How to Register and Use Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Online Banking and the USSD

Going by how efficient Standard Chartered Bank online channels is, their customers don’t need to visit the bank’s branches to enjoy various services. Using Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria online banking channels, you can even create a new account from the comfort of your home or office. You just have to upload your details and you’ll be sent your atm card free of charge irrespective of your location in the country. Learn more on how to register for Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria online banking channels and the benefits you stand to enjoy.

Different Channels to Access Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Online Banking Services

You can access your Standard Chartered bank account using any of these means which work either online or offline, depending on your choice;

  • USSD Code
  • Mobile Application
  • Online/Internet Banking

USSD Code *977#

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria USSD code like that of other banks in Nigeria is a string of three numbers which are then prefixed with * and # at the end, which you can type into your phone. This will bring out options for you so that you can access the bank’s services. This code (*977#) is especially useful if you don’t have internet or an internet-enabled device. You have to already be a user of the bank to register for the USSD code.

Steps for Registering The Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria USSD Code

  • To register, all you have to do is dial *977# from your phone from the number that you used in opening an account. This is usually the number where the bank sends you SMS alerts.
  • You’ll be requested to input your account number, BVN code, and date of birth.
  • Next, you’ll have to create a 6 digit passcode and then confirm it.
  • Then you’ll get a message telling you you are successful with the creation of the pin.

Transactions You can Perform with the Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria USSD Code

  • Transfers To both SCB and non SCB accounts
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Data subscription and airtime payment
  • Bill payment
  • Mini statement of account
  • Pin Change and reset
  • Deregistration of USSD services
  • Blocking of accounts

The maximum amount per transaction via USSD is N20,000 but in a day you can do up to N100,000. To do more than N20,000 you’ll be required to input your 2FA, which is the second-factor authenticator pin. This pin can only be created through your bank app or internet banking. The USSD option is not free though. Your service provider will charge you N6.98 to use the service, except when you are buying data or airtime.

Mobile Application

Like what most of the largest and best banks in Nigeria have to offer, Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria has also leveraged advancements in mobile technology to enable their customers to perform seamless banking operations without having to visit any of their branches. This is made possible with the use of the Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria online banking application which is available to both android and iOS mobile phone users.

With this app, you can track all your account dealings and information. You can also quickly get loans if you qualify, and of course, stay in control of your finances. All these can be done from your mobile line.

Steps for Registering on the Standard Chartered Online Mobile Banking Application

If you have an account with the bank, follow these steps to register on the mobile App

  • Go to Google Playstore or App Store if you use an iPhone and download the Standard Chartered mobile app.
  • Click on the open account menu
  • Next, enter your BVN. If at any point you have issues, there are toll-free numbers provided on the app and email addresses that you can contact so that the staff can help you.
  • An OTP (One time Password) will be sent to you used in registering your BVN. You’ll be required to enter the OTP into the space provided in the app.
  • The next step will be to enter your personal information. Such as your name and location, a valid national card.
  • You’ll also take a selfie, which will serve as an id for your account.
  • At this point, you’ll be asked to review all the information that you’ve sent. When you’re satisfied that everything is correct, you can click next.
  • Your bank details will then be sent to you via your email address.
  • You might immediately get your account number on your app.
  • If there are any issues, the bank staff will contact you and help you through them.

Transactions You Can Perform on Your Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Online Mobile Banking App

  • Update your profile such as personal or contact details. You can update your valid ID card.
  • Check your transfer history.
  • Select mode of communications, e.g for alerts and likes. Where you choose whether you want it by mail or SMS.
  • You can transfer money between your accounts. You can transfer to other SCB accounts and other Nigerian bank accounts.
  • You can pay bills and finally, you can do international transfers.
  • You can open other categories of accounts with this bank app, such as current, or even business accounts.

Online/Internet Banking (Web)

Like the Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria online mobile banking app, the use of Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria online/internet banking service is also another way the bank is leveraging on technological advancements in the banking and financial service industry to bring banking services to its numerous customers no matter where they may be and at all times. The Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria online/internet banking service is a web-based service, all you need is a device that can access the internet.

Steps for Registering on the Standard Chartered Online/Internet Banking Service

  • On the Standard Chartered Bank home page, you’ll find a login button.
  • Click on the button, choose instant registration and follow the instructions.
  • You can choose to either register with a Standard Chartered ATM/debit or credit card, your account number, or BVN.
  • You can also choose to register with a temporary ID to be verified with an SMS pin.
  • As long as you have your debit card and an account with the bank, you’re good to go.
  • Fill in the required information and wait for verification.

Transactions To Perform Through Standard Chartered Online/Internet Banking Services

  • You can check for all the transaction history of all your accounts.
  • Pay all utility bills.
  • Request for and receive your account statements.
  • Transfer funds to both local and international accounts.
  • Request for a checkbook.
  • Change user D and login details for security purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria USSD and Online Banking Services

Using Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria USSD and online banking services is recommended for every customer of the bank, it is free, easy to use, and convenient. If you are still confused about a thing or two, answers to these FAQs might clear all your doubts.

  • What Is The Maximum Amount of Money I Can Transfer Via SCB Online Banking?

The maximum money you can transfer is N2,000,000 in four transactions of N500,000.00

  • Is there any payment for using SC online banking services?

No. This service is absolutely free

  • How safe is online banking?

It is very safe. One must enter a unique login and password to be able to access the online banking platform. All transactions are protected by 128-bit-SSL encryption. If your browser is left for a while, it will automatically log you out to protect your funds. The system doesn’t allow two people to log into the same account at the same time or simultaneously. Also, your last time and date of login are always displayed so that you can see and confirm for yourself. If you suspect any fraudulent activities or attempts on your account you can contact the bank for appropriate actions.

  • Why should I use internet banking?

It’s fast, free, and easy to use. It can also be accessed from almost anywhere in the world as long as there’s internet there. Except for Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Iran. You can access it at any time of the day, without permission or any special software. The most important services can be accessed from your app or internet banking platform.

  • Who is eligible to use these services?

Any account holder with the bank, whether they operate savings, current, business, or even a credit account.

  • What happens if my funds are not delivered but I’m debited?

An automatic reversal will happen in 24 hours and if it doesn’t, contact the bank to effect a reversal.

  • If I mistakenly transfer money to the wrong account what do I do?

If it is someone that you know, contact the person to send the money back. If it’s not someone that you know, then contact your bank. Your bank will contact the person if you use the same bank and ask that the money be transferred back. If not the same bank, your bank will contact the receiving bank, so that they can contact their customer for a transfer. However, if the person refuses, the person’s account can be placed on a watchlist, barred or criminal proceedings may be instituted against the person.

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