How To Reach KPLC Customer Care, Their Contacts Or Use the Self Service Codes

The Kenyan Power and Lightning Company, also known as KPLC, is vested with the sole responsibility of transmitting and distributing electricity generated from the Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen) and the Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Through the KPLC customer care, customers are at liberty to reach out with their queries when the need arises.

For decades now, KPLC has transmitted, distributed, and retailed electricity to Kenyans. Whether or not the power supply has been stable and available to all Kenyans remains a discussion for another day. What’s no secret is that the KPLC has made itself approachable by providing communication channels that move it closer to those it was built to serve; Kenyans. Through its customer care service, Kenyans and residents of Kenya can reach out to the company for inquiries and other forms of correspondence.

KPLC Customer Care Has Opened Its Doors To Feedback Over The Years

All things being equal, it is imperative that Kenyans have a medium through which they can offer valuable feedback as to the services they receive. They are also right to place demands for the kind of services they want depending on the range of service the company offers.

With private entities having a share of the company, KPLC makes it a point of duty to satisfy its customers not as a government agency, but also as a private business. For KPLC, operating solely as a government body would give it the poor reputation of most government-run establishments in Africa. While the Kenyan government holds most of KPLC shares, the company holds itself to high standards. Though it has its flaws, there have been wide-scale reforms that currently makes it more capable to serve Kenya’s increasing power needs.

You Can Reach the KPLC Customer Care Through These Four Channels

In its nearly 100 years of existence, KPLC has taken huge steps in improving its customer service delivery. The company came up with innovative ideas such as the Integrated Customer Systems and Design Customers System. The goal is to aid easy and fast customer follow-up as well as ensuring efficient delivery of customer services. In addition to these, KPLC established e-bill; a system that helps its customers to effortlessly pay up their bills from the comfort of their homes and offices.

This way, KPLC makes it a point of duty to keep its customers’ needs and satisfaction at the core of its operations. Today, customers can reach out to the company via:

1. Social Media

To ensure hitch-free communication, KPLC has taken its presence to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. So far, this has proven useful. The rapid response to customer complaints and inquiries has been nothing short of epochal.

2. Direct Phone Call

KPLC also operates a call center number. In other words, if official emails and social media comments do not work for you, the KPLC is just one dial away. What’s more? These lines are open 24/7. More details on this shortly.

3. Emails

Asides from the mobile lines, the KPLC email address is readily available to both individuals and other firms who may not deem it necessary to call. Documents and other important information can be sent via email, they have been fully assured of replies bereft of tardiness.

4. WhatsApp

Yes, you read it right. The company has brought its services so close to its customers as to make its WhatsApp lines available. So, where calls may not suffice, customers are at liberty to engage via WhatsApp.

To Table Your Queries, Contact KPLC Customer Care Via Any Of These Lines

KPLC is driven by high expectations from its customers. For this reason, the company has obliged to up its game over the years. One way it has done this is to strengthen its customer focus. So far, technology has been the key catalyst in achieving this feat.

1. For SMS and Calls

For service-related issues, these lines will be most effective: 95551, 97771, +254203201000, +254703070707, or 0732170170. By dialing 97771, you will be connected to a ready customer care rep to help address your electricity concerns.

2. Facebook

On Facebook, KPLC page goes by Kenya Power Care. The KPLC Facebook platform often serves as a medium through which customers can keep close tabs on the organization and stay abreast of its developments. The same applies to Twitter.

3. Twitter

On Twitter, you can follow or inbox your complaints to KPLC via the handle @kenyapower_Care. KPLC’s Twitter handle has been sort of a news portal where concerned Kenyans can get clarity on recent developments especially as regard power supply and all. In late October 2020, for instance, the company came out to allay fears over a national blackout.

4. Email

Where new media and phone calls will not suffice, KPLC has a dedicated email address to receive and reply to customers’ queries. Kenyans and residents of Kenya can reach out to the company via: [email protected].

KPLC Customer Care Has Self Service Codes You Can Use Today

KPLC is leveraging tech to boost its operations and offer customers value for their money. Gone are the days when Kenyans wait for days to get their electricity bills sent to them via postal office address. At the click of a few digits, you can get real-time information on your electricity consumption and how much it accrues to.

1. Checking Your Electricity Bill Via USSD

You can check your postpaid bill and enjoy a wide array of KPLC services when you dial the USSD code *977#. Dialing this code will help you access prepaid services such as buying your token or verifying your latest token refill. USSD codes are the new post offices.

2. Checking Your Electricity Bill Via Text Message

Asides from the USSD code you can check your electricity bill via text message. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: On your phone, go to “messages” and create a new message. Type the first section of your KPLC account number. For example, if your account number reads 123456-98, you will simply type in 123456 and exclude whatever comes after that.

Step 2: Send your inquiry message to 95551. This is the KPLC bill inquiry number. You will immediately receive a message displaying your current electricity bill and KPLC account details.

3. Checking Your Electricity Bill Via KPLC App

KPLC Customer Care
KPLC Customer Care App Interface

Thanks to KPLC’s MyPower App, customers can now carry out a host of prepaid and postpaid services. The postpaid section includes:

  • Billing Complaints and Suggestions
  • E-bill registration
  • Submission of meter readings
  • Bill Balance Request

The Prepaid section includes:

  • Postpaid Meter Complaints and Suggestions
  • Power failure reporting
  • Scheduled Power Interruptions
  • Last Token Inquiry
  • Prepaid Token Purchase

The KPLC app is available for download on Google Play and iOS stores.

Over the years, corruption and incompetence have stymied the KPLC’s capacity to deliver at global standards. This has so far been the root cause of the company’s poor service delivery to the people.

The last few years have found the company putting in its utmost best to see that their customers are given optimum services through technology. However, there is still enough room for improvement on the part of staff and leadership alike.


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