid in filling the form.
  • While the pre-registered applicants will have their Barcode slip scanned to populate the required fields on the system, the NIMC enrolment officer collects all filled forms from those who came with hard copies to impute their details on the NIMC Software.
  • Applicants can leverage the applicant monitor in double-checking their info for errors; this will be made available by the enrolment officer.
  • Once all demographic information is verified by the applicant, capturing of the biometrics (facial image, ten fingerprints) commences.
  • Upon completion of enrollment, an applicant receives a Transaction ID Slip, evidencing the transaction. However, it should be noted that getting your Transaction ID Slip is not an automatic ticket to getting the NIN. Since the National Identification number is subject to variables like network availability, verification, and authentication, applicants will be advised to return within one to five working days to collect their NIN.
  • After processing, applicants get a NIN slip
  • In the absence of any unforeseen circumstances, applicants who have already received their NIN will be issued National e-ID Card within 12 months.
  • Presently, the federal government is focused on ensuring an extensive issuance of National Identification Number to both its citizens and legal residents; this will ensure effective digital identification across all states of the country.

What Is Diaspora Enrolment?

After the NIN scheme took off, the Federal Government of Nigeria mandated that every Nigerian in the diaspora should be enrolled. Thus, as the National Identity Management Commission is enrolling the home-based citizens, the same is being done for those in the diaspora. The aim is to afford those in the diaspora the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits inherent in being part of the National Identity Database.

Enrolment For Those In Diaspora Is A Bit Different From That Of Home Based Nigerians

A lot of similarities abound for the NIMC enrolment both at home and the diaspora factor, however, there are few distinctions. The procedure is as follows;

  • Visit an accredited site agent of the National Identity Management Commission.
  • On the Homepage, click the “Proceed to Pre-Enrolment” to kick start the NIMC Pre-enrolment Process.
  • After concluding your Pre-enrolment, print your transaction slip out or save it.
  • A payment of $50 should be made via Accredited Enrolment Payment Agents or through your card.
  • Book an appointment at any NIMC Enrolment Center
  • Proceed to the center to complete the enrolment process
  • Receive both your slip and NIN

The obvious question to ask here is why the payment of $50 when NIMC has said it is free. In answer to the question, the National Identity Management Commission explained that the enrolment fee for Nigerians in Diaspora is to take care of the expenses that will be incurred during the enrolment process. The fee is solely meant for the purpose of NIMC registration.

Please note, Accredited Enrolment Payment Agents are authorized agents who make payments on behalf of applicants or enrollees. It is approved for applicants to make cash payments or transfers to these agents who will then remit the money on their behalf. Applicants who made payment should ensure to collect their transaction number before leaving; this will be issued by the receiving agent. With the number, enrollees will be able to verify payments at the enrolment center

Important features to look out for on a NIN Slip include

  • Your 11 digits number which is located at the second row of the top left corner
  • Personal info like full names
  • Functional address
  • Gender
  • Enrollee Id
  • Registration date
  • Registration center
  • Tracking Id
  • The flip side of the NIN slip contains two NIMC logos

Is The NIMC Pre-Enrollment Slip Different From The Registration Form?

MIMC Pre-Enrollment slip is what applicants are expected to print out after a successful pre-enrolment. This slip is what you will take the enrolment center for capturing. The registration form is where you are expected to fill in your information.

How Much Does NIMC Pre-Enrollment Cost?

For Nigerian citizens who are residents in the country, enrolment for NIN does not attract any charges, it is completely free! The payment of $50 is only applicable to Nigerians in the diaspora. However, those who lost their NIN slip are requested to pay the sum of N500 via Remita. This payment can be made at any bank nearest to you and your Remita teller should be presented at any NIMC Enrolment Center (ERC) where applicants can request a new NIN slip print.

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