How To Load 9mobile Card, Check Airtime Balance And Other Ways To Recharge

The debate will always continue on what is the best mobile network provider in Nigeria. While that will go on without an end, it is undeniable that 9mobile is one of the most used networks having evolved from what used to be known as Etisalat Nigeria. Years later and as a result of cardless loading of mobile phones, there are many who still have problems on how to load 9mobile cards as well as carry out some other simple activities such as checking of airtime balance.

Apart from using your card to load your line, there are a number of other means that one can use in recharging, all of which are very easy. Something interesting is that using your card, you can easily recharge to have either airtime or data of your choice. If you have ever encountered a challenge with that, here is a simple guide that will put you through.

Here Are All The Ways You Can Load Your 9mobile Line

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The card method of recharging your line has become the most popular and traditional means of loading 9mobile and other network lines in Nigeria for a lot of people. However, that is not the only available means as there are many others.

1. Top-up With 9mobile Recharge Cards

As stated, this is the oldest and most convenient way of recharging mobile phones even before others got introduced. To use this method, simply follow the steps below after you must have purchased a  recharge card of your preferred amount:

  • Type the USSD code *222*
  • Follow this by the pin on your recharge card
  • Next, use the # sign and then dial

Note: This means you will dial *222*PIN# and then send. Once this is done, you will receive a message notifying you that the recharge is successful. If you have been awarded any bonuses, this will also be shown.

2. Recharge Via The 9mobile Website

This is another method that is very easy, but it is probably the least known method. It is also more complex than others, most especially since subscribers can now recharge directly from their bank accounts. To recharge via the 9mobile website, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of 9mobie –
  • On the menu, click on Airtime
  • A box will appear requesting for you to buy airtime with a debit card/bank account.
  • Type in your phone number and then the amount of airtime you want to purchase.
  • Click on the Buy airtime button
  • A payment page will open requesting you to enter your card information and once you are done, click on Pay.

This is one of the longest processes, which is the reason why many have decided not to always use it.

3. Internet Banking And Mobile Apps

This has become the most convenient means of recharging any 9mobile line only after the use of airtime cards. This method is convenient for people most especially when they have their mobile apps on their phones or they make use of internet banking services/applications.

To do this, all you have to do is to log into your mobile app or internet banking platform, select the option that is relating to recharging your line, select the network you are recharging which in this case you want to load 9mobile. Put in the required amount and then put in your pin to OK the transaction.

Once this is successful you will get a debit alert from your bank and your 9mobile account will be credited with the said amount.

4. Make Use Of Bank USSD Codes

Each bank in Nigeria has a different USSD code that one can use for easy transactions. This may be associated closely with internet banking but the difference is that when you are making use of a bank app or internet banking, you will need to have data on your device or at least, internet connectivity.

With this, you can make use of different codes based on your bank to recharge your line. You will only need to dial the code and follow the prompts until you finally recharge your line. You will need to put in your pin when using this.

The only thing one will have to do here is to ensure that you have the USSD code that your bank uses, and then include the amount, phone number, and put a # sign. For example, GTB which has *737# as the code, simply use *737*Amount*Phone Number#.

Here’s a list of Nigerian banks and their USSD codes:

  • Access Bank: *901#.
  • EcoBank USSD code: *326#.
  • Fidelity Bank USSD code: *770#.
  • FCMB Bank USSD code: *329#
  • First Bank of Nigeria USSD code: *894#
  • GTBank USSD code: *737#
  • Heritage Bank USSD Code: *322#
  • Jaiz Bank USSD code: *389*301#
  • Keystone Bank USSD Code: *322*082#
  • Polaris Bank USSD code: *833#
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank USSD code:  *909#
  • Sterling Bank USSD Code: *822#
  • UBA Magic Banking USSD code: *919#
  • Wema Bank USSD code: *945#
  • Zenith Bank USSD Code: *966#

5. Load 9mobile Airtime Through ATMs

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This is another process that is very easy to follow. But then, it is not as popular as others because to do this, the subscriber will be required to make use of an ATM and then use their credit or debit cards to recharge. Here are the fast and easy steps to follow:

  • Visit any ATM stand close to you and then slot in your ATM card
  • Put in your 4 digit PIN to authorize the use of the card
  • Click “Airtime Recharge” via the ATM’s menu.
  • Select the network and type in the amount.
  • Type in your phone number and confirm the transaction.
  • Your 9mobile line will be topped up with the amount and your bank account will be debited.

To Load 9mobile Via Card Is The Easiest Way To Recharge Your 9mobile Line

As already stated, the easiest and most convenient method of recharging your line is through the use of recharge cards. With this method, all you need to do is to buy a voucher, scratch it, and then use *222*PIN# to load it to your line.

Not only is it fast, but it also eliminates the possibility of any errors that may arise as regards recharging an entirely different line or in some cases, loading a much higher amount than intended when recharging from your bank.

Finally, this method does not come with any extra charge that may accompany some other forms of recharging.

What Is The Code For Checking 9mobile Balance?

Sometimes after you must have recharged your 9mobile line, you may not receive any notification to tell you if the recharge was a success or not, or you may just want to confirm what your airtime balance is. To do this, there is a USSD code which the network has made available.

Simply dial *232# and then send it. This will return with a notification of the available airtime on your 9mobile line. You will also receive an SMS with the same message. This code will work well for you irrespective of the 9mobile call tariff you are on.

NOTE. This code will only work for checking your airtime balance. If you want to check your 9mobile data balance, the code to use is *228#. This will give you a notification of your data balance before sending an SMS with the same information also. You can also decide to send an SMS with the text “INFO” to 228 to get your data balance.

What Do I Do If I Mistakenly Recharge Another 9mobile Line?

It is not out of the ordinary to find people who may make the mistake of recharging a different 9mobile line when trying to load airtime using the different methods above. Unfortunately, telecommunication networks in Nigeria still have a problem with rectifying the problem.

Nonetheless, you can reach out to the line you have recharged the airtime to and request if it can be transferred back to you. This is the easiest thing to do, although it remains at the discretion of who is on the other side.

Secondly, you can call the customer care of 9mobile on 200 and make a complaint, the network can have the airtime reversed to you. However, if any part of it is gone, there is no way of having the airtime sent back.

What To Do When You Over Scratch Your 9mobile Recharge Card

The era of paper recharge cards is gradually giving way to the use of online means of recharging. However, if you come across a 9mobil scratch card which you are trying to recharge but end up over scratching it, there are a few things you may want to consider doing.

  • The first thing is to ensure that some of the visible pin numbers are not also scratched off.
  • Secondly, keep the serial number safe.
  • Then contact the customer care line of the network on 200.

This may be the only possible way that your card can load on a 9mobile line with an over-scratched card.

Other means of contacting the helpline are:

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