How to Get Standard Bank UCount Rewards and Where to Spend It

The Standard Bank Ucount System is an earn-as-you-spend system that gives you the opportunity to gain points on your spending each time you use your Standard Bank personal credit, cheque, or debit card. That’s not all, the system also gives you more Reward Points when you shop at their Rewards Retailers. There’s a lot to learn and gain from this system when you understand how it works.

What is Ucount Reward Card?

The Ucount Reward card is a card issued to any customer of Standard Bank who wishes to participate in the Ucount Reward Point program. The card which is either a credit, debit or cheque card allows you to earn points as you spend.

How To Get a Reward Card

  • You can order your reward card by calling the Ucount call center via 0860826868.
  • You can also sign in to the Ucount Rewards website and order for it.
  • When you request the reward card, it will be sent to you via post or you can go to any Standard Bank branch nearest to you and pick it up.
  • When the card gets to you, you will need to activate it either on the website, on the mobile app, or via Ucount call center by selecting option 1 on the IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
  • Also, you are paying a membership fee of R25 monthly. This payment is one of the major criteria for earning points. Hence, it has to be made through your Standard Bank account. Also, third-party payment is not allowed.

Standard Bank UCount Rewards

How to Use the Ucount Reward Card

The card is a means of earning points. These points can be used to attend to financial needs in the following ways

    • You can use it to pay for goods at any Rewards Retailers store
    • You can use it to buy fuel and oil
    • You can also use it to access Bidvest premier longest airports across South Africa

Owning a Ucount Rewards Card Allows You to Win Points in the Following Ways

  • 20% in Reward Points when you make a choice of grocery, fashion, or lifestyle.
  • 20% in Reward Points from any Rewards Retailers
  • Up to R5 in Reward Points in fuel and oil purchased per liter at Caltex (this is based on your level of Tier).
  • 1.25% in Reward Points when you make use of cards in making a purchase.
  • You can get 2GB worth of data every month when you have an active Standard Bank mobile SIM card.
  • Also, you earn more points when you share your positive experience on social media such as Twitter using the #Ucount.

How to Register for The Reward Points System

Joining the Standard Bank Ucount Reward Points system has been made easy. Below are the ways you can join.

  • You can visit the Ucount Rewards website to sign up and begin to earn some points.
  • There is an option to sign up for the reward system using the Ucount Reward platform on the Standard Bank mobile application Android or iOS.
  • You can reach them on call via 0860826868 to sign up.
  • Also, you can visit any branch of Standard Bank closest to you and register for the Ucount Reward Points system.

What are the Eligibility Criteria For Registering for the Ucount Reward Points?

To register for Standard Bank’s Ucount Reward Points, you need to meet the following criteria

  • You have to own a card. The Reward Points program is only available to customers of Standard Bank who have a transactional credit, cheque, or debit card.
  • The card in question must be up to date.
  • Minors can also register for the Reward Points, but they will have to do so at any branch of Standard Bank closest to them. The consent of their guardian or parents is also required.

How to Redeem and Use Your Reward Points

The Reward Points can be used in the form of money to attend to one’s needs. It is important to note that it can not be used as the customer wishes, but there are arrays of options that are also important to the human life in which the Reward Points can be used. However, to be able to use them, the points need to be redeemed.

Here’s a list of ways you can redeem and use the Reward Points

  • They can be redeemed at any of Standard Bank Ucount Rewards Retailers
  • They can be used as purchasing power to buy fuel or oil at Caltex
  • You can redeem them on the Ucount Rewards Platform on the bank’s mobile app
  • You can redeem them at the Ucount Rewards Travel Mall
  • They can be used at Bidvest Premier Airport Lounges in South Africa.
  • They can be converted into Avios.
  • You can invest or save them in a Notice Deposit, PureSave, Autoshare Invest, or Tax-Free investment.
  • The rewards can be used to reduce or pay off Revolving loans or Term loans.
  • The Reward Points can be used to pay for ticketless parking through Admyst and KaChing.
  • They can be donated to a student on the Feenix platform.
  • The points can be donated to charity.
  • Also, they can be donated to Solidarity Funds.

Stores that are in Partnership with Ucount Reward Points

  • Dis-Chem
  • Fresh Stop
  • Hirsch’s
  • Incredible Connection
  • KFC
  • Makro
  • Net Florist
  • Nester
  • Olympic Cycles
  • Samsung
  • Showmax
  • SweepSouth
  • XCross
  • Tiger Wheels and Tyres
  • Xkids
  • XTrends

Does The Ucount Reward Point Expire?

Yes, the Ucount Reward Point expires. The expiration date is 5 years from the date it was issued.

Other Things to Know About the Reward Point System

  • Items that qualify to earn points don’t include baby formulas, feeding bottles, teats, feeding cups, straws for feeding.
  • Also, medication, plastic bags, Wicode redeemed vouchers, payments made with gift cards do not qualify to earn points.
  • When you return goods bought with Reward Points, the points won’t be refunded into Ucount Reward card. You rather be given a Dis-Chem refund voucher according to their policy.
  • You can only redeem a maximum of 200 000 (R20,000) points per month.
  • Reward Points earning in Reward Retail stores can only be counted in the branch of the store in South Africa.
  • The Dis-Chem voucher cards and gift cards don’t qualify to earn points in the Ucount Reward Points program.
  • The Standard Bank UCount Reward system is similar to other reward systems like Spar Rewards, Old Mutual Rewards, etc.
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