How to Open Truworths Account: The Application Process and Contact Details for Enquiries

In the face of the current realities of insecurity, going shopping with hard cash is becoming increasingly risky and people all over the globe are trying to mitigate the incidences of theft or loss. Little wonder A-list retail outlets like Truworths fashion house South Africa have devised means of cashless shopping; this only requires users to open a Truworths account and shop to their heart’s content without having to touch raw cash.

With a Truworths account, users no longer need to entertain fear of theft and the incident of losing or misplacing cash has become a thing of the past. The prestigious fashion house did a good job of making life easier for their customers and what’s more, they have efficient customer service that is ever ready to assist users with the right information.

How To Go About Opening A Truworths Account

One good thing about opening a Truworths account is that prospects are not required to be physically present at any Truworths store before they can become account holders. The South African fashion store has approved two methods of account opening. They include:

  • Via SMS
  • Online

How To Open Your Truworths Account Online

Before you can open a Truworths account online, the procedure requires that the prospect uses a smartphone or any device like a computer that can give you access to a good internet connection. With data on your internet-enabled device in place, you only need to provide the required documents to get your account up and running.

Below is a step-by-step method of opening your account on the internet.

  • Visit the official website of the fashion store at
  • Click the menu bar
  • The top of the page will display the “Open an Account” icon, tap on it
  • The action directs you to another page displaying a simple form that requires you to enter details like; your name, mobile phone number, South African identification, and your email address
  • Next comes the terms and conditions which you are expected to read and agree with before clicking the “submit button”
  • Just follow the prompts and populate the ensuing two pages with the right information and you are done.

Opening a Truworths Account Through SMS

Unlike the online version of opening a Truworths account, the SMS method does not call for the use of a smartphone neither does it require data. Just about any phone would do but you will need to have a little airtime to proceed; the reason is that the standard SMS charges will apply in the process.

Below is a step by step procedure for opening your Truworths account by leveraging the short message service (SMS) option;

  • Go to the SMS mobile app on your device
  • Enter these details; your initials/your surname/id number
  • Send it to 49705.

You won’t be able to view the terms and conditions through this method but it applies in both methods. Thus, if you are interested in reading the fine lines of the conditions before sending, visit Truworths’ website.

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Requirements For Opening a Truworths Account

With Truworths fashion store, opening an account is a simple and straightforward process. Just get the under-listed documents handy and the process will be completed in a jiffy.

  • Your ID Number
  • Your Contact Details
  • Your Financial Details – Your income and expenditure info and that of your spouse if applicable.

Remember, prospects have to be 18 and above before they can be deemed eligible to open an account with Truworths fashion house.

What Benefits Will I Get As A Truworths Account Holder

Truworths account holders enjoy a plethora of benefits. They are listed below;

  • Truworths account holders will get updates on recent fashion trends
  • Free card issuance and those with family members can get for them as well
  • Constant notifications in the event of any special promo
  • Account-holders will be able to access the last trending catalog
  • Credit facilities for Truworths account holders; they are opportune to buy items on credit but payment must be made between six to 12 months.
  • No need for cash, you can pay with your card
  • Delivery service is available for fashion & gifts, making the experience so much easier
  • You will be updated on your account balance via SMS; also, transactions trigger SMS messages; this is activated on request
  • Fantastic Free Competitions – Truworths account holders have the opportunity to enter great competitions & may win fantastic prizes

Contact Details For Truworths Limited

Below is a comprehensive list of the contact details for Truworths fashion house South Africa, including their office addresses.

1. Postal Address PO Box 600,
Cape Town
2. Street Address No 1 Mostert Street,
Cape Town
3. Phone +27 21 460-7911
4. Fax +27 21 460-7153
5. Website
6. For any customer service queries [email protected]


7. For requests for statutory information
8. Truworths Customer Service Phone: 0861 878 967
Phone: +27 21 460 2300
Email: [email protected]

The Origins Of Truworths Limited

Founded in 1917, Truworths is one of South Africa’s leading fashion retailers with head office in Cape Town. In South Africa alone, Truworths operates more than 650 stores; it has spread its branches into other African countries, operating over 40 stores. JSE Socially Responsible Investment Index list has the fashion house ranked among its top 40 largest companies. Truworths customer base was estimated at over 2.4 million at the last count.

The A-list fashion house operates an effective eCommerce division, making it possible for customers to shop by brand or category. Here, categories span jackets, bottoms, tops, bags, shoes, as well as accessories. Every listed product comes with details such as price, description, color, and size. The accepted methods of payment at Truworths fashion house include debit/credit cards, including Internet Banking. It is also possible for shoppers to post their payments through the mail.

Important to note that Truworths created room for the return of goods in the event that the buyer is not satisfied with the product. However, they stipulated a grace period of seven days for the return of rejected goods. Besides any product you wish to return to the company must come in its original and unused condition otherwise, it won’t be accepted.

Truworths customer service is always available to furnish users with info on payment, cancellation, refund, warranty, shipping, and many more. Their services have proved to be super effective in reducing the incidences of going to their outlets. The contact details for Truworths customer care can be found on the fashion company’s official website.

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