How to Get a GTBank Loan or Borrow Money and the Code to Use

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is a customer-friendly bank that constantly creates easy ways for its customers to get the best and standard services. They provide many banking assistance to their customers ranging from retail services, granting of loans and advances, money market activities, corporate finance, foreign exchange operations, and many others. Getting a GTBank loan is easy and this comes in handy when there’s an emergency but you need to meet the criteria to qualify for any of the loans listed below.

With its subsidiaries in Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and the United Kingdom, GTBank has gone a long way in the banking sector. Below are details you need to know about getting a loan from GTBank, the code to use, and the steps to follow.

How Can I Check My GTB Loan Eligibility?

When a loan is involved, banks are more careful and critical about the criteria to meet before one can be eligible to get it. It is not a different story as it relates to Guaranty Trust Bank. These are four general criteria to meet before GTB grants you any type of loan available to their customers.

  1. The applicant must have a job with a monthly salary of at least N10,000
  2. He/she must be an existing GTBank customer with an active account (if you don’t have this prior, you should open one before requesting a loan)
  3. You must have received a consecutive three-month payment from the same employer
  4. Above all, there must not be any history of unpaid obligation or dud cheque

Meeting these three criteria automatically qualifies one to apply for a loan at GTBank.

Different Types Of GTBank Loan

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While it is pertinent to carefully study and know your financial strength before making any budget, sometimes taking a loan is also a good way to finance an important project or meet a financial need that you cannot afford upfront. GTBank has made loan accessibility easy by designing different types of loans for its customers. The general code to access GTB loan is *737*8*2# but the bank has different types of loan and as such, different codes are used to apply for them.

GTBank Salary Advance

GTBank salary advance is one of the loans made available by the bank to help people meet their financial needs. This loan is solely for salary earners whereby it allows you to get 50% of your salary beforehand. The offer is only open to government employees and private parastatals who have their company’s account with GTB. Also, this type of loan does not require any collateral and is renewable after 30 days.

Features Of Salary Advance

  • Eligibility: Anyone who holds an account with GTBank, and is fully employed can apply.
  • Minimum Amount To Borrow ₦25,000 for civil servants, and ₦50,000 for people who work in private sectors
  • Maximum Amount To Borrow: 50% of your monthly income
  • Method Of Application: You can use your GTB mobile banking app, GTB loan code *737*8*2#, or visit any nearest branch of the bank or ATM
  • Duration: From the point of successful application of the loan, the money will be disbursed into your account within the next 24 hours

Quick Credit

Quick credit is a GTBank loan that allows you to borrow up to N5 million at an interest rate of 1.5% monthly. Unlike the salary advance loan, quick credit does not require you to be a salary earner before you can have access to it. Anyone can get this as long as you have an account with the bank. Just like the name goes, the loan is very easy to access, does not have any hidden charges, and is renewable after 4 months.

Feature Of Quick Credit

  • Interest Rate: 1.5% per month
  • Eligibility: Both salary earners and self-employed with an existing GTB account can access it
  • Minimum Amount: N10,000
  • Maximum Amount: N500,000 for non-salary earners and ₦5 million for salary earners
  • Method Of Application: USSD code – *737*51*51#, mobile banking app, internet banking
  • Duration: Your quick credit loan will be made available to your account at the point of successful registration
  • Tenure: Equal monthly installment within 6-12 months

School Fees Advance

School fees advance is a type of GTBank loan set up to help parents and guardians to meet up with the school requirements and fees of their children/wards in schools but the institutions must be in Nigeria. The loan is only accessible to staff of public or reputable organizations who have their salary accounts with GTB.

Features Of School Fees Advance

  • Eligibility: Staff of public or reputable private organizations who have GTBank accounts can access the loan
  • Interest Rate: Competitive interest rate
  • Minimum Amount: ₦50,000
  • Maximum Amount: ₦5 million
  • How to Apply: Get an application form and employer undertaking form from any nearest GTBank, after completing them, submit with the school bills, bank details, and credit insurance.
  • Tenure: Maximum of 10 months


MaxAdvance is a personal loan designed by GTBank to help the staff of selected private or public organization that has their salary account with the bank to meet up with their various financial responsibilities.


  • Eligibility: Staff of reputable organizations with their salary accounts domiciled with GTB
  • Minimum Amount: N10,000
  • Maximum Amount: 10,000,000
  • Interest Rate: competitive
  • How to Apply: Collect, fill and submit MaxPlus application form and employee undertaking form
  • Tenure: 3-48 months


This type of loan is made available for corporate organizations and staff of public sectors. The target audience for this type of loan is mainly platinum customers with salary accounts at GTB. With no collateral, MaxPlus also has a very convenient repayment plan.


  • Eligibility: Available to platinum staff members of reputable organizations with a minimum net income of ₦10 million
  • Minimum Amount: ₦6 million
  • Maximum Amount: ₦30 million
  • Tenure: 3-48 months
  • Minimum Salary For Qualification: ₦10,000,000
  • Interest Rate: competitive interest rate
  • Duration: 48 hours after successful application
  • How to Apply: Collect, fill and submit MaxPlus application form and employee undertaking form

Computer Acquisition Scheme

This is a type of GTBank loan that is accessible only to serving NYSC members who have their allowance accounts with GTB. It is also called an NYSC loan and must be repaid within the period of their service year. The purpose of this loan is to afford corp members the opportunity to buy mobile devices such as a computer that will help them in learning new skills during their service year.


  • Eligibility: Only available for serving corp members with their allowance account with GTB
  • Maximum Loan Amount: ₦60,000
  • Interest Rate: Competitive
  • Tenure for payment: 3-10 months
  • How to Apply: Visit the nearest GTBank, collect, complete and submit the application and employer undertaking from


GTMortgage is a type of loan offered to GTBank customers who wish to own a house or other landed properties in selected cities within the country. Your account manager will help you know more about this loan as it differs according to the applicant’s selected city.

  • Eligibility: Applicant must have a salary account or business proceeds domiciled with the bank
  • Minimum Amount: ₦5 million
  • Maximum Amount: ₦150 million
  • Tenure: 1-20 years
  • How to Apply: At the bank, submit your property title document, application form, offer letter to sell property from your vendor, a valuation report from any of the bank’s approved estate valuer.

Premium Advance

GTB premium advance is a recurring overdraft facility placed on your debit naira MasterCard and is strictly for platinum customers.


  • Eligibility: Platinum customers only, minimum monthly salary of ₦1 million, minimum annual turnover of ₦10 million, the applicant must have received his/her last 3 salaries through GTB
  • Interest Rate: Very competitive interest rate
  • Maximum amount: ₦1 Million overdraft with a 1-year tenure
  • How to Apply: From the nearest GTB, get, fill and submit the application and employee undertaking form

Travel Advance

GTBank Travel advance is a kind of loan that allows for an individual with an account with the bank to borrow money to sort his travel needs such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, tour, and airport pickup.

  • Eligibility: Domiciliation of allowances and salaries, the salary must be paid in naira, and the applicant must have received his/her last 3 salaries through GTB
  • Interest Rate: 20% per annum
  • Tenure: 12 months
  • Minimum Amount: ₦250,000
  • Maximum amount: ₦3 million
  • How to Apply: Login to your mobile banking app, go to the travel advance option, click travel advance and start up a new request, then fill in the required details

Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing

GTBank has made available an option to cover the insurance for the customer’s car. A vehicle insurance loan lets the staff of a corporate organization pay for their car insurance upfront. This loan is not tied to salary earners but only requires an active GTB account.

  • Eligibility: Corporate customers and small-medium businesses with GTB accounts can apply
  • Interest Rate: 1.67% per month
  • Minimum Amount: ₦20,000
  • Maximum Amount: ₦5 million
  • Duration: Loan will be granted immediately upon successful application
  • How to Apply: Open your internet banking platform, go to menu-insurance loan-vehicle insurance, fill in the required information and submit

GTbank Loan Calculator And How To Use It

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All thanks to continuous advancements in technology, the bank now has an app that makes loan calculation easy. The GTBank loan calculator is an application you can use to determine how much you will pay for the loan collected. The payment is dependent on the type of loan you collected and its interest rate.

To use the GTB loan calculator, you have to first install the app on your mobile phone or desktop. When you open the app, you will see where loan details are required, follow the instructions by inputting the type of loan you got, the amount, interest rate, and the period of repayment. The calculator will then help you compute and bring out the result which will consist of your monthly/installment payments, total payments, total interest payments, and due date.


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