How To Open A Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) Account in Nigeria

One of the reasons why most people patronize Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank) is simply because of their powerful customer service. Like in most standard companies, GT Bank’s customer service department has grown to become one of the bank’s valued assets.

In all fairness, GT Bank has gone far in the banking sector – many thanks to modern-day technology and the presence of sophisticated banking services and products. Some of its product and services include POS, GT Swift Mailer, Cash collection implants, ATM, SMS banking and lots more.

A leading innovative institution, the bank has become one of the strongest banks in Nigeria. With a total assets of over 1.5 trillion Naira, revenues of over N170 billion and a great customer service, Guaranty Trust Bank is a bank to bank within Nigeria.

The financial institution offers different account types ranging from current to a savings account. If you want to open an account with GTBank in Nigeria, simply follow a very simple step and you should have an account ready in a few days.

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc - How To Open A Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) Account while in Nigeria

Requirements for Opening an Account With Guaranty Trust Bank

1. Proof of address: This is usually in the form of a utility bill that bears an address that corresponds to the one you would like to use as your contact address with Guaranty Trust Bank. The utility bill should not be more than 3 months old. Examples: PHCN bill, Bill from your water corporation or Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) bill.

2. A form of identification: They would normally ask for a nationally identifiable I.D Card. This could be your national I.D card or passport, a valid Driver’s License or even a voter’s registration card.

3. Two Referees: This depends on the type of account you are requesting for. For a savings account, you don’t need any reference but for a current account or company account, you would need 2 references in addition to the first 2 requirements.

4. A Copy of utility bill:  This is very important in account opening. Usually, intending customers are asked to bring along a copy of their utility bill (electric bill, water bill etc) issued in the last three months to the time they’re opening the account.

Guaranty Trust Bank Nigeria does not usually request for any initial deposit while opening a standard account.

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Processes Involved in Opening a Guaranty Trust Bank Account

1. Walk into any Guaranty Trust Bank branch and head for the customer service section (usually located towards the main entrance) and inform the staff that you would like to open an account with them and they should offer you a form to fill (note that you can as well download this form online from the official GTBank website (click here to download GTBank individual account opening form).

Carefully fill out the form including your contact address that matches your utility bill. Then submit the form to the staff. You are expected to direct any queries to the staff if you are confused at any point and even if you cannot write properly they should be able to assist you in the best possible way.

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2. Submit the form to the staff and that should be it. You should receive an account opening alert within 1 to 2 weeks notifying you of your new account details.

It is not a must that you use your residential address. you can equally use your office/work address so long as the address is verifiable and matches one on your utility bill.

Guaranty Trust Bank also offers Nigerians who are not resident in the country an easy way to create an account which they call Non-ResidentNigerian (NRN) account  Services and this grants nin-Nigerian residents access to a wide range of products and services.

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GT Bank also runs student account and offers this platform to intending customers, to open an account online from the comfort of their homes. The effectiveness of online banking cannot be overemphasized. Hence, the reason GTBank is taking the lead in this course.

The bank’s platform where intending customers can comfortably open their account is called ‘Account Opening Web Engine’.

Types of accounts customers can select from are Individual Account, GTSave account, SKS saving account, and Individual domiciliary account. The type of account intending customers pick determines the document or requirement that will be needed by the bank.

Nevertheless, intending customers are advised to visit any GTBank branch closest to them to obtain some other details of their account, as not everything can be done online.

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