How to Reach UBA Customer Care Including their WhatsApp Number and Email

Banking with financial institutions is inevitable. And customers’ relationship with the bank officials matters a lot for a successful and itch-free transaction. As a UBA customer, you might have some issues and you’re wondering how best to reach the bank’s customer care. This article is just for you. It addresses all your concerns on how to reach UBA customer care, via WhatsApp and Email. Follow closely as we consider this and much more useful information.

UBA Customer Care Phone Numbers

For general assistance or if you need to make a complaint regarding any of your transactions, then it’s best to call the UBA customer care line. Kindly contact the bank through the lines provided below.

  • (+234) 01-2808822 (2808UBA)
  • (+234) 01-6319822
  • (+234) 07002255 – 822 (0700 – CALL – UBA)

The above numbers are referred to as the CFC numbers. All your complaints, inquiries, and feedback will be duly attended to by a UBA customer care representative. Also, note that responses take a minimum of 24 hours. For issues relating to investment plans, such as inquiries on shareholding, business, and financial updates, it’s best to contact the UBA investor relations desk. You can also call the above numbers to get through, or email [email protected].

UBA Email Address for Complaint Resolution

Some persons may choose to send an email to UBA instead of placing a call through. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to just one way of contacting the bank. Sending emails to UBA is also a super-easy way to make inquiries, complaints and get information from the bank officials. There are different email addresses, based on the issue you want to address. Below are a few;

  • To make inquiries for a loan, kindly write to: [email protected]
  • To request for your debit card, or any other complaints regarding such, then write to: [email protected]
  • To get help with Corporate Banking issues, write to: [email protected]
  • To open an account with the bank, be it savings or current, write to: [email protected]
  • To make inquiries regarding SME, write to: [email protected]
  • For queries, complaints, or suggestions and you don’t want to call the bank’s customer care line, you can send an email to: [email protected]

UBA’s Social Media Handles

UBA uses its social media handles to chat, communicate, and relate with its customers and prospects. Joining any of the social media platforms keeps you abreast with the happenings in the bank and you get to enquire when due, with a quick and reliable response. Be a part of the UBA community and join the family. You can follow on any of the social platforms you prefer.

UBA’s Leo, The Live Chat Bot

There are times the unexpected could happen with your account, and you may need to reach out urgently to your bank. These times it could be exhausting when neither call nor email can do. Then what else? You get frustrated. But it’s good to know that of all banks, UBA thinks ahead of its customers. The management got you covered, by providing you with the Live chat option.

You can chat with Leo anytime, any day, even in off-hours, on Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp. You don’t need to have a boring experience banking with UBA. It’s easy, simple, and fast, having a conversation with Leo. You can chat with Leo on WhatsApp using +234 903 001 0007.

As a UBA customer care channel, Leo can help you with a whole lot in addition to financial details: customer care resolution, travel notification, mini-statements, soccer, and weather forecast. To chat with Leo on Facebook, simply visit your Facebook Messenger and search for ‘UBA Chat Banking’ and get started. Leo is your 24/7 companion. All information on this platform is safe and secured.

At the official launching of UBA Chat Banker, Leo in Lagos, UBA customers can now bank anytime, any day on FB Messenger and WhatsApp. UBA in collaboration with Facebook came up with this innovation, to bring about a revolution in the banking system in Africa. Leo is an intelligent personality and gives you instant feedback as you transact on the platform. You don’t need to visit the banking hall. It’s super-easy, fast, and reliable. All your concerns will be duly attended to.

You Can Also Reach UBA Customer Care Through Their Website

The UBA website provides information about their products and services; and blog posts on how best to bank with the bank. The website can offer answers to your questions and there might be no need to call or email the bank. Visit The UBA contact form is also available on the website. Filling this form, you can make your complaints or inquiries known to the bank officials provided you have an active email address because it’s required in filling the form.

How Effective is UBA Customer Care?

UBA as a financial institution was established in 1948. Since its inception, it has been meeting the needs of its esteemed customers for seven decades and counting. The UBA Customer Care caters to the banking needs of individuals, communities, and small businesses. Its effectiveness is felt in its quick response to the inquiries, complaints, and assistance provided to its customers within the shortest possible time.

Two years ago, precisely in 2019, UBA celebrated 70 years of consistent, excellent service delivery and surpassing its customers’ expectations. It was a glamourous celebration, that the bank had no other choice than to document its achievement. This was a great fit for the bank, gaining more trust and credibility from its customers and prospective clients.

The bank’s commitment to its customers can also be seen from the feedback of its customers. Many who have been banking with them have got one good experience or the other to say, and how large and far it has extended its tentacles beyond the shores of Africa.

Not many banks have been able to evolve very swiftly with the changes happening globally. But UBA as one of the best and largest commercial banks in Nigeria stands out and is known to be the leading PAN-African bank. I believe with the above information, your banking experience with UBA will be memorable and awesome.

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