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When students graduate from any of the Nigerian universities, it is usually something worth celebrating, but the icing on the cake is joining the National Youth Service Corps scheme to serve your fatherland for one year. Mobilization for the NYSC scheme is of great importance to the future career of every Nigerian graduate both home and abroad, thus, every intending corps member needs to understand the rudiments of the NYSC registration which entails several things like how to access the portal, create a personal account, log in, and begin the registration for mobilization.

The NYSC scheme is not restricted to Nigerian citizens who studied in local universities, it is extended to Nigerians studying abroad. This way, every Nigerian graduate can show their love and patriotism to the country. Thus, citizens of the country who finished college abroad are also required to log on to the NYSC portal and complete their registration for mobilization. After they have been mobilized, they are expected to come home for the mandatory one-year National service

The Real NYSC Portal Address

Those who are about to register on the NYSC portal have expressed their plight while trying to differentiate between the website designs for the different batches (Batch A, Batch B, or Batch C). The good news is that there are no multiple websites for each batch. The National Youth Service Corps uses the same website/portal for all the batches, whether it is A, B, or C and the official site is However, this does not affect the fact that NYSC leverages another website meant exclusively for sharing important updates. Prospective and existing corps members can visit to get updates about the scheme.

NYSC Registration Portal Extensions

In this piece, we must not fail to explain certain facts about the NYSC registration process. With the huge number of graduates churned out from Nigerian universities every year, it goes without saying that there will equally be a huge number of people on the NYSC waiting list. Once the portal is declared open for registration, the population that will be trying to access it is usually overwhelming. For this reason, the body thought it wise to create additional extensions to give people enough room to complete their registration seamlessly.

Many people who have visited the portal found themselves being re-directed to other extensions, but this should not cause confusion or make you think that you have landed on the wrong page. When you see yourself on extensions like the following:


There is no need to panic as you are still with the NYSC. Any of the portal addresses can take one to the official website for registration. When one link becomes overcrowded or too busy during the mobilization registration, people should try the others until they land on the less busy one.

How do I Login to the NYSC Portal?

After you have completed registration for the National Youth Service Corps mobilization, you can re-visit the NYSC portal and log in at any time. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit the NYSC portal.
  • Click on the “Login Here” button.
  • Provide your login details; this consists of the email and password you used at the point of the registration.
  • With the correct information provided, click on the “Resume” button to log in.
  • With that done, you will be taken to your personal NYSC dashboard containing your personal details.
  • For those who have lost their passwords, there is a password recovery option they can leverage to recover it.

Things To Do On The NYSC Portal Dashboard

Prospective corps members and serving ones can do a lot of things on the NYSC portal as listed below:

  • Make corrections on date of birth
  • Print out NYSC green card
  • Print out your call-up letter
  • Make changes to your account password
  • If your school submitted a wrong course of study on your behalf, it can be changed on the portal
  • Print your PPA letter
  • Print relocation letter

You Can Complete Your Registration on the NYSC Portal

Intending corps members can log on to the portal to complete their NYSC registration process and view the registration requirements. To register on the NYSC portal, visit their site and create a personal account by entering the necessary requirements requested by the portal. In the end, you will generate a login detail.

Check Your NYSC Call-up Number

  • You can only get your call-up number from your call-up letter, thus, to access your call-up letter, visit
  • Click on the “Login Here” icon to impute your details (email and password)
  • Click on the “Resume” icon and access the dashboard.
  • On your dashboard, search for the “Print Call Up Letter” button and click on it to view your call-up number.

Check Your NYSC Senate List

To check your NYSC Senate list, log on to the portal and click the button “Check Senate List or its equivalent.” Go to your school and populate the boxes and drop-down menus with the right information such as your last name, matric number, and date of birth. Then click on the search button to know whether you have been mobilized for the program.

You Can Make Payments on the NYSC Portal

While on the portal, search for the “click here to make payment” button. The Remita Payment Engine is there to assist you in effecting payment, those who wish to pay through a wallet or card can select option “A” while option “B” is meant for the ones who will pay through their bank account. Once all requested information is imputed, payment can be effected.

Print Your NYSC Green Card

On the dashboard, click on the “Print Slip” button, with this, your NYSC Green Card will appear on the screen and you can go ahead and hit the “Print” icon to get a printout. You may prefer to save it on PDF by clicking the smaller button close to the print button.

Apply For NYSC Relocation

Applying for NYSC relocation can be done in two ways, you either do it manually by completing the redeployment form at your orientation camp or you visit the portal. On the portal, click on “Relocation” and enter your personal details in the provided fields. You will be notified via email, SMS, or alert on your application status.

Certificate Verification and Viewing of Accredited Institutions

People who are not sure if their higher institutions are accredited can verify their certificate on the NYSC portal to know if they are eligible for the mobilization. From there, you will know whether your institution is accredited or not.

Check Payment Status

If you have made any payment to NYSC, the portal is a good place to check the status of your payment.

Get Updates on NYSC News

If you are looking for news and updates on the National Youth Service Corps Scheme, You can log on to the portal and go to the homepage for important information.


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